Best Photo Editing App for Android with Colorful Filters

Social media platforms has also turned into a huge place to showcase out talents and to promote our works. When we capture pictures, we pos...

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How to Personalize a Photo Using Filters and Effects in Android

As the social media platforms are becoming a hype in the world of internet, we see how each one of us are interested and is into new genre to create contents for our profiles and make it reach heights. Here photos and videos are playing a big role. We all know how the Facebook and Instagram users always captures pictures of every beautiful moments and post them in their profiles.

This is the new trend and today we are going to share you a wonderful app which would help your profile go famous. Well, if you are wondering about what I am talking about, then let me tell you. I am going to reveal you an amazing photo editing app which will provide you with all the needed features that you are looking for. Yes, you heard it right, I am talking about an photo editing. We all by now should know about the importance of having an photo editing app in our smartphone, as we rarely save any images in our phone gallery without editing them.

Not only that but I have never seen anyone posting pictures without filters or any effects added in to it and that is why now every phones and social media apps itself comes with a few inbuilt photo editing features. But those features are not enough to bring out the best in our pictures. So we start to download apps from Google playstore and look for the features and options that we want. That way when one app fails to satisfy us we get as many apps to edit one single picture and finally end up running out of storage space in our device. To avoid this problem, we need to look for the best app that comes with an ultimate editing options.

Well, no worries as I have finally found one of the best photo editing app which would definitely change your experience of editing. You would love the outcome and would appreciate having the particular app. Wondering what is the app I am talking about? It is the app named ‘Adobe Photoshop Express: Photo Editor Collage Maker’. This app provides a full spectrum of filters, tools, effects and all the other photo editing features. You can create unlimited photo edits easily. It is not only about filters but you can also make a collection of your amazing photos into a collage by bringing them all together into one frame. The option of touch retouch option is available where all you have to do is simply touch and make a quick fix to your photos. To make all your selfies and groupies better you can simply use this ‘Adobe’ photo editor. If you are an Instagram users, then here is the best app to help enlighten your Instagram profile without any inconveniences.

So let us talk about some of the features it got in brief. If we take the ‘Perspective Correction’ it helps in the correction of the crooked or wrongly angled pictures. The noise of the image can also be removed by smoothing out the graininess, reduce color noise, sharpen details and then get an amazing result. If you wish to blend out or blur the background you can use the ‘Radial Blur’ feature which will shift the focus to the main object. Along with these the users can also make their photo colorful by adding in some cute stickers, texts, add memes and captions quickly with the help of the fonts and layouts that are available in a huge amount. The app also got boarders, stamps creations, frames and custom watermark option. There are hundreds of filters and effects for you to choose from. Editing the contrast and exposure are not a hassle too.

Sounds great isn’t it? There are so many features available in the app to make it an all in one photo editing apps out there. When you are done editing your pictures, you can either save it in your device gallery or share it directly to any of the apps. Thereby come now let us take a look at how to start editing all your pictures.

Personalize a Picture with Filters and Effects

You have to get the app named ‘Adobe Photoshop Express’ directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us move on to know how to edit your pictures to get a professional look using all the filters effects, styles, color adjustments and a lot more editing tools.
Firstly you have to launch the app and then it will lead you to your phone gallery. There you have to select a picture to edit.

Then the picture will load in the app and allow you to make changes. Now you can click on the ‘Effects’ tab from the menu bar and choose the effect that you prefer.

To crop or rotate the picture, you have to use the ‘Crop’ tool which is available in the main menu.

You will find the color correction tool in the main menu beside the crop icon. You can color correct, split tone and blur tools from this option.

The ‘Text’ tool of Adobe Photoshop Express comes with many styles, fonts, colors and alignment which will let you personalize the picture with texts.

Next, select the ‘Sticker’ tab from the main menu and there you will find a large amount of sticker collections such as love, decorate, party and etc.

When you have completed the editing process, press on the ‘Next’ button which is available in top corner of the app interface to save the picture directly to your phone. You can also save it to your cloud storage directly.

That’s it, now you can personalize and edit your pictures using the amazing app and get a perfect outcome. It takes only a few minutes to create a professional looking edit with ‘Adobe Photoshop Express’. So you can download this app directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

Photo editing is quiet easy now and doesn’t take all your time for it. You will be able to create a magical picture for your social media profiles using a single app. With all the needed features and effects now you can start creating a vibrant collection of pictures.

How To Record Windows Computer Screen

We are all living a life in the technological world, where we have the capability to record something that is happening around us and save it to take a look at any time we want. To do that we have the camera, phones and all those smart devices. 

Not only that but when we see some images or video clips using our phones, we have the ability to save the file by downloading that particular image or video clip. Later on, people found out ways to not waste their internet data by downloading the files, rather they were able to screenshot them and screen record video clips using the smart phones. But are we able to do so in our computer? Well, definitely yes and it’s a simple task to follow.

When technology rises to its peak with all the new inventions, won’t we have ways to screen record clips in our PC? There are quite a few ways that you can do it and there are many software that would allow you to screen record but I can’t assure you about the quality and the security, as we know there are many fake and fraudulent apps and software available today. That is why, I have made a good research on this topic and came up with the best ways on how to do screen recording in your windows PC’s.

If you are someone who is working in an office who needs to recheck on so many videos clips might need this option in your PC, not only them but the methods I am going to show below would help teachers and lecturers who download video clips for the purpose of teaching, now you will not need to waste your WiFi data. So come let’s move on to see the methods on how to get your computer screen recorded using a few steps.

Record Your Computer Screen Using Game Bar

To use this method, your PC should support at least one of the following encoders provided.

  • AMD VCE – ( AMD Radeon HD 7900 or newer) 
  • Intel Quick Sync H.260 (Intel 2nd generation CPU or newer.
  • