How to Personalize a Photo Using Filters and Effects in Android

As the social media platforms are becoming a hype in the world of internet, we see how each one of us are interested and is into new genre to create contents for our profiles and make it reach heights. Here photos and videos are playing a big role. We all know how the Facebook and Instagram users always captures pictures of every beautiful moments and post them in their profiles.

This is the new trend and today we are going to share you a wonderful app which would help your profile go famous. Well, if you are wondering about what I am talking about, then let me tell you. I am going to reveal you an amazing photo editing app which will provide you with all the needed features that you are looking for. Yes, you heard it right, I am talking about an photo editing. We all by now should know about the importance of having an photo editing app in our smartphone, as we rarely save any images in our phone gallery without editing them.

Not only that but I have never seen anyone posting pictures without filters or any effects added in to it and that is why now every phones and social media apps itself comes with a few inbuilt photo editing features. But those features are not enough to bring out the best in our pictures. So we start to download apps from Google playstore and look for the features and options that we want. That way when one app fails to satisfy us we get as many apps to edit one single picture and finally end up running out of storage space in our device. To avoid this problem, we need to look for the best app that comes with an ultimate editing options.

Well, no worries as I have finally found one of the best photo editing app which would definitely change your experience of editing. You would love the outcome and would appreciate having the particular app. Wondering what is the app I am talking about? It is the app named ‘Adobe Photoshop Express: Photo Editor Collage Maker’. This app provides a full spectrum of filters, tools, effects and all the other photo editing features. You can create unlimited photo edits easily. It is not only about filters but you can also make a collection of your amazing photos into a collage by bringing them all together into one frame. The option of touch retouch option is available where all you have to do is simply touch and make a quick fix to your photos. To make all your selfies and groupies better you can simply use this ‘Adobe’ photo editor. If you are an Instagram users, then here is the best app to help enlighten your Instagram profile without any inconveniences.

So let us talk about some of the features it got in brief. If we take the ‘Perspective Correction’ it helps in the correction of the crooked or wrongly angled pictures. The noise of the image can also be removed by smoothing out the graininess, reduce color noise, sharpen details and then get an amazing result. If you wish to blend out or blur the background you can use the ‘Radial Blur’ feature which will shift the focus to the main object. Along with these the users can also make their photo colorful by adding in some cute stickers, texts, add memes and captions quickly with the help of the fonts and layouts that are available in a huge amount. The app also got boarders, stamps creations, frames and custom watermark option. There are hundreds of filters and effects for you to choose from. Editing the contrast and exposure are not a hassle too.

Sounds great isn’t it? There are so many features available in the app to make it an all in one photo editing apps out there. When you are done editing your pictures, you can either save it in your device gallery or share it directly to any of the apps. Thereby come now let us take a look at how to start editing all your pictures.

Personalize a Picture with Filters and Effects

You have to get the app named ‘Adobe Photoshop Express’ directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us move on to know how to edit your pictures to get a professional look using all the filters effects, styles, color adjustments and a lot more editing tools.
Firstly you have to launch the app and then it will lead you to your phone gallery. There you have to select a picture to edit.

Then the picture will load in the app and allow you to make changes. Now you can click on the ‘Effects’ tab from the menu bar and choose the effect that you prefer.

To crop or rotate the picture, you have to use the ‘Crop’ tool which is available in the main menu.

You will find the color correction tool in the main menu beside the crop icon. You can color correct, split tone and blur tools from this option.

The ‘Text’ tool of Adobe Photoshop Express comes with many styles, fonts, colors and alignment which will let you personalize the picture with texts.

Next, select the ‘Sticker’ tab from the main menu and there you will find a large amount of sticker collections such as love, decorate, party and etc.

When you have completed the editing process, press on the ‘Next’ button which is available in top corner of the app interface to save the picture directly to your phone. You can also save it to your cloud storage directly.

That’s it, now you can personalize and edit your pictures using the amazing app and get a perfect outcome. It takes only a few minutes to create a professional looking edit with ‘Adobe Photoshop Express’. So you can download this app directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

Photo editing is quiet easy now and doesn’t take all your time for it. You will be able to create a magical picture for your social media profiles using a single app. With all the needed features and effects now you can start creating a vibrant collection of pictures.
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