Call Anyone Using Customized Phone Number

Smartphones have become a common thing in the life of everyone today. We take our smartphones wherever we go at all times. We can say that smartphones have made a lot of complicated things much easier and faster. There are so many features and tools that can be used for our day to day activities. One of the main reasons why we use our phones is to contact another person by calling or messaging.

We can reach out to someone within seconds by making a phone call. When we do so the most common factor that we know is that our phone number will be visible to the other person that we are calling. If they have saved our phone number they will get our contact name. But have you ever wanted or wondered how good it would be if you can call someone using your smartphone but they should not be able to see your phone number appearing on their phone screen? Well, this is possible to do if you have the right option in your phone. Using this method you can prank your close friends or family and have fun too. As the other person you make a phone call will not know who is calling and will keep wondering who it is and that is where all the fun starts.

It is more like spoofing, where you can make fake calls without your number being revealed. What actually happens here is that an incoming call is made with a predefined telephone as the caller id. For this you have to have a fake caller ID software in your phone and make a few changes in your settings and wait to make the call with the fake id. There are plenty of apps in the playstore to get this done but not all of them work accurately as it says and most of them will come with so many advertisements and unnecessary settings. What if you make a prank call but your friend who receives the call recognizes you even before you start talking? It would be an utter failure right? That is why today I have brought to your attention the app that work perfectly in hiding your real phone number when you make a call to someone and help you with a fake caller id. With this you can call without any fear as it is one of the best so far.

Before we move ahead we should also know if spoofing the phone number legal to do. Spoofing a phone call is illegal when you do it in the intention of causing harm to others or make their lives hard by being a disturbance. But in the case of simply pranking your family or friends without causing problems to them is totally legit. Keep in mind that you should never be a trouble maker at any cost.

So come now let us check on how to prank someone by using a fake phone number.

Call Anyone Using Customized Number

You have to get the app named ‘Fake call’ directly from Google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet.

Now let us move on to see how to fake a call with this simple app and have some fun around with friends.
Firstly you have to install the app in your phone and open it. A few settings should be configured before we move ahead on your phone.

Now you have to set a caller id with a new number that you want. This is the number that will be visible on the receiver’s screen when you make the call.

Then type in the receiver’s phone number and country code.

When you are done press on the ‘dial’ button and wait a few seconds till the phone call process.

That’s it, now the person you wanted to call will receive your call with the special phone number that you have provided. So to get this done you have to download the app ‘Fake call’ directly from Google playstore to your android smartphone.

Note that in the latest version there are a few new features included such as the ‘ premium rate’ where you can add numbers to the block list.

Also when you install the app in your smart phone you will get trial points that will be added to the app through which you can call your own number or even your friend to check on the quality and the accuracy of the app.

Pranking your friends and family would be fun as long as you make it simple and good.
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