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How To Repair Corrupted Pen Drives In Windows Computer

We are living in a technological world where everything is depended upon different servers. Thereby in this computerized world, every activity is based on data transfer through various methods. We do use many portable devices for data transfer such as per drive, memory card and portable hard disk. So in this article, I'm going to discuss something about pen drives.

Pen drives are used to carry data from one computer to another. We do use pen drive in many situations. Pen drives might be useful to keep our college assignments to take a quick access from college computers or we can share any videos and movies with a friend using pen drives. Likewise pen drive can be very useful in many situation for quick data transfer. However most common problem in using the pen drive for data transfer is virus attack. Viruses might come to pen drive very easily since we do data transfer with many different computers and some of them don't have a proper antivirus protection. Some kind of viruses can be deleted by scanning the pen drive with a good antivirus and some of the viruses might damage the entire pen drive and make them no use anymore.

This article is going to cover the steps to do in case if your per drive is corrected or not recognized by the computer. So let's have a look on some possible methods to recover the pen drive for daily use after getting pen drive corrupted or not recognized.

How To Recover A Corrupted Pen Drive

Using Windows Troubleshoot

If your pen drive is not detected due to an hardware issue, then windows troubleshoot is the best way to figure out the problem. Click on start menu and search for 'Troubleshooting' and hit enter. Now click on 'Configure A Device' and follow the instruction as per on the screen to troubleshoot the corrupted pen drive.

Update USB Pen Drive Drivers

Sometimes pen drives might not get recognized by windows due to poor drivers. In this case, you will need to update pen drive drivers manually. Follow the steps mentioned below to update USB drivers manually in windows computer.

Start the Run box and type as 'devmgmt.msc' and hit enter button.

Now the device manager windows will appear and here you need to expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers and find the not recognized device which will be mentioned under 'Unknown Device'.

Now right click on unknown device and click on Update Drivers as shown below.

That's it. By updating USB drivers to new version might help you to get back the not recognized device to use again.

Command Prompt Trick

Windows cmd trick is another best way to recover corrupted or not recognized pen drive.You will need to add some simple commands in windows computer to see the magic. Firstly, remove all the external portable devices from your computer and connect only the device on which you're going to perform the cmd trick.

Now start the command prompt in your windows computer and follow the steps mentioned below.

Type 'diskpart' and hit enter.
Then 'List Disk' and hit enter.
Now note down the disk number of your per drive.

Now type 'Select Disk 1' and hit enter (here you should enter your device disk number).

Next type 'Clean' and click enter button.

Now type 'Create Partition Primary' and hit enter.

Now type the following commands and hit enter after each command in windows cmd.
Active > Select Partition 1 > format fs=fat32

That's it. You're done. Now it will take some times to complete all the process. Sit back and relax. After sometimes your corrupted pen drive will be formatted and ready to use.

Reinstall USB driver

When your computer don’t recognize your pen drive, there can be many reasons for it. Maybe the driver is damaged, some such problems can be sorted out by reinstalling the USB driver on your computer. So let us take a look at how to get it done.

First, you have to 'Right Click' on the 'Computer' or 'My Computer' icon and choose the 'Manage' option.

Then from the pop up window, select the 'Device Manager' option.

Next, double click on the 'Disk Driver' and look for the name of your USB drive.

Now, right click on your pen drive and select the option 'Uninstall'.

There after you got to unplug the pen drive and reboot your PC.

Finally, plug in the pen drive to the PC again and now it should detect your drive.

That’s it, you can try this method out without any difficulties.

Assign A New Drive Letter To Your Pen Drive

There can be reason when your computer can't assign a drive letter to your pen drive and in that case you will not be able to access the pen drive as the PC won't detect it. If you assign a new drive letter to your drive manually, then there are chances for your drive to work accurately if it was the reason for why the PC couldn't detect it.

To assign a letter, first you have to connect the drive to your PC.

