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How To Mirror Android Phone Screen To Windows Computer

In this technological world, there are so many new things that have been introduced to all of us. As we all know, Android is one of the most popular mobile operating system among all the other, which comes with a plenty of useful features and facilities included in it. In this article, I'm going to explain you how to mirror your Android device screen with windows computer.

Phone screen mirror to PC can help you in various way. If you're a developer and in the middle of coding process you might want to check your app without having constantly reach for your Android device. Also screen mirroring can help you to view all the photos and videos in the phone through big screen monitor without copying or uploading the photos and videos to the computer. For such, screen mirroring can help you in many situation and save your valuable time.

If your Android mobile is rooted, screen mirroring can be very easy. But if your Android device is not rooted, screen mirror can be a bit hard. So in this post I'm going to show you how to mirror Android screen to desktop computer. There are many ways to mirror Android screen with PC such as through USB cable, WiFi and mobile data.

What Is Screen Mirroring?

Screen mirroring is a process where we share a screen of a particular device to another device. For example sharing your Android smartphone screen to another laptop. So in that case, we will be able to manage or operate the Android device directly from the laptop.

When you have the ability of screen mirroring your Android with your windows PC, you will not have to check out your phone to see what notifications you get. All of that can be directly done from the PC itself. This will also be helpful if the touch option is not working in your Android and so you can operate the system using your PC. This way there are so many things that can be done using the screen mirroring.

Prerequisites Of Screen Mirroring 

To get the screen mirroring process you will have to have the USB debugging turned on from the Android developer option. So let’s see how to enable the developer options.

In your Android smartphone you have to go to the Android ‘Settings’ > ‘System’ > ‘About Phone’.

Next you have to scroll down and tap on the ‘Build Number’ five times.

Then go back to system settings.

Their you will have the ‘Developer Option'.

Now to enable the USB debugging on your Android device.

Go to the Android settings and select the option ‘System’ and then ‘Developer Options’.

There you have to scroll down and toggle on the USB debugging.

You can also tick on the ‘Always Allow’ for the ‘Allow USB Debugging’ to popup. So that you doesn’t have to repeat the process.

Always remember that Android screen mirroring need a strong internet connection if you are going to use the wireless option. You can also use the USB cable to view the phone screen from the PC.

Let's see a few simple ways to mirror your phone screen with PC through Android application using easy steps.

How To Mirror Android Screen

You have to get the app named Screen stream mirroring directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let's move on to know, how to mirror Android phone screen with another device to get remote access.
Firstly start the app and it will ask your permission to capture everything displayed on your Android screen.

Next, a screen will appear as shown in the image below. Here you will need to swipe the phone screen left to right side.

Now select the option called 'Preferences' as shown in image below.

Now you will get a screen like this shown below and here you can setup mirroring options as per your requirement such as video performance, audio performance, etc..

Once you finish the mirroring setup, again swipe you phone screen left to right side and select the option called 'Web Browser' as shown below.

Now you can start mirroring your Android phone screen to computer and once you start the mirroring enter the web address in any browser from your computer as shown in the application.

That's it. Now you will be able to see your Android phone screen in your computer. This 'Screen Stream Mirroring' application is one of the most popular screen mirroring application available free at Google playstore. You can download this application to your Android smart phone by Clicking here.

Using Vysor

This is one of the simple and effective app that can be used for the purpose of screen mirroring. Using this app you will be able to manage the screen or do any works in your Android smartphone from the windows PC.

You can use the free version to simply drag and drop the screen. 'Vysor' works fast and also the latest version is super easy to setup. It also allows the users to click, play and share screenshots and recordings directly.

So now let us see how to mirror the Android screen to a windows PC through USB using 'Vysor' app.

You have to get the app named 'Vysor' mirroring software to your windows PC.

Then connect your Android device to your PC using a USB cable.

Next allow USB Debugging prompt on your Android.

Now you have to open the Vysor Installer File in your PC.

Then the software will prompt a notification saying 'Vysor Has Detected A Device'.
You have to tap on the 'View' to start the mirroring process.

That’s it, now it will cast the Android device on your windows PC screen.

Using ApowerMirror

This is another great alternative app that can be used to mirror the screen of your Android with your PC or the other way around. Using this app you can control your Android from your PC using the keyboard and mouse and also at the same time you can control your PC using your Android device.

