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Best App For Video Calls And Chat In Android

Nowadays people cannot live without their smartphones. From our bank account to buying groceries everything can be done using the phone. People are getting used to this convenient lifestyle as they can get things done with just a touch. People are more concerned about upgrading their phone so we often get new updates to keep all the apps and the software up to date with added new features.

Here in this article we will learn about a video chat application that can be very useful overall. Life isn't the same any more. We are moving forward at a faster pace. The world is often changing and most of our lives are spent on our mobile devices. People do their office work staying at home with their own comfort. In this case it's really important that we have a video chat application so we can communicate with our pears easily. We must use a good video app which gives enough talk time with no lagging. who wouldn't prefer a free app over a paid one if the quality of the call is good.

Nowadays work happens online from home and even classes are conducted online for students. People rely on conference calls, video calls and also voice calls depending on their need. One of the best app for this purpose is 'Google duo'. This simple yet powerful app comes with different types of features with an easy interface. Google duo's conference calls work great. If you are in a business meeting you can connect up to 8 people in a conference call. This is such a convenient way where you don't have to arrange a physical meeting, instead you simply can work from your home. There are also so many other special features like call recording and recording the voice messages. If you couldn't attend the conference on time then you can catch up with the previous ones you missed and also the previous sessions can be recorded so you can watch some other time. You can use Google duo for personal use as well.

Google duo is loaded with amazing features. This app is not limited to only your phone but you also have a PC version of this app. iOS users do not have to worry as Google duo supports iOS and also Android devices. So now we know the details of this app. Let's take a look at how to get started.

How To Use Google Duo For Video Calls And Chat

You have to get the app named 'Google duo' directly from google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet.

Now let us move on to know how to set it up so that you can enjoy uninterrupted video calls or audio calls with your loved ones.

Firstly launch the app in your android device and then it will ask for some permission for accessing. Now accept all the terms and conditions.

In case if you have 6.0 Android device or anything higher than that then the app will ask for permission for each one separately so you will have to give the permission one by one for everything by tapping 'Allow'.

Next you will have to get registered in the app by entering your phone number.

To continue with the process the app will send a verification code to your message inbox. Next to carry on you have to enter the number which was sent.

We are done with the settings now. The settings are very easy to grasp so now you are ready to use the Google duo which is very easy. This can be downloaded directly from your Google playstore to your Android device by Clicking here

Google Duo - Groups and calling

There's another added feature in this app where it allows you to add around 12 people in the conference call which is wonderful. Let's move on with the steps.

First you have to go to your contacts. You'll see all your contacts in a list. Above the contacts you will find an option called 'Create group'. After that you can select the contacts one by one adding them to the group.

So now you have selected all the desired contacts from your list. Next you will have to come up with a name for your group. Once you're done with the name click 'Save'. Now you have a separate group that will show in your contact list so it is easy for you to add them in just one touch.

Other settings and features 

We already saw some interesting features above but apart from that there are also so many other options and features available in this app. Let's dig in.

In the top right corner of the screen you will find those three vertical dots which are on the menu. When you touch it you will get many options. Go to 'Settings' and tap it.

When you touch the settings it will show all the blocked contacts and also your account information. Here's where you find the notification settings as well.

Do you know this interesting feature by Google duo? You simply have to go to the settings and you will find an option called 'Knock knock'. This feature will provide you a live video of the person who is attempting to connect with you even before you answer the call.

Are you in a poorly lit room? Then you can enable light mode which will let the other party see you clearly even though you have a poor quality lighting. You can also disable it any time.

You can also save your data by reducing the quality of the video by 720p. This you can adjust on the data saving mode.

Another option is that you can connect your duo call history with the call history of your phone.

Finally we have come to an end. Now it would be easier for you to set up your Google duo app with no hassle. Enjoy free video and audio calls in high quality with your loved ones using Google duo.

How To Add Voice Effects During Calls In Your Android

Today there are so many ways to stay in touch with our loved ones who are far away with the help of the smart devices. There are too many methods and procedures that we can use to contact one another, we have the ability to make a phone call, make video calls, send text messages, send voice recordings and so much more options. 

All these makes things easier and help us feel connected to our friends and family. So in that case, I thought I should come up with an amazing option which would help you all get even closer to your loved ones over the phone also by having some fun. Well, when you keep talking to your friends or any one you love for a long time, you will run out of content to talk to or you will get a thought whether the other person would get bored by having some normal conversation which will literally turn out to be not okay. I have seen some of my friends finding for some fun things that they can say or do over the phone, so that they can attract their loved one in a different way.