Then right click on the 'Computer/My Computer' and select 'Manage' and then choose 'Disk Manage'.

From there find your pen drive and right click on it.

Now click on the option 'Change Drive Letter and Paths' and then choose a drive letter.

That’s it, now check if your drive works accurately.

Repair Corrupted SD Or Pen Drives Using The Windows Explorer

This method is well known and mostly used by everyone around. So let us also check on how to repair our pen drive or SD card using the Windows Explorer in a few minutes.

To start with, you have to open the 'My Computer' or 'This PC'.

Then select the corrupted drive and 'Right Click' on it to proceed.

Next from the drop down menu you have to select the option 'Format'.

Now select the 'Restore Device Default' from the pop up window.

You have to now click 'Start' to start format, you can also un-check the 'Quick Format' process if you want your PC to deep scan the drive for all the errors and clean it up entirely. But it will take a little longer time.

Then in the next step, the process will warn you of the amount of data that will be lost, simply press 'OK'. When the format process completes you will have your clean drive.

Using The Third Party Data Recovery Software

This process is also a simple one to repair your corrupted pen drive. All that you will need to repair it is a data recovery program that is compatible with your PC. So the software we are going to use today is the 'iBoysoft Data Recovery'. It is best at how it works as it deals with all types of problems and errors, it also deals with formatted drives, corrupted drives, unmounted and also RAW drives. It also helps by recovering lost or deleted media files and all types of data from the USB drive. Let us see how to get this done.

First you have to plug in the USB drive to your PC.

Then get the software named 'iBoysoft Data Recovery' and install it in your windows PC.

Next open the app and select your USB drive .

Now you have to click 'Next' and then the program will start scanning for the files. You can choose 'Deep Scan' or 'Quick scan' manually, but you can also use the default settings.

When the scanning is done, click on it to check on the results. You can select the files that you can to recover.

Then click on the option 'Recover'.

That’s it, the process is very simple and effective. This software will allow you to recover the lost files like photos, videos, documents, emails and so much more.

Above mentioned methods are not only limited to pen drives, you can also try the same methods on your corrupted portable hard disk and memory card as well.

Get Alert If Someone Tries To Pick-Pocket Your Android Phone

Thefts are very common nowadays, we see so many news and videos on how thieves makes a way to steal precious things from others. There are too many people waiting eagerly for a chance and the poor victims have to unfortunately lose their hard earned stuffs. 

Today the easiest device to be stolen is the smartphones. We carry our phones everywhere we go and sometimes we might miss it, at such moments it will be confusing whether is kept it somewhere and forgot it or whether someone stole it. Things would get clear only if we have a way to safeguard devices, so today let us see on how to protect our android smartphones from thefts. There are so many of us, who have to travel in a public vehicles like bus and train. When traveling, everyday will not be similar, there can be days when the bus or the train would be crowded and you will be stuck in between.

In such moments we will not know even of someone opens our bags and take the phone out of it, not only that but it will also be quiet easy in a crowded place to slowly take the phone out from your pocket. And when you realize your phone is missing, it would be too late.

A similar incident happened to a friend of mine, who bought a new Android smartphone and placed it in her jeans pocket. She went to a crowded market and when came back to find that her phone was missing, it was too late for her to regret and though she went back to the market to find for it, she couldn’t as it is actually not easy to find the phone if someone has stolen it. She then got a new phone but this time, she didn’t want to be careless, as she frequently travels in buses and trains and moves around in and out of crowded places, she wanted to find a way to safeguard her phone from being stolen. What she came up with was actually a life saving option and is definitely a must have feature added in.

