Best AI - Artificial Intelligence Apps Which Makes Life Easlier

AI the Artificial Intelligence is taking over the whole world of internet. The mobile app market is one under AI. All the companies including big and small are using the AI to get the high personalized user experiences.

We can see how everyday new 
Artificial Intelligence apps are being modified over the years. We can see with every new Artificial Intelligence app how much of an improvement it has made. It have come to the knowledge how absolutely necessary these Artificial Intelligence apps have turned out to be.

For every purpose, from education, retails, business, travel, voice assistants, fintech, media and entertainment and for everything little thing we have an AI app available. If you want to know what are the best available AI apps today, then continue reading.

Let's have a look at some of the best AI apps in the present market.

1. Murf - The best app for business is the text speech generator Murf app. Which have become impressively the best and the popular AI voice generator app in the market and it is also used build AI assistant. This app allows to convert the texts into speech , it also does dictations and voice overs. Thereby it is used by many professionals like the podcasters, educators, product developers and business leaders.

The ability to customize is the highlight as it allows to create the natural- sounding voices. Not just that, it comes with a lot of voices and dialects for the user to select from. It has a user friendly interface which makes the app Murf easy to use.

The text to speech generator comes with a AI voice over studio that includes a built-in video editor which helps you to create a video with voice-over. They have over 100 AI voices with around 15 languages. You can also select your preferred voice styles/ accents, speaker, tone or purpose.

One another top feature to look up-to is the voice changer, which will allow you to record without using your own voice for the voiceover. The voiceover that is provided by the app Murf can be customized by pitch, speed and volume. Also you can pause, emphasize and change the pronunciation.

Some of the best features of Murf is that it has a large library with more than 100 AI voices across languages.

It has an expressive emotional speaking styles.
  • Audio and text input support
  • Ai voice over studio
  • Customizable features such as the tone, accent and more.

2. HitPaw - If you are looking to upgrade your videos in a better way then the HitPaw video enhancer AI is the best solution. With the help of three separate models as Denoise model, Animation model and face model the AI technology in this app improves the quality of the videos in a wide range.

The denoise model helps to brighten and clear up the low quality footage and low light videos. On the other hand the animation model will sharpen up the classic anime clips and add more color to make them look natural on the high quality screens. Then the face models will adjust portraits within each frame of the by adjusting the brightness, color saturation and the contrast to give a retouched finish.

Some best features to note again on the HitPaw are the usage of AI powered technology to upscale video quickly, noise reduction in videos, perfection in anime and human face videos and increase the video resolution up-to 8k.

3. Jasper - This is best known for its AI writing assistance features in the market, with it superior features and quality. You have to first provide it with the seed words and then the Jasper will analyze the words and create it into paragraphs, phrases or documents that is needed with regard to the subject matter and the tone of voice. With this Ai writing assistance you can literally get a 1500 words essay within seconds.

This have got more than 50 AI content generation templates, which includes blogposts, facebook ad generator, emails, marketing copy, Google ad generator, meta title and description, press release and more.

Some best features to look upon in Jasper is that it has more than 11,000 free fonts and also 2500 categories of writing styles. Not only that it also supports more than 25 languages. User friendly interface and long-form writing assistance with 1000+ words are the best. It also identifies the pronouns verbs nouns and such key elements in the text.

4. Synthesia - If you are looking for a way to create videos with AI avatar then this is one of the best. The Synthesia AI video generator have got so many features to checkout on. The app comes with more than 60 languages which makes the users to use with familiarity. It also got lots of templates, a screen recorder, media library and more.

Most of the leading companies like Google, Nike, BBC and more such firms are using the AI app Synthesia. One doesn’t have to worry about the filming location or video equipment when having this app in hand. we can choose from more than 70 diverse AI avatars, not only that you can get an exclusive AI avatar specifically designed for your brand.

The AI voice generation also makes it easy to get the voice overs consistently and proficiently. The voiceover includes closed captions. When you have both the avatar and the voiceover, then you can easily make quality and professional videos within a few minutes using the pre designed templates. You can also upload your brand identity assets and get your own customized templates.