Thereby if you are also someone who is looking for a way to light up the conversation with your best buddies in a way that you and your friends can have fun with, then let me tell you that you are in the right place. Because I have come up with a great app which will let you change your voice and talk to the other person over the phone call like a total stranger and create a funny prank. Doing so will definitely be fun and hilarious, won’t it? 

To do that you don’t have to purchase many apps and get the feature added in your phone because you can now use the app named 'Funcalls- Voice Changer & Call Recording' to start up having fun over the phone. Just as the name of the app suggests, you can change voice and also you will be able to record the conversations that you have and listen to them later. There are so many voices that are available in this app that can be used. The voices that are available to select are the 'Helium Bloom' which is a very high volume, 'Funny Sound' which is literally high, the 'Man Sound' which is a low voice, 'Scary Sound' that is very low and a 'Regular Sound' which would adopt your natural voice when you talk. So you can select any sounds that you prefer from the list that is available. Not only that but you will also have the capability to select a sound effect that can be used and changed during the phone call. There are effects such as the cat meow, moo, dog barking and so much of other funny effects to select from. That sounds to be interesting and fun, right?

You don’t have to worry of how to get the voice changing capability and the phone call recording option added in your android smartphone because this application that is mentioned above will effectively help you with it. 'Fun Call' will now make things easier and better by it’s amazing features. It also allows you to record all the calls you wish, so that you can listen to them at any time and also you can share it with any of your friends and have fun. All of you have to do is think of a creative concept to talk about to your loved one and then make the call using a different voice effect that you can select from the list available in the app. Simple as that. So now without wasting our time, let us see how to spice up your phone calls with some hilarious sounds and voice effects efficiently.

Add Voice Effects During Calls In Android

You have to get the app named 'Fun Calls' directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphones or tablet.

Let’s move on to know how to change your voice with different effects when speaking to your friend or colleague in Android.

Firstly launch the app and then you will get a popup privacy policy message, simply approve it to continue.

Now you will get the access to the app to make prank calls and then click on the green dial pad which is available on the bottom of the app interface.

Next, select the voice effect that you want to use from the given list and then dial the phone number of whom you want to make the call to.

If you wish to call anyone from your phone book, simply click on the “Contact” icon to select the contact from your list.

That’s it, now the call will get connected and you can enjoy the prank conversation. Also note that you can make a demo call to check the quality of the sound effects before making the call.

You can find the other advanced options such as 'Call Recording' feature and changing the 'Current Phone Number' from the settings tab.

So this is the basic methods of configuring the fun call app to make prank call to your friends or family. You can download this app directly from the Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

Now you don’t have to think of a way to get your boredom off, you can simply make a prank call. I hope this guide would be helpful for all the Android users out there to have some fun and create wonderful memories with your loved ones simply by making the conversation funny.

How To Backup Contacts In Android Phone

Living in this world today, we are being eventually pushed into the life of technology. Every step we take is towards the modern facilities that we enjoy today with the help of the technology. The best example to take forward is the smart phones. Literally the smart phones have made huge changes in us. That’s why we buy new phones with better features every possible time. 

But doing so has some changes to be done, like syncing contacts and so on. So let’s talk about contact backup in Android. Our life was not the same before the smart phones. We had so many physical works to be done and games to play but now we do them using our smart phone. We walk a mile to pay our utility bills and to do bank transactions but smart phone helps with them all. Like this there are so many things that have changed in us. We save contact numbers of our family, friends, office mates, colleagues and other important numbers to contact them at any moment. These numbers are very important to us as in case we miss them, we will face terrible loss.

At a moment of need we run to the contact list to get help from. Most of them save contacts of officials and many others. So the contact list in your mobile phone is important. Imagine you are buying a new phone, how would you get the contact numbers? Save them one by one? Well, that’s not going to happen right?

All you got to do is backup all the contacts. Some phones like iPhone has the feature of backup by default in them using the iCloud. Though Android phone doesn’t have a direct way, we do have some easy ways to backup contacts. So nothing to worry about losing any contact numbers that you have saved in. All you got to do is select the right or the easy method you prefer and proceed with the rest. So here I am going to give you a few methods with brief information on how to get them done. So come let’s move on for the steps.

Backup Contacts On Any Android Phone

Using Google Sync And Backup

Google has the ability of syncing the contacts to the Gmail ID by default; all we have to do is enable it so that it will start doing the rest by itself.

Firstly go to the ‘Settings > About Phone > Google Account > Google Sync’. Here you have to turn on the contacts. 

There after you can also go to the 'Google Drive' and check if all your data have backup. To check on that you have to go to ‘Google Drive > Press The Hamburger Icon > Backup > App Data > Contact Data’. 