Wondering what it is? Let me tell you, it is an application named ‘Anti- Theft Alarm’ which will be the helping hand to safeguard your phone. How it helps is, when someone tries to take your phone from your bag or your pocket, it will start to raise an alarm immediately. Doing so, you will know that someone has kept their hands on your phone. The best part is, it will not stop ringing unless you update the pass-code/ password to stop it. This will be an amazing option to protect your phone won’t it? Well, there are also a few other features available in the app. All of them come under the modes such as ‘Charger Detector Mode’, ‘Motion Detection Mode’, ‘Proximity Detection Mode’ and the ‘Sim Detection Mode’. The 'Charger Detector' works when someone tries to remove your phone from the charger, the 'Motion Detection' starts to raise an alarm when the phone is given a sudden motion or a movement, 'Sim Detection Mode' will literally help by sending a SMS or email to the provided number/ ID when someone removes the sim from the phone and finally the 'Proximity Detection' is the best feature of them all, which will raise a loud alarm when the phone is taken out from the bag or pocket.

The features sounds to be so trilling and amazing right? To all of you who always works with tension thinking of anyone is using or checking your phone when you are not around, also the ones who travel frequently on public transportation and not only that this app will also be helpful when you are home, so that no one will remove your phone from the charger half the way. This is a great preventive measure that can be used by everyone to safeguard our Android smartphones. So come let is check on how to get it done.

Protect Your Android Phone From Pick Pocket

You have to get the app named ‘Anti Theft Alarm’ directly from the Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us move on to check how to prevent others from taking our phones without our conscious and also from our phones being stolen.

Firstly, open the app in your device and register it by using either your mobile number, email ID or Facebook account.

Then select one from the 'Proximity Mode' or 'Detection Mode' from the main interface of the app. Select the mode required to your needs. If you want the app to raise alarm when someone take out the phone from your purse or pocket then select the 'Proximity Detection Mode'. I am going to use the 'Proximity Mode' to continue the process.

Next you will have to configure with a pass-code or a pattern lock. Remember the lock carefully as it is needed to stop the alarm tone when the mode is activated.

Thereby the alarm will not stop until you provide the pass-code.

When the password configuration is done, click in the 'Proximity Mode' and you will have 5 seconds to lock the phone and have it inside your pocket.

That’s it, now the app will be activated and help you protect your phone from any kind of security issues. You can also adjust the time period for the security alarm, alarm tone, motion sensitivity and so from the settings tab.

Now onwards you will be able to safeguard your phone from any kind of thefts or misuse. So you can download ‘Anti Theft Alarm’ app directly from the google playstore to your Android smartphones by Clicking here.

I hope this would be a great help for each and everyone of the Android users, as you will not have to worry of your phone getting stolen or even if you have any doubt of someone sneaking into your phone when you are not around, then you can get it cleared too.

Gmail Tips And Tricks You Must Know

Communicating methods has turned out to be very simple in this world today. We can easily connect to anyone from anywhere of the earth within seconds. From the ability to audio calls to video calls including group or conference call, things have changed and updated in a great manner. We strongly got hold to the technological changes that brought us good enough facts to get the best from it. One of the most used communication method, especially for official uses is the email.

We get emails from our working places, from airlines regarding the tickets we books, from hotel inquiring about our booked rooms or meetings and so many of such official mails get loaded up in our inbox. Even educational messages from schools or college to the students and the parents are being sent via emails. That is why we always check on to our mails and stay updated. There are so many mails that we have today to choose and one of the best and the most trending mails that the majority of the internet users use today is the Gmail. Gmail is a very simple and a reliable mail service found in the internet so far.

Well, apart from just receiving and sending mails in Gmail, have you checked upon some of the other amazing features that’s available in it? If you are not sure of what I am talking then let me explain in brief. Though most of us don’t know, there are other features which can be used to make the experience in Gmail a way better one. You can get in control of your emails using some of the tips and tricks. If you are eager enough to know what it is, then come let us move ahead and figure them out.

Best Gmail Tips And Tricks 

Respond quickly using the smart compose

This smart compose feature helps you to finish up your sentence before you could write it. Just like how it detect the other words that should line up along with it. When you start to type out an email, the Gmail’s artificial intelligence algorithm will guess your sentence and provide you with the rest of the words. You can press on the tab key for the suggestion to automatically populate the email. So if you turn on the smart compose in your Gmail account then it will help you out in a great way.

