How to Check Live Train Status in India

Traveling by train is so efficient and easy. No traffics or long stays and that is why I guess there are many people who love traveling by train rather than in a public bus or so. We all know that there are specific time schedules for the train and if in case we get late to reach the railway station then that is it, there is no way we can catch the train. So just like how important it is to be punctual, it is also important to know when and where the train is in advance.

Wondering what I am talking about? Well, what if you can check the live location of the train and plan your schedules accordingly? Yes, now you can easily check the live location of a train and know where the train is traveling at the particular moment and know when it will reach your station. There are quiet a few ways to check it, but not every apps or services provides the accurate information. If you don’t get the right information on the right time then there are high chances that things might go wrong in your side of plans. That is why we should be very careful to not trust the app with inaccurate or outdated data. 

So after a good research I have got to know the best apps and here I mentioned them so that it would be easy for everyone to check the status and live location of a train. If you are looking forward to know those methods, then go ahead and keep reading. So the first app we are going to talk about is the ‘Where is my train’ app. So come lets checkout how to use it.

How to Check Live Train Status

Where is my train app

This is one of the most used app to check the live location of the trains. It also shows the upcoming schedules and track the locations accurately. The beat part is this can be done even with no internet connection. Sounds great right? There are many other amazing features such as destination alarm and a speedometer yo track the y status of a particular train. Come now let us check on how to get it done.

Firstly get the app named ‘ Where is my train’ to your android smartphone directly from Google playstore.

Then install the app and when you open it, you will have to select a desired language and tap submit. It will lead you to the homepage of the app.

Next you have to type the name of your Source and Destination stations to get to know the available trains. Then you can type in the train number or the name of the train that you are above to travel in the search bar.

Thereafter the app will provide you with all the details such as the live location of the running train, platform number, designated time of arrival and the duration of how long the train will stop at the stations.
Along with that you can click on the ‘Alarm’ icon to get a notification before the train reach the station that you are to get in.

So that’s it. A simple and easy app to trace and track the live location of the running trains without any difficulty.

National Train Enquiry System (NTES) App.

This is an official app that was designed for the passengers by the Indian Railways. With this you can have a pre plan for the journeys that you are above to take. It will help you to track the live location of the trains and also other status details quiet easily. To get it done follow the steps given below.

Firstly you to get the app named NTES official app from the Google playstore directly to your android smartphone phone.

Now install the app to get live updates of your trains.

Then you have to click on the ‘Spot your train’ option to go ahead.

Next type in the train number and select your desired station that you are above to board from and press the ‘Show status’ button to see the live updates.

Here you will be able to see the current station or the place that the train is at. If you want to know detailed information about all the stations that it stops, durations and the platform number’s then you can tap on the option ‘Show full running’ which is at the bottom.

That’s it, now with this you can now view the designated time of arrival, live status of your train, departure time and duration of the stops on all the stations. One of a great option that can be followed to not miss the trains or vainly stand on a platform and stare down the track not knowing why is it taking so long for the train to arrive or where the train is at the moment. 

This advanced feature can make lives easy to travel by public transportation services. Hope this was beneficial and helpful for you.
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