Then you will also be able to download all the contacts with relevant data using the default export option from the Google contact app. To do that, you have to open ‘Google Contacts App’ and browse the ‘Settings’ and then select the ‘Export’ option. 

Then the app will automatically generate a .vcf file on your device that can be used for offline purpose. This can be saved safely somewhere and then in your new phone you can open it up and restore the contacts in it.

Using Third Party Apps

Well, if you don’t want to rely on Google or is a person who occasionally forgets the password of your Google account, the third party app would help you to back up all the contacts to your new phone. There are plenty of other apps in the store, but I personally trust a very few apps which comes up with authentic information. So here I am going to provide you with two such best apps.

Using Super Backup

This app will help you backup not only the contacts but also apps data, SMS data, call logs, calendar and much more.

Firstly you have to get the app named ‘Super backup’ directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone.

Then tap on the contacts menu and select the multiple options. Then use backup contacts with phone numbers and thereafter the app will automatically generate a .vcf file with the contacts. 

You can either save it in the Google drive or send it to others using the share menu of the default. 

You can also set up a schedule backup periodically by going to the ‘Settings > Schedule Settings > Regular Contacts Backups’ and now select the default options provided. 

At the same time you even have the ability to auto upload files and delete after upload options in this app.

Simple as that, you can schedule it as you desire.

Using Easy Backup

Easy backup: This app is a perfect contact manager app. All you have to do is to open up an account and then it will generate default backup option to create a VCF file and let you share the data with others.

You will be able to see all the contacts in the contacts tab, including the duplicate contacts, contacts with no numbers and similar name contacts. You will be able to remove the unnecessary contacts and also merge the duplicate contacts.

If you wish for a better theme you can change it too from the settings menu. One best thing about this app is it will also show you all the offline backed up contacts of the past.

But one thing that this app doesn’t have in it is the auto generate backup files option.We wish that they update the app with this feature in the future.

Okay, so now we have checked on three ways, where the first one is using the Google account and the other two are third party apps. But all of them are free to use and doesn’t require any extra cost for the usage. You can select any one of the apps mentioned above to backup contacts from your old phone to your new phone without any problem and without losing any data in the process. Hope this would be useful for all the Android users out there. Now you doesn’t have to spend a lot of time thinking on how to send all the contacts from this phone to that.

Best Apps To Change Voice When Making Calls In Android

Changing voice on a call is something not everyone needs, but if you are up with something and need to prank your friend, brother or any of your relatives then this option would be such a great thing to have in your phone. Android smartphones as we all know comes with plenty of features and the ability to customize the phone according to our wish with the help of the google playstore. 

So using that opportunity we can create a beautiful or a mischievous moment over the call with our loved ones and bring laughter and giggles into the house. If you are smart enough and have the ability to do mimicking then you would definitely be an expert in pranking people around and making a fun show at home but what about the ones who can’t change voice by nature and still wishes to do a prank on your friend talking to him or her like someone else? Will that be a possible task to fulfill? 

Yes, you can do it. Well let me tell you, a few days back I got a phone call from an unknown number and someone strange spoke to me. They knew all my details but I didn’t know who the girl who spoke to me was, I have never heard that voice before and then someone else spoke in another voice again, I was puzzled and confused of who it was, until my friend told me that it was him who was pranking on me. I didn’t trust him as he don’t have the ability to change voice and talk like someone else. But only after he showed me how he did it, I believe him.

Thereby, you will not have to worry too, just as how i have mentioned above Android smart devices can make some of your wishes come true, it will help you with this too. There are plenty of apps available in the playstore which would help you change your voice on call and talk like a complete stranger. Using those apps you can prank on someone or even talk like a mysterious person. So without wasting time let us move on to first check on a trending app that would work its best with changing the voice.

How to Change Your Voice in Android Device

You have to get the app named 'Magiccall' directly from google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let's move on to know how to change your voice while speaking a phone call with your family or colleague and prank them.

Firstly start the app in your Android device and now it will show to register using your mobile number as shown below.

Now you can find a list of voices available in the app and you can select any of them to make the voice call.

If you wish, you can test the quality of selected voice before making the prank call using test button.

Once everything is set, click on call button and select the phone number from the phone book list and make your call.

That's it. This is the basic method of configuring the Magiccall application in your Android device. So you can download this app directly from google playstore by searching 'Magiccall'.

Apart from that, there are a few other applications that would also help you change voice in your Android device and work its best. So let us see a few such alternative apps now.