To get it done, you have to go to the ‘Settings’ tab and then press on the ‘General’ option and there you have to toggle on the ‘Smart Compose’ option.

Schedule Email To Send Later

Well, of you have ever forgotten to send mails and when you do remember, the deadline is already passed? Or have you been slammed in at work by the boss for not being responsible enough to send the mails on the particular time and not late or earlier? If so, you could have simply set the time in prior so that the mail will be sent automatically on time.

To schedule the mails all you have to do is, type in the mail and click on the down arrow which is on the bottom left, beside the ‘Send’ button. It will lead to the ‘Schedule Send’ option, select it and set the correct time and date for the email to be sent. Then click on the ‘Schedule Send’ and now the mail will be sent at the accurate time provided.

Cut (Trackpad) Corners With Keyboard Shortcuts

It would be easy if we can use some shortcut keys to make the Gmail pop up on the screen rather than browsing for it which would take a longer time. Gmail has got a few such unique keyboard shortcuts that can be used. You can press on the letter ‘C’ on your keyboard and the email compose screen would appear on top of your screen. If you want to check on the draft then click both’B+D’ together. But first you have to activate this feature.

To do so, go to the ‘Settings’ > ‘Advanced’ and then enable the keyboard shortcuts. There you would find all the lists of keyboard shortcut, you can take a view at all of them and if you wish to make some change, you can do so and customize your own key patterns. Make sure the keyboard shortcuts is also turned on in ‘Settings’> ‘General’ > ‘Keyboard Shortcuts. To see the fill list of keyboard shortcuts press ‘Shift’ + ‘\’ together. Likewise there are many shortcuts that you can get into use.

Unsend An Email

Most of the time there can be situations where you send an email to the wrong person or you have a mistake in the email and wants to unsend it. Well, that possible with Gmail. You can do it only within 30 seconds after sending it.

To get this settings done, you can to go to the ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ > Toggle on ‘Undo Send’.

Personal Assistant In Gmail

Sometimes you might have to go through all the emails to check what time your flight is at or what time you have a meeting planed, even catch up with your bestie or such events. Now with Gmail, you can have an assistant to whom you will not have to pay. The Gmail assistant feature searches all your inbox for any events planned, flights, hotel or restaurant reservations and any such programs and piles them up under one place. All your past reservations would also be kept under track.

This feature can be activated by clicking on your ‘Profile Pic Or The Circle With Your Name’s First Letter’ and select ‘Google Accounts’ > ‘Payments and Subscriptions’. Then select the option you want to view.

So that’s it, now we have checked on a few special and unique features provided by the Gmail that we never knew or didn’t use. All of these tips would really help you out to have and maintain a simple yet an organized mail app. So I hope you would have gained some great tips and tricks from this guide.

How To Record Windows Computer Screen

We are all living a life in the technological world, where we have the capability to record something that is happening around us and save it to take a look at any time we want. To do that we have the camera, phones and all those smart devices. 

Not only that but when we see some images or video clips using our phones, we have the ability to save the file by downloading that particular image or video clip. Later on, people found out ways to not waste their internet data by downloading the files, rather they were able to screenshot them and screen record video clips using the smart phones. But are we able to do so in our computer? Well, definitely yes and it’s a simple task to follow.

When technology rises to its peak with all the new inventions, won’t we have ways to screen record clips in our PC? There are quite a few ways that you can do it and there are many software that would allow you to screen record but I can’t assure you about the quality and the security, as we know there are many fake and fraudulent apps and software available today. That is why, I have made a good research on this topic and came up with the best ways on how to do screen recording in your windows PC’s.

If you are someone who is working in an office who needs to recheck on so many videos clips might need this option in your PC, not only them but the methods I am going to show below would help teachers and lecturers who download video clips for the purpose of teaching, now you will not need to waste your WiFi data. So come let’s move on to see the methods on how to get your computer screen recorded using a few steps.

