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How to Add Coloured Smoke Bomb Effects for Any Picture

Photographs have always been useful for us since the time it was invented to now to look back on the memories and cherish at them. But the time has now changed with all the new devices and techniques from carrying a big camera with film rolls and lenses to carrying a small smart device in our hands.

Now we have the capability to take as many pictures as we want and not only that but we can also edit the photos as we want. So when we talk about editing the photos, there are plenty of new editing features coming up in trend every now and then and we are going to talk about a specific edit feature that everyone is looking for.

As mentioned above there are too many photo editing features available today, from adding filters to changing the whole effect of the picture. We use such edits to our pictures specifically when we want to post our beautiful captures in social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. All of us a addicted to the social media where we want our profiles to look stunning with all our lovely pictures, only so we will get more likes, shares and followers. So for this purpose I have seen many people sitting for hours editing their pictures before posting them online. Sometimes it might turn out to be hectic and annoying but you can’t help because that is something you are supposed to do before sharing the pictures.

If you guys are also looking at a way to use colored smoke effect to your pictures and turn them out into an awesome one then don’t worry let me help you all out too. There are many apps available but I have selected the best ones among them all for you guys which works perfectly. These apps will work both on your Android and iOS devices and there are also some apps that has separate apps for each devices. So let me give you all a small description about each of the apps before going on to have a detailed explanation.

So firstly let us check on the app named ‘Smoke Effect Photo Maker-Smoke Editor’. This is an amazing app which come with a simple interface and thereby turns out to be a user friendly app. Both the Android users and iOS users can get this app. Using this simple app you can turn out your picture vibrant and customize it with colored smoke just like you want it. Not only that but as extra features the app has added in more than 150 unique font sizes and emojis, where your picture will turn out to be more colorful. You can directly select your photos form the gallery using the app or also turn on the phone camera from the app. There are different types of smoke effects and you can select them and insert them any where on the photo. smoke effects can be zoomed in and out and edited the way you like it.

Now secondly let us check out on an app that is designed specially for the iOS users. This app will help you create an artistic picture with colorful smoke effects and make a huge change in your ordinary photo and make it extremely beautiful. The smoke effect in this app would be more realistic and natural. You can fix it anywhere in the picture and make it look better and magical. The best part is that the app comes with many shapes and styles of smoke effects such as mist form, explosion, spiral smoke and a lot more so that you can select the perfect one that suits your picture. If you don’t want smoke to overshadow the main component of the picture then you can adjust the transparency and the color of the smoke to the desired level. This app too gives you many different font styles and stickers as an extra treat to serve with your colorful and trendy pictures.

Along with the above mentioned apps lets us now look at an app that is designed for the Android users. The name of the app is ‘Smoke Effect Picture Art’. It comes with more than 100 effects for the users to select from. You can add in the smoke effects selecting from the different sizes, shapes and colors. Sounds like a perfect app right? So why wait, let us take a detailed look at how to get this app working.

Add Colored Smoke Bomb Effect to Any Picture

You have to get the app named ‘Smoke Effect Photo Maker’ directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us move on to know how to add some vibrant colored smoke effects to your pictures and make them unique and trendy.
Firstly launch the app and click on the gallery icon if you wish to select a picture that is already saved in your phone gallery or you can click on the camera icon to capture a new picture.

Here I am going to select a photo directly from the gallery and start editing it by using colored smoke effects.

Now the photo will be loaded in the app and you can start editing by cropping the picture if you wish to and then continue editing.

Then click on the menu bar which is available at the bottom of the app screen to add the colored smoke effect to your picture.

Select ‘BG Smoke’ tool if you want to add in colored smoke effect and select ‘BG color’ tool to select the color of the background.

If you wish to add in texts or stickers to your picture, you can do so by clicking on the option 'Text tool'.

When you complete the editing process and happy with what you have done, click on the 'Save' button to save the edited picture in your phone gallery.

That’s it, this way you can easily turn your dull pictures into a colorful one using the 'Smoke effects photo maker' application . So you can download this app directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

A perfect and a vibrant picture for your Instagram grid is not far. All it takes is a few minutes and you will have the colored smoke effect added picture with you. It is time saving and also gives a realistic effect to your phone. Get that artistic picture done soon.

