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Today photography has turned out to be very normal and at the same time it is trendy too. There was a time when taking photos was something big but today everyone of us owns a smartphone and thereby talking pictures are in our finger tips. Al the memories we create can be saved in as a form of photography. We see how the social media has became so important in this society with the help of the pictures and videos. Before posting pictures in our profiles we never forget to edit the pictures and that is what today we are going to focus on about.

Photo editing is literally a must before we can share the pictures with our friends and followers in Facebook and Instagram because we want to make the picture more attractive, clear and look perfect, only then we would get a better reach and would get more followers, likes and shares. For that purpose we search for better photo editing apps and download all the possible ones with different features and options. But the problem that arise when having plenty of photo editing apps in our phones is that we will run out of the storage space in the phones. The best solution for that is to find a photo editing app which comes with all the needed features. If you are also looking for something like that then no worries, as today we are here to provide you with one of the best photo editing app.

Yes, I am talking about an ultimate photo editing app named ‘Instasize: Photo Editor + Collage’. This app is an outstanding app with all the features one could possibly ask for. If you are an Instagram freak then this is an app you should have, as it have all the trending editing options. So it would make all your pictures and videos go viral. If we start checking on the features, then I think it is better to start off with stating the features ‘Naturally Enhancing Filters for Pictures, Editing Adjustments, Collage Maker, Pro Fonts and Text Editor’ Along with this we should also checkout the availability of the ‘Borders, stickers’ and much more. These main features includes a uniqueness to make the edits perfectly awesome. With these options you can choose the edits that you want for your pictures and either you can make an esthetic edit or keep it consistent. 

If you don’t feel satisfied with your editing then you can make a change at any moment by adjusting the tools. Not just that but you can also layer the photos and videos and make a natural photo or video by simply balancing the brightness and hue. There is also the option of being able to automatically widen the background and narrow photos, add text and create memes, control the lightening and color with precision, retouch photos with beauty touch and the list go on and on, so that you can customize your pictures to make them look professional and make people awestruck.

This app has made its interface user friendly so that everyone can get a better experience in photo editing. As the app comes in an all in one option for editing, you will also be able to create a total vintage look. Furthermore the collage making feature comes with plenty of frames and grids. You can also make a reel for your social media profile by adding filters, effects and much more. To bring out a magical creation all you have to do is put your hands in this app and get the best out of it. So come let us move on and check on how to get the app started.

Editing App for Story Creation in Social Media

You have to get the app named ‘Instasize: Photo editor’ directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let is move on to see how to edit pictures using all the tools of the app such as the photo filters, boarders, resize and much more to create an share worthy photo within minutes.
Firstly, you have to launch the app in your smart device and click on the tab ‘Photo’ which is in the bottom of the screen to start editing an existing photo from your phone gallery. Or if you want to click a new picture then press on the ‘Camera’ tab to capture a picture and start editing.

Here, I am going to select an existing image from my phone gallery. When you select a picture, it will load and be ready to customize by editing using filters and effects. You can choose a filter that you want from the available list.

Then you can adjust the brightness, sharpness and contrast to bring out a vibrant look.

If you want to crop the picture, then you can do so using the ‘Crop’ tool from menu bar to make it fix any screens. The crop tool is available in pre-set size too to make the process easy for the users. To rotate the picture to horizontal or vertical you have to go to the last tool from the menu bar as the crop tool doesn’t come with a rotator option.

Next go to the ‘Text’ tool which is in the menu bar to add any texts to your picture using variety of font styles and colors.

Thereafter let us check the ‘Boarder’ which comes with hundreds of shades to make the picture colorfully attractive.

When you are satisfied and done with the editing process, you can click on the ‘Share’ icon from the main interface to save the picture to your phone’s storage. You can also share the output directly to your email or other platforms by clicking on the option ‘More’ option and select the app.

That’s it, using this way you can easily edit your pictures without any difficulties and make it look worth the share. So you can download the ‘Instasize’ app directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

Bringing the best out of your photos and videos and making it look vibrant is now not a hassle free task. No need of any professional photo editors. With a few clicks you will be able to create some amazing contents to your social media profiles using your pictures now with the all in one photo editing app.
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