Record Your Computer Screen Using Game Bar

To use this method, your PC should support at least one of the following encoders provided.

  • AMD VCE – ( AMD Radeon HD 7900 or newer) 
  • Intel Quick Sync H.260 (Intel 2nd generation CPU or newer.
  • Nvidia NVENC (Most Nvidia Geforce 600, Quadro K series or newer)
Firstly, you have to press the start button and then the gear icon in the start menu which will open up the settings tab.

There you have to select the option ‘Gaming’.

Now under the game bar you have to toggle on the ‘Record Game Clips, Screenshot And Broadcast Using The Game Bar Options’.

Then type in ‘’Win+G” default keyboard shortcut to open the game bar. It might ask you if the highlighted application is a game, simply press yes.

Next the game bar will appear in the screen’s top edge. It will provide you to access many overlays such as sound, performance and capture.

The capture overlay of the gamebar will appear by default, if its not available you can click on the webcam icon present on the game bar and select start recording on the capture overlay. You can press it again to stop the recording process. Or else you can also press ‘Win+ Alt+R’ to start and stop the record.

All the video recorded will be saved in as an MP4 file. So this is one of the method which available in windows computer to record the screen. Now let's see another method to record the windows screen.

Record Your Screen Using PowerPoint 

Firstly, you have to open the PowerPoint in your PC and then click on the insert tab and then select the screen recording button which is located on the media panel.

Then you will see a toolbar pop up in the top center edge of your screen, there you will notice a red boundary cutting through the overlay which will represent your recording space. In case you want to record the whole screen, then together press on the ‘Windows + Shift + F’ keys.

Now you have to click on the record button or you can also press the “Windows + Shift + R’ keys simultaneously.

You can ‘Pause’ and ‘Stop’ the recording using the provided keys.

To save the recording to your PC you have to right click on the video displayed on your PowerPoint and select ‘Save Media As’ option and then follow the on screen prompts that follows after a popup menu.

This way you can record the screen using PowerPoint in your windows computer. Next let's see some offline apps for computer screen recording.

OBS Studio App: This is one of the frequently used offline application for the purpose of screen recording. It provides you unlimited screen recording opportunity with free of charge. You can record full screen without watermarks. This app is used for professional purposes and thereby it works without any errors. It also has a built in streaming function for those who wish to go live while recording. It has a great hardware support which enables 60 frames per second.

Snagit App: This is an app that can be used paid. It has so many options that it targets the startups more than the gamers. They got tons of recording features that can be used for show casting products and creating marketing videos, how-to features, vlogs and so much more. The added features in the app is worth it and can be used professionally.

That’s it, now we have checked on a few methods on how to screen record manually using the game bar, PowerPoint and also two other alternative apps that can installed if needed. You can go through the posts and find what is the best for you and select the right method. Hope this article would have been useful for you in funding out not one method but a few more on how to screen record in your windows PC.

Private Family Map To Find Real Time Location In Android

We live in a world which is modernized and technologically improved. With all of these evolution we still lack security in this society. The purpose of maintaining or seeking for security is something everyone should ponder about. In a state of walking alone in the streets or going out alone can sometimes be risky and fearful for us to its ultimate.

In such a case we will always wish if we have someone beside us, we will know that we are safe or at least we will get a confident to go ahead. But we will not have a partner to always accompany us. So today in this guide let’s see how to solve this problem. We see ladies travel out alone, either to their office or to the market. Husbands back from their work would be thinking if his wife is safe or has she reached home already. Not only this but we also see many children travel to out alone, either in vehicles or walking. In such a moment when the kids go out, the mothers would be constantly thinking of their child’s safety. When the parents send the kids out they will once in a while call to know if the kid is safe or have they reached the place. So continuously calling or messaging to know details can satisfy the parents back at home but it might turn out to be annoying to the kids or whoever is out. But other doing this what else can someone who stays in doors can o to know the state of the safety of someone who is out?