You also have a paid membership over the subscription. There are so many features available and it will take a little time for you to set them up. You also have a best game keyboard feature.

Now let us see how to use this app to mirror the Android screen to your PC without the internet connection.

First you have to get the app 'ApowerMirror' to both your windows PC and Android smartphone.

Then move on to the developer option and enable the USB debugging.

Next connect the Android to the PC using a USB cable. (Allow USB debugging prompt on your Android).

Now you have to open the app and press on the 'Start Now' and provide the permission to capture the screen.

That’s it, this is a very simple process. Now let us also not forget to check on how to mirror Android screen wirelessly.

For that you have to first remove USB cable from the PC.

Then run the mirror app on your Android device.

Next you have to tap on the ‘M’ button which is available on the bottom end of the app.

Now make sure your PC version is up and running. Then you have to select your Computer name from the list provided.

Here choose the ‘Phone Screen Mirroring’. You can go to the option if you want to mirror the PC screen to your Android device.

Then tap ‘Start’.

That’s it, now you will have the mirroring process. Note that you have to first use the USB cable method before the wireless one, because only then functions will work accurately, or else you will only have the window on your PC without functionality.

Using Airdroid

'Airdroid' is one of the best apps liked by so many people, as it comes with a lot of features including the ability to synchronize between Android and a PC.

Using this Airdroid app, the users will be able to read messages, look at the notifications and even check missed calls and so on. You can use the free version with limited access and also subscribe for all the pro version. It allows you to take screenshots and record the screen for free.

To mirror Android wirelessly,

You have to get the app ‘AirDroid’ to both your windows PC and Android device.

Then open up the windows app and create an 'AirDroid' account.

Next you have to add your account by signing in the 'AirDroid' app version.

Simple as that, now you will be able to access your Android directly from your PC. You can check on your messages, files and so on. You will have a floating bar on your PC screen which will show all the notifications you get.

If you want to receive desktop notification, go to Android Settings> Apps And Notifications > Special App Access> Notification Access > Then Toggle On The AirDroid.

If you want to stream your Android on PC,

You have to open the app AirDorid on your PC and tap on the ‘Air Mirror’ tab. 

Then select the ‘View Only’ mode.

Next go to the Android device and select the option ‘Start Now’ from the popup message.

That is all, the Android will start streaming on your PC.

So these applications let you to mirror and broadcast your phone screen as well as audio in real time in your PC. You can mirror anything from your phone to computer such as YouTube videos, games, etc by using this most powerful screen mirroring.

Call Anyone Using Customized Phone Number

Smartphones have become a common thing in the life of everyone today. We take our smartphones wherever we go at all times. We can say that smartphones have made a lot of complicated things much easier and faster. There are so many features and tools that can be used for our day to day activities. One of the main reasons why we use our phones is to contact another person by calling or messaging.

We can reach out to someone within seconds by making a phone call. When we do so the most common factor that we know is that our phone number will be visible to the other person that we are calling. If they have saved our phone number they will get our contact name. But have you ever wanted or wondered how good it would be if you can call someone using your smartphone but they should not be able to see your phone number appearing on their phone screen? Well, this is possible to do if you have the right option in your phone. Using this method you can prank your close friends or family and have fun too. As the other person you make a phone call will not know who is calling and will keep wondering who it is and that is where all the fun starts.

It is more like spoofing, where you can make fake calls without your number being revealed. What actually happens here is that an incoming call is made with a predefined telephone as the caller id. For this you have to have a fake caller ID software in your phone and make a few changes in your settings and wait to make the call with the fake id. There are plenty of apps in the playstore to get this done but not all of them work accurately as it says and most of them will come with so many advertisements and unnecessary settings. What if you make a prank call but your friend who receives the call recognizes you even before you start talking? It would be an utter failure right? That is why today I have brought to your attention the app that work perfectly in hiding your real phone number when you make a call to someone and help you with a fake caller id. With this you can call without any fear as it is one of the best so far.

Before we move ahead we should also know if spoofing the phone number legal to do. Spoofing a phone call is illegal when you do it in the intention of causing harm to others or make their lives hard by being a disturbance. But in the case of simply pranking your family or friends without causing problems to them is totally legit. Keep in mind that you should never be a trouble maker at any cost.