How to Edit Stunning Photos Using Android Phone

Technology is becoming advanced day by day and people are getting used to the lifestyle with new devices and equipment. One of the devices which has influenced people in a huge way is the smartphone. Phones have become very convenient for people to stay in contact with others and to carry on so many other tasks.

Smartphone is something that’s been used by almost everyone for different purposes. Since the evolvement of social media, people are more inclined towards using their mobile device. Social media like Facebook Instagram etc.. has taken a place in our lives. People are addicted to social media like Facebook and Instagram so that they post pictures very often. In fact, sharing pictures in social media is a trend right now. When it come to sharing picture in social media we mostly look into the quality of the picture. A picture should look good and be trendy at the same time. This is why there are so many editing apps available to download now.

When we come across the photo editing apps, we see that most of them are paid apps. Not everyone would want to spend on an app that they don’t know about. There are also free apps available but not all of them have all the needed features. So, some of them use so many different apps to make use of the different features they want. Finding a good app with all the features in one would make out social media lives very convenient. Are you all finding such an app that has all the needed features? Are you startled about what app to download? Do not worry as we have come up with one of the best app with all the features in them which you will love. This app comes with all the necessary updates what you fellow Instagram users look for. The app that we are talking about is called 'Snapseed'. This is one of the best app to start out your photo editing task.

In that case we should talk about the important features that the app contains. So lets first mention the standard features like brightness, contrast, crop, rotate and many more options are readily available in the app. Also the tools like ambiance, perspective and brush make this app extra special. If you take a look at the brush tool, it will help you to edit a certain portion of your picture as you want and it could be used to add more color to your image. Ambiance is somewhat similar where it will allow you to instantly brighten up your picture and add a filter. This app has one of the coolest tool which is known as 'Healing'. This interesting feature will allow you to remove unwanted object in the background of your image. Photobombs like buildings, people or any other objects can be easily extracted.

We should not forget the other interesting features such as perspective, saturation, selective function, white balance etc. There are also some important tools like sharpen, shadow, contrast, warmth available in the app. Your can open the picture in JPEG or RAW files and you can find selective filter brushes. Do you know that this app also allows you to save your edited personal looks so that you can apply them later to another picture easily? All the saved styles can also be adjusted and controlled for precision. There are many more other features and tools available in this app but you can know about them when you get hold of the app. Snapseed is very easy to handle and understand so you wouldn’t have any confusions. Without further delay we will see how to get this app in your device.

How to Edit Stunning Photos Using Android

You have to get the app named 'Snapseed' directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us move on to know how to edit your ordinary picture to be perfect using trendy filters, effects and other tools.
Firstly launch the app in your device and click the plus (+) icon to add a picture from your gallery. You will find this option in the main interface of your app.

Select the picture that you intend to edit. Now the picture will be loaded in your app and you have to click the icon in the top right corner to edit your image.

Next you picture will be readily available for the edit. You will see different filters and effects that you can select from.

Next head to 'Settings' by tapping the three-dot icon from the top corner and there you can adjust your picture size, quality and picture format.

When you are done go back to the main interface of the app and then use the 'Style tab' to change photo filter. Tools like crop, healing, brush etc. can be found in the tools tab.

Have you edited your picture? Then now it's time for you to save your image that you edited. Click 'Export' to share the final picture to your iCloud or you can directly share it to your social media. Other than that, you can save the pictures to your phone storage directly.

Now we have looked into the basic editing features that can be used to edit your pictures easily using 'Snapseed' application with no much hassle or hard times. So you can download this app directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

Making our pictures beautiful and profession has become so effortless. Nowadays its very important to edit your pictures before you share them to social media so that you can stand out and make a new trend rotating around. Hop on to the track and enjoy editing all you beautiful pictures within minutes.

Photo Editor App That Turns a Normal Photo into Extraordinary One

Nowadays photographs have taken a huge place in our lives that we capture every passing moment and keep them as our memories. Only photographs have the ability to take us back in time to the moments we cherish. Long time back capturing and saving photographs was not very easy, it was an ardent task. Back then owning a camera was very rare and snapping a photo was very expensive too.

