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Social media apps like Instagram and Facebook are used often amongst people as we can carry our mobile device where ever we go and has the facility to browse the internet any time we want. People constantly think of what to post in social media as it has become a part of their lives. Capturing beautiful images has become the utmost necessity.

We don’t share our pictures directly soon after we capture them as we want to make the picture look more professional by editing them. We all want our picture to stand out in social media so we can go to that extra mile to make it more unique and reach to more people and followers. So in that case photo quality is very important when it comes to social media engagements like comments, likes and share. We share picture content almost every day in social media. We see so many Mobile apps that come in handy to edit our pictures with convenience. As not all of us are photoshop experts we look for an easy option and choose photo editing apps.

Here in this article we are going to see how to create black and white picture and recolor only a specific portion of your image using an interesting app. The app that we are going to discuss is called 'Color pop effects'. This is one of the best colorize photo editor apps with color splash feature which is trending in Instagram from quite a while. Now you can turn your ordinary picture into Instagram perfect picture by using the filters and features in this app. The Portrait maker and the spiral feature took internet by storm. A cartoon styled photo can be created with the help of the features such as neon boarders, wings and spiral. This app can create professional looking images when it comes to editing lab stories with monochrome effect color spiral. It’s very convenient to make a photo lab style by adding a pictures art in few seconds. 

This app is not all about black and white images with splashes of color but also suitable to add pretty vintage effects to your photographs. Now you can customize unique pictures for your Instagram feed to make it more lovable. Get notices by more people in your Instagram by editing your pictures with this app. There’s another interesting feature which is you can make everyone in the picture to gray out and only leave your picture with color. The sky in your picture can be also customized as you want with different colors and effects. The feature where you can change the color of your eyes by adding different lenses is an impressive feature in this app. Some other options are; you can add a splash of brightness to your photo simply by selecting the space you want.

Color pop effect is the best app to do all those features and effects mentioned above with ease. To make a picture look more beautiful and professional this is an app that you can rely on because you have the full control while editing a picture like adjusting the size of the brush, pan, zoom, undo and redo editing. This help you to focus more in the details of the picture. All you photography enthusiast, you should definitely give this app a try. This app is easy to use and is not complicated so anyone can start editing in no time. Let’s move on to the step by step guide.

How to Create Color Splash for Any Photo 

You have to get the app named 'Color pop effects' directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us move on to know how to make your picture into black and white and then add some colors only to a specific portion.
Launch the app on your device and from the main menu tap 'Color pop effect' icon to create a color splash picture.

Now choose the desired picture from your device gallery and wait for few second until the picture gets loaded in your app.

The black and white filter feature is already set to default in the app so that it will automatically change your picture when you upload the picture without any effort. This easy feature is so convenient that when you want to color only a specific portion and leave rest in black and white.

Are you looking forward to more changes in your image? Then you have to head to the bottom menu and select 'Brush' tool. Brush patter and size can be chosen too.

So, if you want more black and white in your image you simply can use the brush and glide your finger to that portion. In case if you want only a very tiny part to be covered then make sure you select the smaller size brush.

The photo can be saved to your gallery by clicking save in the top interface if you are done with the editing.

The color pop app has this extra feature called 'Spiral' which will make your picture more attractive. To select spiral option, go to the main app interface and tap spiral then select a picture from your device gallery.

There will be a list of spiral templates available which you will see at the bottom menu. Choose any template that you wish and wait until the magic happens.

We are done. We have gone through the step by step method on how to use 'Color pop effect’ app in creating color splash and spiral for your image. So you can download this app directly from Google playstore by Clicking here.

Its so easy for you to give that touch of a color to any image and make your picture mesmerizing. In just few minutes you can get that insta worthy picture without having to find numerous tools. A splash of color in your black and white picture would give more meaning and the memories will last longer.
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