So come now let us check on how to prank someone by using a fake phone number.

Call Anyone Using Customized Number

You have to get the app named ‘Fake call’ directly from Google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet.

Now let us move on to see how to fake a call with this simple app and have some fun around with friends.
Firstly you have to install the app in your phone and open it. A few settings should be configured before we move ahead on your phone.

Now you have to set a caller id with a new number that you want. This is the number that will be visible on the receiver’s screen when you make the call.

Then type in the receiver’s phone number and country code.

When you are done press on the ‘dial’ button and wait a few seconds till the phone call process.

That’s it, now the person you wanted to call will receive your call with the special phone number that you have provided. So to get this done you have to download the app ‘Fake call’ directly from Google playstore to your android smartphone.

Note that in the latest version there are a few new features included such as the ‘ premium rate’ where you can add numbers to the block list.

Also when you install the app in your smart phone you will get trial points that will be added to the app through which you can call your own number or even your friend to check on the quality and the accuracy of the app.

Pranking your friends and family would be fun as long as you make it simple and good.

How to Check Live Train Status in India

Traveling by train is so efficient and easy. No traffics or long stays and that is why I guess there are many people who love traveling by train rather than in a public bus or so. We all know that there are specific time schedules for the train and if in case we get late to reach the railway station then that is it, there is no way we can catch the train. So just like how important it is to be punctual, it is also important to know when and where the train is in advance.

Wondering what I am talking about? Well, what if you can check the live location of the train and plan your schedules accordingly? Yes, now you can easily check the live location of a train and know where the train is traveling at the particular moment and know when it will reach your station. There are quiet a few ways to check it, but not every apps or services provides the accurate information. If you don’t get the right information on the right time then there are high chances that things might go wrong in your side of plans. That is why we should be very careful to not trust the app with inaccurate or outdated data. 

So after a good research I have got to know the best apps and here I mentioned them so that it would be easy for everyone to check the status and live location of a train. If you are looking forward to know those methods, then go ahead and keep reading. So the first app we are going to talk about is the ‘Where is my train’ app. So come lets checkout how to use it.

How to Check Live Train Status

Where is my train app

This is one of the most used app to check the live location of the trains. It also shows the upcoming schedules and track the locations accurately. The beat part is this can be done even with no internet connection. Sounds great right? There are many other amazing features such as destination alarm and a speedometer yo track the y status of a particular train. Come now let us check on how to get it done.

Firstly get the app named ‘ Where is my train’ to your android smartphone directly from Google playstore.

Then install the app and when you open it, you will have to select a desired language and tap submit. It will lead you to the homepage of the app.

Next you have to type the name of your Source and Destination stations to get to know the available trains. Then you can type in the train number or the name of the train that you are above to travel in the search bar.

Thereafter the app will provide you with all the details such as the live location of the running train, platform number, designated time of arrival and the duration of how long the train will stop at the stations.
Along with that you can click on the ‘Alarm’ icon to get a notification before the train reach the station that you are to get in.

So that’s it. A simple and easy app to trace and track the live location of the running trains without any difficulty.

National Train Enquiry System (NTES) App.

This is an official app that was designed for the passengers by the Indian Railways. With this you can have a pre plan for the journeys that you are above to take. It will help you to track the live location of the trains and also other status details quiet easily. To get it done follow the steps given below.

Firstly you to get the app named NTES official app from the Google playstore directly to your android smartphone phone.

Now install the app to get live updates of your trains.

Then you have to click on the ‘Spot your train’ option to go ahead.

Next type in the train number and select your desired station that you are above to board from and press the ‘Show status’ button to see the live updates.

Here you will be able to see the current station or the place that the train is at. If you want to know detailed information about all the stations that it stops, durations and the platform number’s then you can tap on the option ‘Show full running’ which is at the bottom.

That’s it, now with this you can now view the designated time of arrival, live status of your train, departure time and duration of the stops on all the stations. One of a great option that can be followed to not miss the trains or vainly stand on a platform and stare down the track not knowing why is it taking so long for the train to arrive or where the train is at the moment. 

This advanced feature can make lives easy to travel by public transportation services. Hope this was beneficial and helpful for you.