As with the advancement of technology smart devices are being possessed by almost everyone today. So that anyone can become a photographer now if they got a smartphone in their hand. Professional life, jobs and certain tasks have become very convenient after the introduction of smart devices. We are all inclined towards social media such as Facebook and Instagram nowadays so that we tend to post videos and pictures often. Social media also has become a huge helpful platform when it comes to small businesses.

It’s necessary to post beautiful and professional looking pictures in social media because photos are really important for promotion. This is the reason why people are looking for good photo editing applications to make their pictures stand out. We want our normal picture to look even more better so we rely on editing apps. So in that way an editing app should cater to our needs and should have all the necessary features available. We can find so many apps in Google playstore but most of them are paid apps. Some people fall for these paid apps and then worry later when they are subscribed because even such apps won’t have all the features that we are looking for. If you are an amateur photographer then do not worry as we have come up with one of the best apps out there with all the important features and you can get it for free. The app that we are talking about is called ‘Fotor photo editor’.

This app contains so many filters and features which is very easy to handle. This app has all the color pallets which is designed by many professional photographers including stickers and boarders. Retro, film effects, nostalgic and many other effects are also available in this range. You can edit your pictures to with your hearts content by mixing and matching different effects.

Collage making is another best feature in this app. You can personalize your own collage by taking full control over it to manage space. Its also possible to add filters and picture while you are doing the collage. You can personalize your picture as you intend. This app also comes with a professional software which is very powerful and can edit your high-quality pictures with convenience. This also has all the possible feature you can think of such as brightness, contrast, saturate, shadow, highlight, angle correction, cropping and many more which can be used in few second time. You can now adjust your pictures in just one click and turn your photo into a best, detailed version. And let us not forget the natural focus feature which is another amazing factor to look onto.

Therefore I can assure that this app has all the editing feature in one. Its not necessary to be a photographer to capture the best picture, you still can be a pro by editing your pictures in ‘Fotor photo editor’ app. There are numerous wonderful tools and filters you can choose from to make your picture stand out in Instagram or any social media. You don’t need to invest in that hard and tricky editing software now as this app has all the feature which is very easy to use. So without any further delay let us take a look at the instructions of how to use this app.

Turn Normal Photos Into an Extraordinary One

You have to get the app named 'Fotor photo editor' directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us move on to know how to turn your normal photo into an extraordinary one through some amazing filters, effects and adjustments.
Firstly launch the app and click on 'Edit' which is available in the main interface of the app to select a photo to edit from the phone.

Now choose a photo from phone gallary and when you are done, the picture will be loading on the app. Then it will be ready to edit with filters, effect and many other features.

Next click on 'Effects' from the bottom of the screen which will show you all the animation effects that are ready to add to the picture.

Then you can swipe the bottom menu from left to right to edit the brightness, contrast and exposure of the picture.

To give a professional look to your pictures you can add texts or verses using the fotor app. To apply text, go to option called 'Text' and you will be headed to the menu where you can choose the font style as you need.

Not only these but 'Fotor' app has plenty of option available and you can check them in the main menu bar.

Collage tool is considered one of the best features in this app. To choose collage option head to the main interface of the app and tap 'Collage'. Now you have the options to select templates to create your very first collage. Two to five photos can be added in one template for collage photo.

That's it, now we have covered all the basic photo editing methods of 'Fotor photo editor' application. So you can download this app directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

Whether its for a business purpose or you just want to edit something creative then Fotor photo editor is the best to do it. Now you can have that beautiful and professional looking feed in Instagram with all your edited pictures. This app is very easy and convenient to handle. We always should have that best photo editing app in our phones as we constantly share pictures in social media.

How to Edit Pictures with a Cinematic Look

Technology is so advanced that it has taken a huge place in peoples lives. If we look back in the days, using a camera is a big deal as you have to carry a huge camera with film roles where ever you go and not only that but capturing an image have to be precise as only limited number of photos can be taken.