Alternative Apps

Voice Changer With Effects By Baviux: You can get this app from google playstore for free and this is a great app and the most trending one with more than 50 million downloads. You can change your voice into a totally different and a modified way using this app. Literally more than 40 effects are available for the users.

VoiceFX By MobzappThis voicefx app will also act as a great app to change your voice and add different effects to it. Not only that you can also add effects to other audios that you import. The ability to live playback your voice with voice effects is available too.

Voice Changer Sound Effect By 9xgenaration: You can download this app from google playstore and it's a fast and the most convenient app that can be used. Just as the above apps, this too provide you the ability to add effects, record the call and share them with others. 

This app has the normal effect to a great amount of modified effects such as chipmonks, fast or slow effects, monsters effects and so much more.

Voice Changer By AndroidRockThis app is available in google playstore and it is a very simple one that would allow you to change the voice by applying some effects on the audios in a great level. You can also add funny and lovely effects while on the call.

So now we have checked on a few applications that would help you change voice and add effects in different ways. You can select the app that you think would be great for you and start calling someone using a different voice and make them feel stuck in amazement. So I hope this guide would have been helpful for you.

Track Anonymous Caller Details With Photo And Social Profile

Smartphones are a device that is introduced to help people connect with one another and make things easier. But at the same time we see how some faces a lot of troubles due to the phones. Actually, there are both pros and cons in anything and everything today, just like the smartphone. Today we are going to take a look at how to solve the problem of unwanted calls that we sometimes get in a regular basis, which turns out to be annoying as hell.

When talking about the cons, we see how people get addicted to the smartphones, especially the kids, we also come across many news on how youngsters use it in a wrong way. These ways there are a lot of things in the disadvantage column, we are not going to talk about all of them, but of one particular problem that most of us face in common; the unwanted call.

When we say unwanted call, they are mostly from unknown numbers. We will never know who is troubling us by continuously calling us from the other side. They will actually have no valid reason rather than to just piss us off. When we start to get such nuisance calls from an anonymous persons, we will first before stopping the call, will want to know who the person is. Then thereafter it will be easy for us to completely stop the unknown calls and get rid of all the problems we face due to such situations. We actually know how many get unknown calls especially girls, who gets calls from boys.

What we actually wish is to get rid of these unknown calls, and for that we already known we have the best app named the ‘Eyecon’ which will provide us the best solution by revealing to us the name and the picture of the caller. Let me give you a brief detail of the app again, this 'Eyecon' app provides its users the picture and the name of the caller using the social media profile like the Facebook. 

When we enter the phone number of the caller, the app will detect the number with the social media apps and give us the details on which account that particular mobile number is registered with. So whatever picture they have uploaded will be revealed. But today we are going to go one step further, as the app now helps with a new feature where you can also check out the Facebook profile directly. Thereby in case they have uploaded scenery or any other pictures, you can go to their profile and check on for the further details. Why wasting time, come lets go and check on how to get this done.

Track Anonymous Caller With Photo

You have to get the app named ‘Eyecon’ directly from the Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let’s move on to know how to find out the unknown caller with their name, picture and the Facebook profile to get rid of the anonymous calls.

Firstly launch the app and register it with your mobile number. Once the process is completed it validate the number using a confirmation message or a call.

Then the app will request you to grant permission to access your contacts, SMS and the storage to run in your mobile without any problems. Simply grant it the needed permissions.

Now the app will be ready to find out the unknown caller, all you have to do is go to the main interface of the app and click on the ‘Home’ and then ‘Search Bar’.

There you have to type in the mobile number of the unknown caller along with the country code to find out the person.

Then the app will reveal you the person’s name with the picture of the unknown caller.

Next, you can also visit the profile of the unknown caller if you wish by clicking on the Facebook icon which is available on the bottom of the screen. The Facebook profile will open up using your web browser.

That’s it, now we have checked on how to find the unknown caller not just with their name and photo but also by being able to visit their Facebook profile to get more details using the new feature introduced by the 'Eyecon' app for its users.

So you can now download the 'Eyecon' app 
directly from Google playstore by Clicking here.

This is going to help all those who are worried out there to find out the anonymous caller and put a stop to all the troublesome calls and messages you get. If you are an Android user then this guide will be the best for you to overcome all of those tough situations.

Convert WhatsApp Voice Messages Into Text

In this technologically developed world, there is so much to talk about and think about. New things are invented and those new inventories introduce more new features. So this way, we see how everything is transforming into a new way in this new world. Life of everyone is changed into a different phrase. 

Today we see how people use their smart phones to communicate easily with one another, even with the ones who are very far from us. Technology made it feel that no matter where you are you can still feel like you are beside a person with the use of it. Smart phones are not just used for the purpose of communication but for so much more. Today we are going to check out on a simple trick that we can use in one of the most used communication app name Whatsapp.

