How to Add Coloured Smoke Bomb Effects for Any Picture

Photographs have always been useful for us since the time it was invented to now to look back on the memories and cherish at them. But the time has now changed with all the new devices and techniques from carrying a big camera with film rolls and lenses to carrying a small smart device in our hands.

Now we have the capability to take as many pictures as we want and not only that but we can also edit the photos as we want. So when we talk about editing the photos, there are plenty of new editing features coming up in trend every now and then and we are going to talk about a specific edit feature that everyone is looking for.

As mentioned above there are too many photo editing features available today, from adding filters to changing the whole effect of the picture. We use such edits to our pictures specifically when we want to post our beautiful captures in social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. All of us a addicted to the social media where we want our profiles to look stunning with all our lovely pictures, only so we will get more likes, shares and followers. So for this purpose I have seen many people sitting for hours editing their pictures before posting them online. Sometimes it might turn out to be hectic and annoying but you can’t help because that is something you are supposed to do before sharing the pictures.

If you guys are also looking at a way to use colored smoke effect to your pictures and turn them out into an awesome one then don’t worry let me help you all out too. There are many apps available but I have selected the best ones among them all for you guys which works perfectly. These apps will work both on your Android and iOS devices and there are also some apps that has separate apps for each devices. So let me give you all a small description about each of the apps before going on to have a detailed explanation.

So firstly let us check on the app named ‘Smoke Effect Photo Maker-Smoke Editor’. This is an amazing app which come with a simple interface and thereby turns out to be a user friendly app. Both the Android users and iOS users can get this app. Using this simple app you can turn out your picture vibrant and customize it with colored smoke just like you want it. Not only that but as extra features the app has added in more than 150 unique font sizes and emojis, where your picture will turn out to be more colorful. You can directly select your photos form the gallery using the app or also turn on the phone camera from the app. There are different types of smoke effects and you can select them and insert them any where on the photo. smoke effects can be zoomed in and out and edited the way you like it.

Now secondly let us check out on an app that is designed specially for the iOS users. This app will help you create an artistic picture with colorful smoke effects and make a huge change in your ordinary photo and make it extremely beautiful. The smoke effect in this app would be more realistic and natural. You can fix it anywhere in the picture and make it look better and magical. The best part is that the app comes with many shapes and styles of smoke effects such as mist form, explosion, spiral smoke and a lot more so that you can select the perfect one that suits your picture. If you don’t want smoke to overshadow the main component of the picture then you can adjust the transparency and the color of the smoke to the desired level. This app too gives you many different font styles and stickers as an extra treat to serve with your colorful and trendy pictures.

Along with the above mentioned apps lets us now look at an app that is designed for the Android users. The name of the app is ‘Smoke Effect Picture Art’. It comes with more than 100 effects for the users to select from. You can add in the smoke effects selecting from the different sizes, shapes and colors. Sounds like a perfect app right? So why wait, let us take a detailed look at how to get this app working.

Add Colored Smoke Bomb Effect to Any Picture

You have to get the app named ‘Smoke Effect Photo Maker’ directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us move on to know how to add some vibrant colored smoke effects to your pictures and make them unique and trendy.
Firstly launch the app and click on the gallery icon if you wish to select a picture that is already saved in your phone gallery or you can click on the camera icon to capture a new picture.

Here I am going to select a photo directly from the gallery and start editing it by using colored smoke effects.

Now the photo will be loaded in the app and you can start editing by cropping the picture if you wish to and then continue editing.

Then click on the menu bar which is available at the bottom of the app screen to add the colored smoke effect to your picture.

Select ‘BG Smoke’ tool if you want to add in colored smoke effect and select ‘BG color’ tool to select the color of the background.

If you wish to add in texts or stickers to your picture, you can do so by clicking on the option 'Text tool'.

When you complete the editing process and happy with what you have done, click on the 'Save' button to save the edited picture in your phone gallery.