But now we are able to capture any number of images using our mobile devices and delete them if we don’t like them. Limitless pictures can be captured using your smart device. Not only that but we also have the possibility of editing them according to our need without any fuss. Editing the pictures has also turned out to essential theses days before posting them to our social media so that we can give a good impression and make the picture look better. We can add filters, adjust lightings and do much more to a picture to get a professional look. We do the same with videos as well. There’s no wonder why so many editing apps are flooded to download. Some of the apps are completely free whereas paid versions are available too.

There are plenty of free editing apps available so most of us don’t go for paid versions since we expect a free app with all the features in one but not all free apps provide the features we need. That is why here we have come up with a wonderful app which contains almost all the features that you would look for.

Yes, the editing app that we are going to introduce to you today is called ‘PicsArt photo editor’. This app is one of the best because you could almost find all the features added and the interesting part is that you can also edit videos in this app. You can easily make collages as well. PicsArt photo editing app has amazing features in them that you can create professional level photography using your smartphone. Doodling on pictures and sticker are also available. You can choose many trendy filters and effects. Another interesting feature is that you can extract unwanted objects from the background of the picture and retouch feature can be used. It also comes with a beautifying tool in which you can alter your skin tone, hair color, change eye lenses and many more.

Sounds amazing right? Not just that there are more that this app contains. You can also blend layers of photo and create double exposure edits to beautify your pictures. Now let’s also take a look at video editing in this app. Adding music to your video, getting the glitch effect, slide show maker, filters, video collage are some more such tools are available. You can create exciting videos from scratch using these tools. Video collage or a slide show of your memories can be made into lovely stories using the app. You can fix your video to your desired ration by cropping and trimming.

The extraordinary features like photo effects, drawing tool, sticker maker and free stickers make this app extra special. Using the collage maker is quite easy as it comes with freestyle collages, many photo grids, frames, scrape books, and many other options to select from. You can make your images and videos trendy in social media like Facebook or Instagram with creating wonderful piece of work using this app. Impressive isn’t it? This app contains all those needed features which is up to date with the trend so why wouldn’t anyone be excited to get this app? Unlike other apps this has all the features in one so it is very convenient. let’s move ahead with the step by step guide on how to use this app.

Edit Your Photos with Cinematic Look

You have to get the app named 'PicsArt photo editor' directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us move on to know how to make your images look cinematic in social media profiles by adding filters, effects, frames or sketches.
Firstly launch the app in your device and tap the plus icon from the main interface of the app to add your pictures to edit.

You can select the picture from your gallery once you tap the plus icon and then the photo will be loading to the app. All the editing tools and option will be shown on the bottom of the picture.

Now to make any adjustments tap ‘Tools'. Using this you can crop, resize or sharp before you add filters and effects to your image.

Next tap the option called ‘Effect’ to add FX, canvas, sketch and many other. You will come across a good selection of effects.

Have you added all your needed effects? Then head back to the main interface of the app and go to ‘Beauty’ option. Now you can change your skin color, eye color, hair etc... if it is necessary.

Another feature that would grab your attention is ‘Cutout’. This is a very interesting feature where you can create memes, wallpapers or custom birthday card from the main menu. To make custom cutouts go to ‘cutout’ option and in the picture choose the area in which you want to cutout by coloring on top of it. That’s it.

Other tools like boarders, text, brushes, frame, mask and many other wonderful tools are also available. You can create a cinematic photo for your social media profile picture using these tools.

In this article we have mentioned some of the basic guides on using the app ‘PicsArt photo editor’. You can use this app for hassle free and easy photo editing process. So you can download this app directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

From now onwards you are going to shine in social media with your edited pictures and the professional look that after the process. This app will provide you with unique editing features that you will love. Get your cheerful pictures now.

How to Create Color Splash in Any Photo - Android

Social media apps like Instagram and Facebook are used often amongst people as we can carry our mobile device where ever we go and has the facility to browse the internet any time we want. People constantly think of what to post in social media as it has become a part of their lives. Capturing beautiful images has become the utmost necessity.

We don’t share our pictures directly soon after we capture them as we want to make the picture look more professional by editing them. We all want our picture to stand out in social media so we can go to that extra mile to make it more unique and reach to more people and followers. So in that case photo quality is very important when it comes to social media engagements like comments, likes and share. We share picture content almost every day in social media. We see so many Mobile apps that come in handy to edit our pictures with convenience. As not all of us are photoshop experts we look for an easy option and choose photo editing apps.