How to Personalize a Photo Using Filters and Effects in Android

As the social media platforms are becoming a hype in the world of internet, we see how each one of us are interested and is into new genre to create contents for our profiles and make it reach heights. Here photos and videos are playing a big role. We all know how the Facebook and Instagram users always captures pictures of every beautiful moments and post them in their profiles.

This is the new trend and today we are going to share you a wonderful app which would help your profile go famous. Well, if you are wondering about what I am talking about, then let me tell you. I am going to reveal you an amazing photo editing app which will provide you with all the needed features that you are looking for. Yes, you heard it right, I am talking about an photo editing. We all by now should know about the importance of having an photo editing app in our smartphone, as we rarely save any images in our phone gallery without editing them.

Not only that but I have never seen anyone posting pictures without filters or any effects added in to it and that is why now every phones and social media apps itself comes with a few inbuilt photo editing features. But those features are not enough to bring out the best in our pictures. So we start to download apps from Google playstore and look for the features and options that we want. That way when one app fails to satisfy us we get as many apps to edit one single picture and finally end up running out of storage space in our device. To avoid this problem, we need to look for the best app that comes with an ultimate editing options.

Well, no worries as I have finally found one of the best photo editing app which would definitely change your experience of editing. You would love the outcome and would appreciate having the particular app. Wondering what is the app I am talking about? It is the app named ‘Adobe Photoshop Express: Photo Editor Collage Maker’. This app provides a full spectrum of filters, tools, effects and all the other photo editing features. You can create unlimited photo edits easily. It is not only about filters but you can also make a collection of your amazing photos into a collage by bringing them all together into one frame. The option of touch retouch option is available where all you have to do is simply touch and make a quick fix to your photos. To make all your selfies and groupies better you can simply use this ‘Adobe’ photo editor. If you are an Instagram users, then here is the best app to help enlighten your Instagram profile without any inconveniences.

So let us talk about some of the features it got in brief. If we take the ‘Perspective Correction’ it helps in the correction of the crooked or wrongly angled pictures. The noise of the image can also be removed by smoothing out the graininess, reduce color noise, sharpen details and then get an amazing result. If you wish to blend out or blur the background you can use the ‘Radial Blur’ feature which will shift the focus to the main object. Along with these the users can also make their photo colorful by adding in some cute stickers, texts, add memes and captions quickly with the help of the fonts and layouts that are available in a huge amount. The app also got boarders, stamps creations, frames and custom watermark option. There are hundreds of filters and effects for you to choose from. Editing the contrast and exposure are not a hassle too.

Sounds great isn’t it? There are so many features available in the app to make it an all in one photo editing apps out there. When you are done editing your pictures, you can either save it in your device gallery or share it directly to any of the apps. Thereby come now let us take a look at how to start editing all your pictures.

Personalize a Picture with Filters and Effects

You have to get the app named ‘Adobe Photoshop Express’ directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us move on to know how to edit your pictures to get a professional look using all the filters effects, styles, color adjustments and a lot more editing tools.
Firstly you have to launch the app and then it will lead you to your phone gallery. There you have to select a picture to edit.

Then the picture will load in the app and allow you to make changes. Now you can click on the ‘Effects’ tab from the menu bar and choose the effect that you prefer.

To crop or rotate the picture, you have to use the ‘Crop’ tool which is available in the main menu.

You will find the color correction tool in the main menu beside the crop icon. You can color correct, split tone and blur tools from this option.

The ‘Text’ tool of Adobe Photoshop Express comes with many styles, fonts, colors and alignment which will let you personalize the picture with texts.

Next, select the ‘Sticker’ tab from the main menu and there you will find a large amount of sticker collections such as love, decorate, party and etc.

When you have completed the editing process, press on the ‘Next’ button which is available in top corner of the app interface to save the picture directly to your phone. You can also save it to your cloud storage directly.

That’s it, now you can personalize and edit your pictures using the amazing app and get a perfect outcome. It takes only a few minutes to create a professional looking edit with ‘Adobe Photoshop Express’. So you can download this app directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

Photo editing is quiet easy now and doesn’t take all your time for it. You will be able to create a magical picture for your social media profiles using a single app. With all the needed features and effects now you can start creating a vibrant collection of pictures.