That’s it, this way you can easily turn your dull pictures into a colorful one using the 'Smoke effects photo maker' application . So you can download this app directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

A perfect and a vibrant picture for your Instagram grid is not far. All it takes is a few minutes and you will have the colored smoke effect added picture with you. It is time saving and also gives a realistic effect to your phone. Get that artistic picture done soon.

Remotely Shutdown Computer Using Smartphone From Anywhere

Smartphone has became an essential thing in our daily life in this technologically developed world and we use it for various way to fulfill many purposes easily within a moment. We do use smartphones almost all the time, from checking the time to pay electric bill to every little things smartphones are playing very important role to make the lifestyle easier.

So in this article, I'm going to share a trick to shutdown your home or office desktop computer using a smartphone. Yes, it's possible with a simple software and here you will need to send just a command from your smartphone to computer to shut down remotely from anywhere in the world over the internet.

This trick might be useful in situation where you forget to shut down your PC. In such a situation, you can simply send a command from your smartphone to computer which will shut down your computer smoothly through the internet.

'Airytec Switch Off' is a simple windows based software which is designed to shut down any windows computers over the internet via any smartphone. This software allows you to shutdown the computer in very easy steps through any web browser in a smart device. So let's have a look on how to do this with screenshots.

How To Shutdown PC Using Smartphone

You have to get the app named 'Airytec Switch Off' to your windows computer.

Let's move on to know how to shutdown a computer remotely using any smartphone over the internet connection.
Firstly launch the app in your PC and you will see the software icon in system tray as shown image below.

Click in that icon and setup the changes as your requirement or go with the setup as shown below in image.

Once you finish the setup, right click on shutdown icon from system tray and click on Settings. There you will find a option called 'Remote' section and click on it. After that click on edit web interface settings as shown in the image below.

In this window, enable web interface tick and click on apply button.

Once you finish the settings, click on view/ update static address and note the shutdown URL. This is the URL will be used in web browser later to shutdown computer remotely. Finally double click on the shutdown icon from system tray to enable the settings for remote shutdown from anywhere through the internet.

That's it. You've prepared your computer for remote shutdown. 

Now start any web browser in your smartphone and enter the URL which you have note down earlier from your computer. The interface of that particular URL will looks like this.

Now click on Shutdown button and soon your computer will shutdown with the command from your smartphone. So this is one of the most easiest way to shutdown home or office computer remotely using any smartphone.

You can download 'Airytec Swtich Off' software to your computer by Clicking here

This coolest software not only allows you to shutdown the PC remotely, also you can restart, put in sleep mode or even hibernate the computer through this app as well.

Other Alternative Methods To Shutdown PC Remotely

Using Unified Remote

This app is also another great app that can be used as a remote control for you PC. You can get the 'Unified Remote' app and make it the remote to shutdown your PC from anywhere without any difficulties. It is not complicated and I would rather say 'Unified Remote' app for the Android is a very effective app to have in for an easy process. It is free to get from the Google playstore. So now let us check on how to get this done.

Firstly, you have to get the app named 'Unified Remote' directly from the Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tab.

Next you have to install the client application in your windows PC.

Then you have to connect your Android device and your computer to the same WiFi connection. 
Now open you Android smartphone and when you are connected to the internet, you will get a screen like shown below stating Connected to ‘Your PC Name’.

Now you will be able to check on all the options in your mobile app like the ‘Basic Input’, ‘File Manager’, ‘Keyboard’ and etc.

There you have to select the option ‘Power’.

In the next screen, you will come across the options such as ‘Restart’, ‘Shutdown’ and so on.

All you have to do is, press on the option ‘Shut Down’ and your PC will automatically shut down.

Simple as that. You can also choose the other options as you prefer. This method is very simple and effective. Works on a great scale and has a very fast performance.