Here in this article we are going to see how to create black and white picture and recolor only a specific portion of your image using an interesting app. The app that we are going to discuss is called 'Color pop effects'. This is one of the best colorize photo editor apps with color splash feature which is trending in Instagram from quite a while. Now you can turn your ordinary picture into Instagram perfect picture by using the filters and features in this app. The Portrait maker and the spiral feature took internet by storm. A cartoon styled photo can be created with the help of the features such as neon boarders, wings and spiral. This app can create professional looking images when it comes to editing lab stories with monochrome effect color spiral. It’s very convenient to make a photo lab style by adding a pictures art in few seconds. 

This app is not all about black and white images with splashes of color but also suitable to add pretty vintage effects to your photographs. Now you can customize unique pictures for your Instagram feed to make it more lovable. Get notices by more people in your Instagram by editing your pictures with this app. There’s another interesting feature which is you can make everyone in the picture to gray out and only leave your picture with color. The sky in your picture can be also customized as you want with different colors and effects. The feature where you can change the color of your eyes by adding different lenses is an impressive feature in this app. Some other options are; you can add a splash of brightness to your photo simply by selecting the space you want.

Color pop effect is the best app to do all those features and effects mentioned above with ease. To make a picture look more beautiful and professional this is an app that you can rely on because you have the full control while editing a picture like adjusting the size of the brush, pan, zoom, undo and redo editing. This help you to focus more in the details of the picture. All you photography enthusiast, you should definitely give this app a try. This app is easy to use and is not complicated so anyone can start editing in no time. Let’s move on to the step by step guide.

How to Create Color Splash for Any Photo 

You have to get the app named 'Color pop effects' directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us move on to know how to make your picture into black and white and then add some colors only to a specific portion.
Launch the app on your device and from the main menu tap 'Color pop effect' icon to create a color splash picture.

Now choose the desired picture from your device gallery and wait for few second until the picture gets loaded in your app.

The black and white filter feature is already set to default in the app so that it will automatically change your picture when you upload the picture without any effort. This easy feature is so convenient that when you want to color only a specific portion and leave rest in black and white.

Are you looking forward to more changes in your image? Then you have to head to the bottom menu and select 'Brush' tool. Brush patter and size can be chosen too.

So, if you want more black and white in your image you simply can use the brush and glide your finger to that portion. In case if you want only a very tiny part to be covered then make sure you select the smaller size brush.

The photo can be saved to your gallery by clicking save in the top interface if you are done with the editing.

The color pop app has this extra feature called 'Spiral' which will make your picture more attractive. To select spiral option, go to the main app interface and tap spiral then select a picture from your device gallery.

There will be a list of spiral templates available which you will see at the bottom menu. Choose any template that you wish and wait until the magic happens.

We are done. We have gone through the step by step method on how to use 'Color pop effect’ app in creating color splash and spiral for your image. So you can download this app directly from Google playstore by Clicking here.

Its so easy for you to give that touch of a color to any image and make your picture mesmerizing. In just few minutes you can get that insta worthy picture without having to find numerous tools. A splash of color in your black and white picture would give more meaning and the memories will last longer.

How To Backup Contacts In Android Phone

Living in this world today, we are being eventually pushed into the life of technology. Every step we take is towards the modern facilities that we enjoy today with the help of the technology. The best example to take forward is the smart phones. Literally the smart phones have made huge changes in us. That’s why we buy new phones with better features every possible time. 

But doing so has some changes to be done, like syncing contacts and so on. So let’s talk about contact backup in Android. Our life was not the same before the smart phones. We had so many physical works to be done and games to play but now we do them using our smart phone. We walk a mile to pay our utility bills and to do bank transactions but smart phone helps with them all. Like this there are so many things that have changed in us. We save contact numbers of our family, friends, office mates, colleagues and other important numbers to contact them at any moment. These numbers are very important to us as in case we miss them, we will face terrible loss.

At a moment of need we run to the contact list to get help from. Most of them save contacts of officials and many others. So the contact list in your mobile phone is important. Imagine you are buying a new phone, how would you get the contact numbers? Save them one by one? Well, that’s not going to happen right?