It’s obvious that when someone is out they can get delayed to reach home for various reasons, such as traffic and so on. But it might fear people back home. So to put a stop to all of these problems, we need the technology to intervene. Yes, you heard it right, by saying technology I didn’t mean that you have to call and message constantly to the other person but there is something more than that. You can now always check on the real time location of your loved ones when they go out. All you need is the app named ‘Family Locator- GPS Tracker’ (by zoemob). This application will erase off all the tension and the security problems. You can always keep an eye on the current location of your friends and family members and see where they are. This app will show you where they are moving to and along with that it will give you an alert of the speed limit. If the vehicle in which your kid or anyone is travelling in is moving over speed then you will be alerted soon with this app. There are many features in this app such as having a free chat with your friends or family who you have added in the app circle and also you can mark some specific places in the map and thereby when someone reach or leave the place you will get alerts.

Sounds awesome right? All you need is this one app and thereby you will not have to waste your time or money to know where your loved ones are and why are they late to reach home. Because you can yourself check on them constantly. So come now let’s see how to get this app done.

Find Real Time Location Of Family Member

You have to get the app named ‘Family Locator - GPS Tracker’ directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let’s move on to know how to check the real time location of your loved ones when they are not near you.

Firstly start the application in your phone and then register it with your mobile number.

Then you will be directed to the interface of the app in which you have to enable the location service.

Thereafter, you can send invitation to your friends and family who you wish to add to the app circle and keep an eye on their location.

Next, you have to click on the three dots in the top left corner of the app to check on your family code.

You can adjust others options of the app from the ‘Settings Tab’.

You can also set locations in the map, so that it will alert you when someone enter or leave that location.

That’s it. Now you have successfully configured the family locator app in your Android to check on the real time location of your loved ones. So you can download this app directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

You also can browse the feature of group messaging and so much more in the app.

Now you can stay connected to your friends or family even when they are out and this is one of the most secured way to check on the real time location.

Solution For Broken Power Button In Android

We are living in a world where Smartphone’s are one of the essential factors. Among all the devices, Android phones has taken a special place as it is one of the user friendly devices in the market. In the process of usage of the Android phone, the power button is very important to access the Android phones. But what happens when the power button breaks?

As without the power button we can’t open the phone to use it, we can’t lock or unlock the phone and also we will not be able to turn off or on the phone. So manually doing all these tasks will become difficult without the precious power button. This will become a huge problem as using the phone itself will become difficult.

So we have to find possible solutions to get this corrected and access the phone in a normal way without the power button. Though we can’t do anything manually, there are many other ways that can help you access phone in the possible other ways. So here today I am going to provide some few methods that will help you to use your phone properly even without the power button. All you have to do is patiently follow the below given steps and start working on your phone like before without any difficulties. 

Come now let’s take a look at all of the possible and easy steps that we can follow.

Steps To Follow When Power Button Is Broken

The first method is the debugging mode. You have to turn on the debugging mode in your phone by going to the settings. You should also turn on the ‘Scheduled Power On’ which will be available in the settings page. This will help define the automated turn on or off on your Android smartphone.

To follow the above steps you have to have your phone unlocked. If it’s unable for you enter in then you can plug your phone to the charger which will unlock the screen and then you can enter in. If that didn’t work too then you can press both the volume button combination to boot automatically into the recovery menu and you can easily turn on your phone from that option.
You can try using the app ‘Gravity Screen’ which helps to switch on or off the screen depending on the light sensor and gravity sensor in it. This app can be used to power on the screen when in need.

Using 'Power button To Volume Button' App.

This is an amazing app that will help you to solve the problem when your power button is broken. This app will help turn the volume button into the power button, simple as that.

Firstly you have to get the app named ‘Power button to volume button’ from Google playstore to your Android smartphone.

Then, you have to grant a few permission for the app to work accurately by running the app in the startup and prevent from the app going to sleep.