Using Shutdown Start Remote

This is another alternative app that can be used to shutdown or restart your PC using your Android smartphone, which will act as the remote controller. This app is also fast and very easy to use. All you will need is the app downloaded in your Android and your PC and that is all, then you can manage your PC using your phone itself without any tensions. Let us see how to set it up.

Initially you have to get the app named ‘Shutdown Start Remote’ directly from the Google playstore to your Android smartphone.

Then you have to also get the windows client to your computer to get started with the process.

Next make sure you have connected both your Android smartphone and your PC to the same WiFi connection. When connected, take your Android smartphone and when you open the app, you will notice a screen like shown in the picture below.

Scroll down and tap on the option ‘Start Search’ option and it will literally search for the computer and get it detected.

Ones it detects all the PC that is close by, select your computer and tap on it.

Then it will lead to a screen like shown below. There you can either set a timer for the PC to shutdown or you can also immediately restart, shutdown or hibernate your computer.

That is all, these are all very simple steps to follow and get your phone setup as a remote controller to your computer. You can easily shutdown or restart you PC with ease.

Using Shutter

This is a great tool developed for an easy access of your PC using a web browser. Using the ‘Shutter’ app you can shutdown, restart or even hibernate your PC. It is a great app that you can control your PC from a web browser remotely. So let us now see how to get it done.

Firstly, you have to get the application named ‘Shutter’ to your windows PC and when you install it, it will open up to the main interface of the app.

Next you have to choose to ‘Set Events’ that will trigger actions. For an example you can choose low battery on events to trigger the ‘Shutdown Or Hibernate’ your PC.

Then after the event is selected you have to select the action. Go to ‘Actions’ and choose ‘Shutdown’ from the option and select the ‘Start’ button to continue.

Now, choose ‘Options’ and go to the ‘Web Interfere’.

There you will have a list of IP menu, you have to select your computer’s IP Address from the list and choose the ‘Port’ that you want to use. Then enter your ‘Username And Password’ and click on ‘Save’.

Next you have to open the web browser and enter the IP Address along with the Port number. It will then ask for your Username and Password, enter the required and select anything from the list provided.

That is all, using these steps you can now shutdown or hibernate your PC from anywhere at any time. It is less complicated to do. You can also use your smartphone web browser and easily shutdown the computer when you are far from it.

How to Edit Stunning Photos Using Android Phone

Technology is becoming advanced day by day and people are getting used to the lifestyle with new devices and equipment. One of the devices which has influenced people in a huge way is the smartphone. Phones have become very convenient for people to stay in contact with others and to carry on so many other tasks.

Smartphone is something that’s been used by almost everyone for different purposes. Since the evolvement of social media, people are more inclined towards using their mobile device. Social media like Facebook Instagram etc.. has taken a place in our lives. People are addicted to social media like Facebook and Instagram so that they post pictures very often. In fact, sharing pictures in social media is a trend right now. When it come to sharing picture in social media we mostly look into the quality of the picture. A picture should look good and be trendy at the same time. This is why there are so many editing apps available to download now.

When we come across the photo editing apps, we see that most of them are paid apps. Not everyone would want to spend on an app that they don’t know about. There are also free apps available but not all of them have all the needed features. So, some of them use so many different apps to make use of the different features they want. Finding a good app with all the features in one would make out social media lives very convenient. Are you all finding such an app that has all the needed features? Are you startled about what app to download? Do not worry as we have come up with one of the best app with all the features in them which you will love. This app comes with all the necessary updates what you fellow Instagram users look for. The app that we are talking about is called 'Snapseed'. This is one of the best app to start out your photo editing task.

In that case we should talk about the important features that the app contains. So lets first mention the standard features like brightness, contrast, crop, rotate and many more options are readily available in the app. Also the tools like ambiance, perspective and brush make this app extra special. If you take a look at the brush tool, it will help you to edit a certain portion of your picture as you want and it could be used to add more color to your image. Ambiance is somewhat similar where it will allow you to instantly brighten up your picture and add a filter. This app has one of the coolest tool which is known as 'Healing'. This interesting feature will allow you to remove unwanted object in the background of your image. Photobombs like buildings, people or any other objects can be easily extracted.