All you got to do is backup all the contacts. Some phones like iPhone has the feature of backup by default in them using the iCloud. Though Android phone doesn’t have a direct way, we do have some easy ways to backup contacts. So nothing to worry about losing any contact numbers that you have saved in. All you got to do is select the right or the easy method you prefer and proceed with the rest. So here I am going to give you a few methods with brief information on how to get them done. So come let’s move on for the steps.

Backup Contacts On Any Android Phone

Using Google Sync And Backup

Google has the ability of syncing the contacts to the Gmail ID by default; all we have to do is enable it so that it will start doing the rest by itself.

Firstly go to the ‘Settings > About Phone > Google Account > Google Sync’. Here you have to turn on the contacts. 

There after you can also go to the 'Google Drive' and check if all your data have backup. To check on that you have to go to ‘Google Drive > Press The Hamburger Icon > Backup > App Data > Contact Data’. 

Then you will also be able to download all the contacts with relevant data using the default export option from the Google contact app. To do that, you have to open ‘Google Contacts App’ and browse the ‘Settings’ and then select the ‘Export’ option. 

Then the app will automatically generate a .vcf file on your device that can be used for offline purpose. This can be saved safely somewhere and then in your new phone you can open it up and restore the contacts in it.

Using Third Party Apps

Well, if you don’t want to rely on Google or is a person who occasionally forgets the password of your Google account, the third party app would help you to back up all the contacts to your new phone. There are plenty of other apps in the store, but I personally trust a very few apps which comes up with authentic information. So here I am going to provide you with two such best apps.

Using Super Backup

This app will help you backup not only the contacts but also apps data, SMS data, call logs, calendar and much more.

Firstly you have to get the app named ‘Super backup’ directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone.

Then tap on the contacts menu and select the multiple options. Then use backup contacts with phone numbers and thereafter the app will automatically generate a .vcf file with the contacts. 

You can either save it in the Google drive or send it to others using the share menu of the default. 

You can also set up a schedule backup periodically by going to the ‘Settings > Schedule Settings > Regular Contacts Backups’ and now select the default options provided. 

At the same time you even have the ability to auto upload files and delete after upload options in this app.

Simple as that, you can schedule it as you desire.

Using Easy Backup

Easy backup: This app is a perfect contact manager app. All you have to do is to open up an account and then it will generate default backup option to create a VCF file and let you share the data with others.

You will be able to see all the contacts in the contacts tab, including the duplicate contacts, contacts with no numbers and similar name contacts. You will be able to remove the unnecessary contacts and also merge the duplicate contacts.

If you wish for a better theme you can change it too from the settings menu. One best thing about this app is it will also show you all the offline backed up contacts of the past.

But one thing that this app doesn’t have in it is the auto generate backup files option.We wish that they update the app with this feature in the future.

Okay, so now we have checked on three ways, where the first one is using the Google account and the other two are third party apps. But all of them are free to use and doesn’t require any extra cost for the usage. You can select any one of the apps mentioned above to backup contacts from your old phone to your new phone without any problem and without losing any data in the process. Hope this would be useful for all the Android users out there. Now you doesn’t have to spend a lot of time thinking on how to send all the contacts from this phone to that.

Convert WhatsApp Voice Messages Into Text

In this technologically developed world, there is so much to talk about and think about. New things are invented and those new inventories introduce more new features. So this way, we see how everything is transforming into a new way in this new world. Life of everyone is changed into a different phrase. 

Today we see how people use their smart phones to communicate easily with one another, even with the ones who are very far from us. Technology made it feel that no matter where you are you can still feel like you are beside a person with the use of it. Smart phones are not just used for the purpose of communication but for so much more. Today we are going to check out on a simple trick that we can use in one of the most used communication app name Whatsapp.