So some of the best features are that it got more than 70 AI avatars, 65 + languages, A huge range of video templates and a free media library.

5. Trint - This is a unique AI transcription app which helps to convert the audio or video files into texts. It does not stop there, with that it makes those texts editable, searchable and collaborative as a document. It also turns the raw files into meaningful contents within a split of a minute.

The fastest service in this app is the most appreciable as it transcribes any type of audio or video files and capture live contents. It also pulls out the key words from transcripts to create your narrative, hit play to verify quotes and hear your narrative that would come to life just like that.

It also have an easy to use tags, highlight and comments.

This AI generator Trint can transcribe contents in more than 30 languages and translate it into more than 50 languages which is a hit.

6. - This is one another best AI transcription service that is available in the market. This tool is available for desktop, Android and iOS and thereby using it you can easily transcribe voice conversations. There are many plans with special features for each.

One of such feature is that is allows the users to record the conversation and it will automatically transcribe it using your phone or computer. The other most unique feature is that it will recognize and differentiate between different speakers. You will also be able to edit and manage transcriptions directly from the app. And also you can play back audio records at different speed.

Along with that images and such contents can be implemented into the transcription and can import audio and video files that can easily be transcribed.

The interface is designed in a very simple manner with all the needed buttons like record button, import button and such are easy to access.

The app is well designed and is available for both mobile and desktop. The main features to look up to is the ability to automatically transcribe conversations and the possibility to playback audios at different speed.

7. Speechify - With this app named Speechify you can turn texts that are in any format to a natural sounding speech. This can easily and quickly turn all your pdf’s, mails, docs or any type of articles into audio, so that it can be listened to instead to reading them line by line. You can select and customize the speed of the reading and also there are more than 30 natural sounding voices for you to select from.

The best part of Speecify is that it can identify more than 15 languages when processing texts. It also can convert scanned texts into clear and audible audio. The special features of this includes is that it is web based with Chrome and safari extensions.

8. FlickThis tools enables you to create social media contents faster and better. If you are a content creator and wants to create highly effective contents for brands or anything then this tool will help you do it 10x faster than ever.

With this app content writing is never a hassle. You will never feel as if an AI generated your contents, it will look more like a copy writer content that was written personally for you in a most unique way. This will speed up your process in writings and planning for your social media as a AI social media assistant. It will generate contents within second which will be engaging and original too. You can craft unique captions in leas time with your own unique voice. All the tools are wrapped within the ‘content planner’ that are in the scope of your title.

Some unique features and techniques of this tools are scheduling, hashtags, analytics. In the scheduling feature you can plan, create and publish your contents efficiently by scheduling. With the hashtag option you can reach more people where the hashtags will help you get more reach and improve the performance. Then the analytics feature will help you get the clarity and confidence you need.

9. Elsa Speak - This is one of the best educational AI app that can be figured out. It is a speaking coach which can be used to perfect the users English communication skills. This AI enabled app depends on the speech data and voice recognition technology to listen to the user’s accent and then use a color coded system of red, yellow and green to identify how perfectly or accurately the pronunciation is to with regard to the American pronunciation. The app will analyze this and the. Provide with an accurate audio tips for the improvements. The app comes with an English language proficiency assessment, personalized curriculum, progress tracker, personalized lessons and vocabulary.

10. Hopper - If you are a traveler or is looking for a perfect guide to use when you want to travel then this is one of the beat AI app that you can depend on. You can get information of every cost you need for the travel, for example from your ticket charges, hotel cost and car rentals. The app has the capability to provide you with these analytics for up to a year in advance. This will help the users and the traveler prepare earlier accurately.

The app will also use your search and preferences to provide you with the smart notifications on any price changes.
With this app you can get predictive analysis, hotel and flight search, smart notification systems, personalized trip recommendations and customer support.

So that is it, now we have checked on a few AI apps that can be used to make things easier and better. Hope you found the best AI assistant that you needed.
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