Next, in the main interface of the app, you will have to turn on the options ‘Boot’ and ‘Screen Off’.

Then the screen can be turned off from the notification shutter.

That’s it. Now this way you can give your power button control to the volume button and access your phone easily without any problems.

Use The Phone’s Biometric Sensor

We all know phones which allows the users to unlock it using their fingerprint and some use the face recognition method. These features doesn’t need a power button at all to unlock, all you got to do is simply swipe using your finger or make your face visible to the sensor/front camera. If your phone has this feature then you can easily activate it. 

This option will always be located in the ‘Settings’ > ‘Security’.

This features are also available for the Android users, all the Android smartphones has a software based face unlock authentication mode which fully works using the front camera to scan the face and not on any sensors. To use this feature you have to move on to the ‘Settings’>’Security’>’Smartlock’>’Trusted Face’.

So this bio-metric authentication method will literally help unlock the phone but when you want to lock the phone, you can’t wait for it to automatically happen when the time is out, so instead you can use a third party app to lock phones. The app ‘Screen Off’ will work best for it. It will easily help you lock the phone by just a click on the app.

Note that using the face recognition method is not very secured like the password process. 

Wave To Lock And Unlock Your Smartphone 

If you are trying to get an alternative that would be a very simple way then I recommend trying the ‘WaveUp’ application which would work by locking and unlocking the phone simply by hovering your hand over the proximity sensor of your phone. Likewise it also has a feature where you can set it up to turn on the screen when you take your phone out of your pocket or bag.

If you think this method would be a little problematic because it can start to lock or unlock the screen even when you simply move your hand from above the sensor then you can customize the settings. You can set it up to work only when you cover and uncover the sensor twice in succession.

Similar to this there are also other settings that you can setup as you prefer to avoid confusion or difficulties. 

Find The Inbuilt Gestures Of Your Phone

Some phones of a range of manufactures comes with built-gesture which can help work as an alternative for the power button when it is out of work. The one that we are familiar with is the ‘Double Tap To Wake’ gesture. Most of the Android phones has this feature in them. So simply tapping the phone screen twice will help unlock the phone.

Same as that, you can also activate the ‘Double Tap To Lock’ feature which sill work the best too. This feature is available in the ‘Settings’ > ‘Display’, if you can’t find it, you can move on to the help section in the manufacture’s website. 

How To Install Apps When The Power Button Isn’t Working

If you have been wondering how to even get all the above mentioned settings done when the power button isn’t working and you have no way to turn on the phone.  Well, it is a simple task, all you have to do is plug in your phone to the charger and it will automatically switch on to show the battery is charging. Then you can easily enter the password or pin number to unlock your phone and start accessing the settings to continue the process. 

How To Uninstall The Above Mentioned Apps

When we install the third party apps to lock and unlock screen, it would ask for administrative permission, so in that case you will nit be able to normally uninstall the apps like you do to the other apps. But not to worry there is a way how you can uninstall them. 

In initial to uninstall, you have to first remove the device administrative permission. For that go to the ‘Settings’ > ‘Apps And Notifications’ > ‘Advanced’ > ‘Special App Access’> ‘Device Admin Apps’. There you have to disable the permission given to the specific app and then ones it is removed, you will be able to uninstall in the regular basis.

We have checked out on a few steps and procedures on how to access an Android smartphone when the power button is broken. You can analyze all the steps and follow the one that you prefer easy. Hope this will be very useful for all the Android users.

How To Find WiFi Password Of Current Network

Technology has risen to its peak in this world, that whatever doubt we have or when we come across any confusion, we run to the Google or the internet to find the answer and solution for it. Nowadays, everyone uses a smartphone. I see even little kids own a smartphone. It is one device that’s easy to use and more user friendly, which is an all in one device.