Best Photo Editing App for Story Creating - Android

Today photography has turned out to be very normal and at the same time it is trendy too. There was a time when taking photos was something big but today everyone of us owns a smartphone and thereby talking pictures are in our finger tips. Al the memories we create can be saved in as a form of photography. We see how the social media has became so important in this society with the help of the pictures and videos. Before posting pictures in our profiles we never forget to edit the pictures and that is what today we are going to focus on about.

Photo editing is literally a must before we can share the pictures with our friends and followers in Facebook and Instagram because we want to make the picture more attractive, clear and look perfect, only then we would get a better reach and would get more followers, likes and shares. For that purpose we search for better photo editing apps and download all the possible ones with different features and options. But the problem that arise when having plenty of photo editing apps in our phones is that we will run out of the storage space in the phones. The best solution for that is to find a photo editing app which comes with all the needed features. If you are also looking for something like that then no worries, as today we are here to provide you with one of the best photo editing app.

Yes, I am talking about an ultimate photo editing app named ‘Instasize: Photo Editor + Collage’. This app is an outstanding app with all the features one could possibly ask for. If you are an Instagram freak then this is an app you should have, as it have all the trending editing options. So it would make all your pictures and videos go viral. If we start checking on the features, then I think it is better to start off with stating the features ‘Naturally Enhancing Filters for Pictures, Editing Adjustments, Collage Maker, Pro Fonts and Text Editor’ Along with this we should also checkout the availability of the ‘Borders, stickers’ and much more. These main features includes a uniqueness to make the edits perfectly awesome. With these options you can choose the edits that you want for your pictures and either you can make an esthetic edit or keep it consistent. 

If you don’t feel satisfied with your editing then you can make a change at any moment by adjusting the tools. Not just that but you can also layer the photos and videos and make a natural photo or video by simply balancing the brightness and hue. There is also the option of being able to automatically widen the background and narrow photos, add text and create memes, control the lightening and color with precision, retouch photos with beauty touch and the list go on and on, so that you can customize your pictures to make them look professional and make people awestruck.

This app has made its interface user friendly so that everyone can get a better experience in photo editing. As the app comes in an all in one option for editing, you will also be able to create a total vintage look. Furthermore the collage making feature comes with plenty of frames and grids. You can also make a reel for your social media profile by adding filters, effects and much more. To bring out a magical creation all you have to do is put your hands in this app and get the best out of it. So come let us move on and check on how to get the app started.

Editing App for Story Creation in Social Media

You have to get the app named ‘Instasize: Photo editor’ directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let is move on to see how to edit pictures using all the tools of the app such as the photo filters, boarders, resize and much more to create an share worthy photo within minutes.
Firstly, you have to launch the app in your smart device and click on the tab ‘Photo’ which is in the bottom of the screen to start editing an existing photo from your phone gallery. Or if you want to click a new picture then press on the ‘Camera’ tab to capture a picture and start editing.

Here, I am going to select an existing image from my phone gallery. When you select a picture, it will load and be ready to customize by editing using filters and effects. You can choose a filter that you want from the available list.

Then you can adjust the brightness, sharpness and contrast to bring out a vibrant look.

If you want to crop the picture, then you can do so using the ‘Crop’ tool from menu bar to make it fix any screens. The crop tool is available in pre-set size too to make the process easy for the users. To rotate the picture to horizontal or vertical you have to go to the last tool from the menu bar as the crop tool doesn’t come with a rotator option.

Next go to the ‘Text’ tool which is in the menu bar to add any texts to your picture using variety of font styles and colors.

Thereafter let us check the ‘Boarder’ which comes with hundreds of shades to make the picture colorfully attractive.

When you are satisfied and done with the editing process, you can click on the ‘Share’ icon from the main interface to save the picture to your phone’s storage. You can also share the output directly to your email or other platforms by clicking on the option ‘More’ option and select the app.

That’s it, using this way you can easily edit your pictures without any difficulties and make it look worth the share. So you can download the ‘Instasize’ app directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

Bringing the best out of your photos and videos and making it look vibrant is now not a hassle free task. No need of any professional photo editors. With a few clicks you will be able to create some amazing contents to your social media profiles using your pictures now with the all in one photo editing app.