Whatsapp is a widely used app from all around the world. It has no limits or charges no extra cost to send messages or to call someone, when we have an internet connection connected. There are plenty of features that are being introduced ones in a while in Whatsapp. New updates bring new things and makes things more easier in it. Whatsapp doesn’t just only have the capability to send message and talk t o another person, but it also have the features of group messaging, conference call and video call, voice message option, sharing photos and videos in the chats and also uploading stories and status, etc. this way there are many features in Whatsapp and they get better every time and that why most of us use Whatsapp. The voice message option has turned out to be so easy for people who are busy on some other work and finds it difficult to type everything that they want to convey and it also helps us to bring a live conversation when we are in a chat with our friends or family via Whatsapp.

When we get voice messages we prefer to listen to it by ourselves and not when others are around, but have you ever wondered if you can transfer a voice message in Whatsapp to a text message? Such an incident could have happen to someone who is in the middle of a lot of people or in a meeting and you get an emergency voice message from your loved one, but you will find it difficult to listen to it without others knowing it. So in that case, if you have an option to transfer that voice message into a text, then it will be such a helpful task but can you actually do that? Yes why not? Today I am going to introduce you on how to transfer a voice message in Whatsapp to a text message. Come let’s see how.

How To Convert WhatsApp Voice Message To Text

You have to get the app named 'Transcriber For WhatsApp' directly from Google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet.

Let's move on to know how to convert your Whatsapp voice notes to text which makes you a smart user.
Firstly start the app in your phone and press on the ‘Start’ button to continue.

Next, you will have some instructions popping up, read them for more details or simply skip them and then tap on ‘Open Whatsapp’.

Now in the Whatsapp, you have to select the voice message that you want to convert. For that press hold on the message and tap on the share icon ‘Arrow’ on the top right corner of the screen.

Thereafter, you have to choose the ‘Transcriber For Wazap’ app to share the text.

Then the app will take a few second to transcribe the message and will reveal you the message in text format. After reading you can go back to Whatsapp by clicking on the back button to go back and reply for the message.

That’s it, this way now you will be able to convert the voice message into text in a few seconds. So you can download 'Transcriber For Whatsapp' directly from Google playstore to your android smartphone by Clicking here.

This app will give you the option to convert the voice message in many languages such as English, Arabic, Albanian, Russian, Greek and many more.

Using Textr App

If you are looking for an alternative app that can also convert the voice to text message then I recommended to try the Textr app, which is a very simple and best android app that can help you out. It help you to convert all your voice messages to texts not only in Whatsapp but also does it’s best job by converting any voice messages received in any social networking or even the instant messaging apps. let us move on to see how to get it done.

You have to get the app named 'Textr' directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone.

Firstly install the app in your phone and launch it. Then it will ask you to grant permission for the app to work accordingly. Simply grant the needed permissions. 

Then go to Whatsapp and long press on the voice message that you want to convert into text.

Next, you have to tap on the ‘Share’ option which is on the top of the screen.

Now from the share menu, select the ‘Textr’ app.

Then wait for a moment until the Textr app convert the voice message into text message for you.

That’s all, this way you can get all your voices messages converted into text within a few seconds without any difficulty. The process is quite simple and effective. This will be useful for everyone who find it hard to listen to voice messages. 

Convert Voice Messages To Text In iOS

As we have checked some methods on how to convert the voice messages into text messages in android, let us also find how to get it done in iOS. So now the apple users doesn’t have to worry, I am going to share another awesome app that will help you when you are in a library, meeting or is surrounded by a lot of people. You can use this app to change all the voice to text in Whatsapp. Let’s see how to get it done. 

You have to get the app named 'Audio to Text for WhatsApp' directly from the app store to your iPhone. 

Now let us see how to convert the Whatsapp voice messages to text messages from wherever you are with no difficulty. 

Firstly, you have install the app in your iPhone and launch it. 

Then it will ask you for some permissions, simple grant permissions for the app to access the speech recognition.

Then open the Whatsapp and select the voice message and tap hold the voice message that you want to get converted. Then select the 'Forward' option and again select 'Share' icon.

From all the options available, choose the 'Audio To Text' app and now the app will start to convert your voice message into text.

That’s it, simple as that. This app will work in a great manner and i think all the iPhone users would be benefited using this app. You will be able to read all the voice message you get without disturbing anyone around or even other will not be able to hear your personal messages. So I hope this will be very useful for all the Whatsapp users in an emergency situation.