We have almost all the features that are available in a PC and also it has taken over the space of an alarm clock, a watch/clock, camera, calculator, music player and so much more. Along with this we see every single person from adults to kids use smartphones for different reasons. At the same time, computer/laptops were once used by only the officials for their works but now lately, every house has a PC. As with technology, works are getting easier with which is based on the technology.

PC and smartphones, are sometimes not considered worth it without the internet connection. Only with this connection, can we fly to every nook corner of the world. So to stay updated we stay connected to the internet using the WiFi. We will have our own personal WiFi connection at home and another connection in office or schools and even we will connect our phones to the WiFi of our friend’s house connection when we are out. Sometimes, we forget our own WiFi password and so will not be able to connect back again when we forget the password. So in such cases we will always wish to have all the passwords saved in.

We can extract the current saved password from the device; wither in a PC or even in an Android smartphone. There are plenty of methods that will claim to recover your current password, but will bit work at times, or the procedures might be really difficult to follow. But having some easy and simple ways to find the WiFi password of the current connected WiFi connection both in your PC and your Android is possible. When we have the right thing in our hand, we can achieve any such things in this technological world. So today let us have a look at the possible and the most appropriate ways to find out the password of the connected WiFi in your device.
Let’s have a look at how to recover the WiFi password from a PC without the help or the usage of any third party tools or apps. The methods I am going to mention below are safe to use and authentically confidential about the privacy of the data saved in the device.

CMD Method To Find WiFi Password

Firstly, to start with, click on the windows button and type in ‘cmd’ and right click on the command prompt to proceed to the ‘Run As Administrator’ option and select it.

Then you will see the whole command prompt in your screen. There you have to type in “netsh wlan show profile name= tuishar key=clear” (here you have to replace the ‘tushar key’ to your network name) and then press enter to proceed. Now it will show you all of the WiFi connection you have logged in with its password.

In case you want to find the WiFi password of your previous WiFi connections, then type in ‘netsh wlan Show Profiles’ and click enter for the previous WiFi connection to appear along with its details and passwords.

That’s it. using this cmd method you can easily get your WiFi connection details with their passwords in your PC.

Method #2

How to find the WiFi password using the general steps in a windows PC.

Firstly, you have to browse the system tray and right click on the internet access and then in all the options available, click on the ‘Open Network And Sharing Center’.

In that option, now you have to select the ‘Change Adapter Setting’.

There, you have to right click on the WiFi connection and select the option ‘Status’.

It will open up to a new small window, in which you have to select the ‘Wireless Properties’.

In that you have to press on the ‘Security’ and it will open and there you have to tick on the ‘Show Characters’ this will show you all the details of your WiFi connections.

That’s it. Now with this general steps you can easily find out details of your WiFi connection in your PC. Both the methods that we saw didn’t require any other apps to be installed; they are quiet easy and use the default settings to accomplish the password.

Method #3

Using ES File explorer to find the password in Android.

Now let’s take a look at how to find the password of the WiFi connected to an Android smartphone. This method uses the ES file explorer, which is a widely used app in the world. It has over 500 million users, which is why it is one trusted tool that we have chosen to use.

Firstly, you have to get the 'ES File Explorer' app to your Android smartphone from Google playstore.

Then launch the app and open the ‘Tools Panel’ to turn on the ‘Root Explorer’ by enabling it.

Next, you have to go to the ‘Root’ folder and select the directory folder named ‘Data’.

Click open the ‘Data’ and there you have to look for the ‘Misc’ option and press it.

There you will see a WiFi folder. In that folder find for the file named as ‘wpa_supplicant.conf.” and open the file using the ES file explorer which is built in with the text/HTML viewer.

There you will see all the possible “SSID” (name) and the “PSK” (password) of the WiFi connections you have logged into. Copy the text and simply close it.

That’s it. Now, this way, you can easily find out the WiFi password in your Android smartphone.

We have now checked on two methods to find the forgotten WiFi password in the PC without the help of any other apps and also we have provided above with an easy method to get the WiFi password in the Android smartphone too. With these methods you can easily now get the passwords back.