Whatsapp is a widely used app from all around the world. It has no limits or charges no extra cost to send messages or to call someone, when we have an internet connection connected. There are plenty of features that are being introduced ones in a while in Whatsapp. New updates bring new things and makes things more easier in it. Whatsapp doesn’t just only have the capability to send message and talk t o another person, but it also have the features of group messaging, conference call and video call, voice message option, sharing photos and videos in the chats and also uploading stories and status, etc. this way there are many features in Whatsapp and they get better every time and that why most of us use Whatsapp. The voice message option has turned out to be so easy for people who are busy on some other work and finds it difficult to type everything that they want to convey and it also helps us to bring a live conversation when we are in a chat with our friends or family via Whatsapp.

When we get voice messages we prefer to listen to it by ourselves and not when others are around, but have you ever wondered if you can transfer a voice message in Whatsapp to a text message? Such an incident could have happen to someone who is in the middle of a lot of people or in a meeting and you get an emergency voice message from your loved one, but you will find it difficult to listen to it without others knowing it. So in that case, if you have an option to transfer that voice message into a text, then it will be such a helpful task but can you actually do that? Yes why not? Today I am going to introduce you on how to transfer a voice message in Whatsapp to a text message. Come let’s see how.

How To Convert WhatsApp Voice Message To Text

You have to get the app named 'Transcriber For WhatsApp' directly from Google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet.

Let's move on to know how to convert your Whatsapp voice notes to text which makes you a smart user.
Firstly start the app in your phone and press on the ‘Start’ button to continue.

Next, you will have some instructions popping up, read them for more details or simply skip them and then tap on ‘Open Whatsapp’.

Now in the Whatsapp, you have to select the voice message that you want to convert. For that press hold on the message and tap on the share icon ‘Arrow’ on the top right corner of the screen.

Thereafter, you have to choose the ‘Transcriber For Wazap’ app to share the text.

Then the app will take a few second to transcribe the message and will reveal you the message in text format. After reading you can go back to Whatsapp by clicking on the back button to go back and reply for the message.

That’s it, this way now you will be able to convert the voice message into text in a few seconds. So you can download 'Transcriber For Whatsapp' directly from Google playstore to your android smartphone by Clicking here.

This app will give you the option to convert the voice message in many languages such as English, Arabic, Albanian, Russian, Greek and many more.

Using Textr App

If you are looking for an alternative app that can also convert the voice to text message then I recommended to try the Textr app, which is a very simple and best android app that can help you out. It help you to convert all your voice messages to texts not only in Whatsapp but also does it’s best job by converting any voice messages received in any social networking or even the instant messaging apps. let us move on to see how to get it done.

You have to get the app named 'Textr' directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone.

Firstly install the app in your phone and launch it. Then it will ask you to grant permission for the app to work accordingly. Simply grant the needed permissions. 

Then go to Whatsapp and long press on the voice message that you want to convert into text.

Next, you have to tap on the ‘Share’ option which is on the top of the screen.

Now from the share menu, select the ‘Textr’ app.

Then wait for a moment until the Textr app convert the voice message into text message for you.

That’s all, this way you can get all your voices messages converted into text within a few seconds without any difficulty. The process is quite simple and effective. This will be useful for everyone who find it hard to listen to voice messages. 

Convert Voice Messages To Text In iOS

As we have checked some methods on how to convert the voice messages into text messages in android, let us also find how to get it done in iOS. So now the apple users doesn’t have to worry, I am going to share another awesome app that will help you when you are in a library, meeting or is surrounded by a lot of people. You can use this app to change all the voice to text in Whatsapp. Let’s see how to get it done. 

You have to get the app named 'Audio to Text for WhatsApp' directly from the app store to your iPhone. 

Now let us see how to convert the Whatsapp voice messages to text messages from wherever you are with no difficulty. 

Firstly, you have install the app in your iPhone and launch it. 

Then it will ask you for some permissions, simple grant permissions for the app to access the speech recognition.

Then open the Whatsapp and select the voice message and tap hold the voice message that you want to get converted. Then select the 'Forward' option and again select 'Share' icon.

From all the options available, choose the 'Audio To Text' app and now the app will start to convert your voice message into text.

That’s it, simple as that. This app will work in a great manner and i think all the iPhone users would be benefited using this app. You will be able to read all the voice message you get without disturbing anyone around or even other will not be able to hear your personal messages. So I hope this will be very useful for all the Whatsapp users in an emergency situation.