How to Add Coloured Smoke Bomb Effects for Any Picture

Photographs have always been useful for us since the time it was invented to now to look back on the memories and cherish at them. But the time has now changed with all the new devices and techniques from carrying a big camera with film rolls and lenses to carrying a small smart device in our hands.

Now we have the capability to take as many pictures as we want and not only that but we can also edit the photos as we want. So when we talk about editing the photos, there are plenty of new editing features coming up in trend every now and then and we are going to talk about a specific edit feature that everyone is looking for.

As mentioned above there are too many photo editing features available today, from adding filters to changing the whole effect of the picture. We use such edits to our pictures specifically when we want to post our beautiful captures in social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. All of us a addicted to the social media where we want our profiles to look stunning with all our lovely pictures, only so we will get more likes, shares and followers. So for this purpose I have seen many people sitting for hours editing their pictures before posting them online. Sometimes it might turn out to be hectic and annoying but you can’t help because that is something you are supposed to do before sharing the pictures.

If you guys are also looking at a way to use colored smoke effect to your pictures and turn them out into an awesome one then don’t worry let me help you all out too. There are many apps available but I have selected the best ones among them all for you guys which works perfectly. These apps will work both on your Android and iOS devices and there are also some apps that has separate apps for each devices. So let me give you all a small description about each of the apps before going on to have a detailed explanation.

So firstly let us check on the app named ‘Smoke Effect Photo Maker-Smoke Editor’. This is an amazing app which come with a simple interface and thereby turns out to be a user friendly app. Both the Android users and iOS users can get this app. Using this simple app you can turn out your picture vibrant and customize it with colored smoke just like you want it. Not only that but as extra features the app has added in more than 150 unique font sizes and emojis, where your picture will turn out to be more colorful. You can directly select your photos form the gallery using the app or also turn on the phone camera from the app. There are different types of smoke effects and you can select them and insert them any where on the photo. smoke effects can be zoomed in and out and edited the way you like it.

Now secondly let us check out on an app that is designed specially for the iOS users. This app will help you create an artistic picture with colorful smoke effects and make a huge change in your ordinary photo and make it extremely beautiful. The smoke effect in this app would be more realistic and natural. You can fix it anywhere in the picture and make it look better and magical. The best part is that the app comes with many shapes and styles of smoke effects such as mist form, explosion, spiral smoke and a lot more so that you can select the perfect one that suits your picture. If you don’t want smoke to overshadow the main component of the picture then you can adjust the transparency and the color of the smoke to the desired level. This app too gives you many different font styles and stickers as an extra treat to serve with your colorful and trendy pictures.

Along with the above mentioned apps lets us now look at an app that is designed for the Android users. The name of the app is ‘Smoke Effect Picture Art’. It comes with more than 100 effects for the users to select from. You can add in the smoke effects selecting from the different sizes, shapes and colors. Sounds like a perfect app right? So why wait, let us take a detailed look at how to get this app working.

Add Colored Smoke Bomb Effect to Any Picture

You have to get the app named ‘Smoke Effect Photo Maker’ directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us move on to know how to add some vibrant colored smoke effects to your pictures and make them unique and trendy.
Firstly launch the app and click on the gallery icon if you wish to select a picture that is already saved in your phone gallery or you can click on the camera icon to capture a new picture.

Here I am going to select a photo directly from the gallery and start editing it by using colored smoke effects.

Now the photo will be loaded in the app and you can start editing by cropping the picture if you wish to and then continue editing.

Then click on the menu bar which is available at the bottom of the app screen to add the colored smoke effect to your picture.

Select ‘BG Smoke’ tool if you want to add in colored smoke effect and select ‘BG color’ tool to select the color of the background.

If you wish to add in texts or stickers to your picture, you can do so by clicking on the option 'Text tool'.

When you complete the editing process and happy with what you have done, click on the 'Save' button to save the edited picture in your phone gallery.

That’s it, this way you can easily turn your dull pictures into a colorful one using the 'Smoke effects photo maker' application . So you can download this app directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

A perfect and a vibrant picture for your Instagram grid is not far. All it takes is a few minutes and you will have the colored smoke effect added picture with you. It is time saving and also gives a realistic effect to your phone. Get that artistic picture done soon.