We should not forget the other interesting features such as perspective, saturation, selective function, white balance etc. There are also some important tools like sharpen, shadow, contrast, warmth available in the app. Your can open the picture in JPEG or RAW files and you can find selective filter brushes. Do you know that this app also allows you to save your edited personal looks so that you can apply them later to another picture easily? All the saved styles can also be adjusted and controlled for precision. There are many more other features and tools available in this app but you can know about them when you get hold of the app. Snapseed is very easy to handle and understand so you wouldn’t have any confusions. Without further delay we will see how to get this app in your device.

How to Edit Stunning Photos Using Android

You have to get the app named 'Snapseed' directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us move on to know how to edit your ordinary picture to be perfect using trendy filters, effects and other tools.
Firstly launch the app in your device and click the plus (+) icon to add a picture from your gallery. You will find this option in the main interface of your app.

Select the picture that you intend to edit. Now the picture will be loaded in your app and you have to click the icon in the top right corner to edit your image.

Next you picture will be readily available for the edit. You will see different filters and effects that you can select from.

Next head to 'Settings' by tapping the three-dot icon from the top corner and there you can adjust your picture size, quality and picture format.

When you are done go back to the main interface of the app and then use the 'Style tab' to change photo filter. Tools like crop, healing, brush etc. can be found in the tools tab.

Have you edited your picture? Then now it's time for you to save your image that you edited. Click 'Export' to share the final picture to your iCloud or you can directly share it to your social media. Other than that, you can save the pictures to your phone storage directly.

Now we have looked into the basic editing features that can be used to edit your pictures easily using 'Snapseed' application with no much hassle or hard times. So you can download this app directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

Making our pictures beautiful and profession has become so effortless. Nowadays its very important to edit your pictures before you share them to social media so that you can stand out and make a new trend rotating around. Hop on to the track and enjoy editing all you beautiful pictures within minutes.

Gmail Tips And Tricks You Must Know

Communicating methods has turned out to be very simple in this world today. We can easily connect to anyone from anywhere of the earth within seconds. From the ability to audio calls to video calls including group or conference call, things have changed and updated in a great manner. We strongly got hold to the technological changes that brought us good enough facts to get the best from it. One of the most used communication method, especially for official uses is the email.

We get emails from our working places, from airlines regarding the tickets we books, from hotel inquiring about our booked rooms or meetings and so many of such official mails get loaded up in our inbox. Even educational messages from schools or college to the students and the parents are being sent via emails. That is why we always check on to our mails and stay updated. There are so many mails that we have today to choose and one of the best and the most trending mails that the majority of the internet users use today is the Gmail. Gmail is a very simple and a reliable mail service found in the internet so far.

Well, apart from just receiving and sending mails in Gmail, have you checked upon some of the other amazing features that’s available in it? If you are not sure of what I am talking then let me explain in brief. Though most of us don’t know, there are other features which can be used to make the experience in Gmail a way better one. You can get in control of your emails using some of the tips and tricks. If you are eager enough to know what it is, then come let us move ahead and figure them out.

Best Gmail Tips And Tricks 

Respond quickly using the smart compose

This smart compose feature helps you to finish up your sentence before you could write it. Just like how it detect the other words that should line up along with it. When you start to type out an email, the Gmail’s artificial intelligence algorithm will guess your sentence and provide you with the rest of the words. You can press on the tab key for the suggestion to automatically populate the email. So if you turn on the smart compose in your Gmail account then it will help you out in a great way.

To get it done, you have to go to the ‘Settings’ tab and then press on the ‘General’ option and there you have to toggle on the ‘Smart Compose’ option.

Schedule Email To Send Later

Well, of you have ever forgotten to send mails and when you do remember, the deadline is already passed? Or have you been slammed in at work by the boss for not being responsible enough to send the mails on the particular time and not late or earlier? If so, you could have simply set the time in prior so that the mail will be sent automatically on time.

To schedule the mails all you have to do is, type in the mail and click on the down arrow which is on the bottom left, beside the ‘Send’ button. It will lead to the ‘Schedule Send’ option, select it and set the correct time and date for the email to be sent. Then click on the ‘Schedule Send’ and now the mail will be sent at the accurate time provided.

Cut (Trackpad) Corners With Keyboard Shortcuts

It would be easy if we can use some shortcut keys to make the Gmail pop up on the screen rather than browsing for it which would take a longer time. Gmail has got a few such unique keyboard shortcuts that can be used. You can press on the letter ‘C’ on your keyboard and the email compose screen would appear on top of your screen. If you want to check on the draft then click both’B+D’ together. But first you have to activate this feature.

To do so, go to the ‘Settings’ > ‘Advanced’ and then enable the keyboard shortcuts. There you would find all the lists of keyboard shortcut, you can take a view at all of them and if you wish to make some change, you can do so and customize your own key patterns. Make sure the keyboard shortcuts is also turned on in ‘Settings’> ‘General’ > ‘Keyboard Shortcuts. To see the fill list of keyboard shortcuts press ‘Shift’ + ‘\’ together. Likewise there are many shortcuts that you can get into use.

Unsend An Email

Most of the time there can be situations where you send an email to the wrong person or you have a mistake in the email and wants to unsend it. Well, that possible with Gmail. You can do it only within 30 seconds after sending it.

To get this settings done, you can to go to the ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ > Toggle on ‘Undo Send’.

Personal Assistant In Gmail

Sometimes you might have to go through all the emails to check what time your flight is at or what time you have a meeting planed, even catch up with your bestie or such events. Now with Gmail, you can have an assistant to whom you will not have to pay. The Gmail assistant feature searches all your inbox for any events planned, flights, hotel or restaurant reservations and any such programs and piles them up under one place. All your past reservations would also be kept under track.

This feature can be activated by clicking on your ‘Profile Pic Or The Circle With Your Name’s First Letter’ and select ‘Google Accounts’ > ‘Payments and Subscriptions’. Then select the option you want to view.

So that’s it, now we have checked on a few special and unique features provided by the Gmail that we never knew or didn’t use. All of these tips would really help you out to have and maintain a simple yet an organized mail app. So I hope you would have gained some great tips and tricks from this guide.

How To Stop Apps Running In Background - Android

In the world of smart phones, Android has taken one prominent place. There are a lot of features in Androids and they are pretty easy to handle with and also we can also make it according to our priority. The operating system in Android lets you customize it without any problems. But there is one thing that annoys all of us: slow performance of our smart device.

What makes your Android slow? There are many reasons behind this but one main thing is the background running apps. When other apps run on the background it takes time to load itself and in this meantime your Android will slow down. The background running apps consumes the system RAM and this makes the Android to lag. When this happens, nothing will work according to the normal speed, the apps that you want to load may take more time than usual, the pictures and videos might start to crack and stop. So to overcome this problem we have to stop the background running apps. But how? Have no clue?

Let me show you how to stop Android apps from running in the background. When these apps that runs in the background, you have to find out which app is causing the trouble, so that it would be easier for you to stop them. To find it out I am going to introduce you to few methods, which are both quiet simple. You need no third party apps to install or any other kind of hard stuff to do. Let’s see how to do it in a step by step process.

Why Do Some Apps Run In The Background

Well, different app works differently according to what their purpose is. Some apps would need your ‘Focus’ and some won’t need it. So in that case, there are particular apps that will need you to operate and access. Only if you open it, it will run, whereas they don’t update in the background.

And the other apps will definitely need the background access and they should be open and running throughout for a better performance. Apps like Whatsapp and other messaging apps runs in the background to make sure you get uninterrupted messages.

Is It Necessary To Kill Background Apps Manually

There are plenty of apps in Google playstore which requires for permission to run in the background. Some apps will not necessarily need to run in background but still they request for permission. For an example a photo editing app doesn’t have to always be running and active, so in that case you can kill such apps from running in the background.

What Happens If You Kill All The Apps

You can read the two preceding sections to have a clear idea on what apps you should allow to run in the background and what app to kill to have a better performance.

For example if you are browsing the Facebook and at the same time waiting for a message in Whatsapp and listening to music. In that case if you kill them all, the music player will stop playing, Facebook would crash and the message in Whatsapp might not get delivered on time. So check on what you need and what you don’t want.

Stop App Running From Background

How To Find Which Apps Are Consuming More Battery Life

When the a lot of apps run in the background, it will literally decrease the performance speed and bring forth other minor issues too. We all now know why some apps need to run in the background and what apps doesn’t need to.

So in that way we can kill the unwanted apps but if you are also willing to check on what are the apps that are running in your device background and consuming most of your battery life, then there is a way to find it out. Along with that you will also be able to which app are open now and are running, how ling they have been running and the amount of RAM they are consuming. So come let us check it out too. 

To get it done, you have to go to the 'Settings' tab and tap on the 'Developers Options'.

If that option is not visible, then go to 'Settings' and then press 'About Phone' there.

Next, you have to tap on the 'Build Number' seven times and then you will receive a notification confirming that you are now in the 'Developer’s Mode'. From there you have to go to the 'Settings' and scroll to click on the 'Developer’s Options'.

Now you have to select the 'Running Services'.

There you will see a list of the background apps that are running in your device.

Then to check on the apps that are draining your battery life, you have to go to the ‘Settings’ once again and then to the ‘Device Care’.

Thereafter you have to scroll down and select the ‘Battery’ option.

In the next screen you will be provided with all the apps that are consuming you battery.

But be aware not to disable or uninstall any apps that are essential to the Android to run normally, because the Android needs some particular apps that are necessary or it to function accurately. So make sure to disable the apps that you think is not necessary. So that’s it. now you can simply disable apps that’s running in the background and is causing the device to lag.

How To Kill The Background Apps

It is necessary to kill or force stop some of the apps that are running in the background. Let us see how to do that.

Firstly, you have to go to the ‘Settings’ tab and select the option ‘Apps’. From the list of apps that are available select the one that you want to stop. Tap open the app and then press on the ‘Force Stop’ option. Doing that will currently stop the app but it will relaunch when you reboot your phone.

Also, some apps comes with the ability to prevent the apps from auto starting by itself. If you have that option in your phone then you can select it.

If you think that the particular app will no longer be needed by you, then you can simply long press on the app icon and select the option ‘Uninstall’ or tap on the app and press ‘Uninstall’ and tap ‘Confirm’.

Other than the above provided method, you can also stop the apps from the ‘Memory Usage’ section which is under the optimization settings. To get it done, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Device Care’ > and select ‘Memory’.

There you will see a ‘Clean Now’ button, select the apps that are consuming too much memory by a check mark. Then tap on the ‘Clean Now’ blue button and free up memory by stopping the background running apps.

Stop Background Running Apps Through Developer option

First of all to enable the developer mode you have to go to Setting > About Phone > Build Number. Here tap on the build number 7-10 times to make the developer action activated.

Now after the developer mode is activated, go to Settings > Developer Options. Here when you scroll down you will notice an option called Background Process Limit. Tap on it.

Now in there you have to press the ‘No Process’.

That’s it. Now you are done with stopping the unwanted background apps from running and slowing down your Android. These methods that are given above are quite simple and help your Android from stopping the apps from using extra RAM of your Android. Hope it was useful for you.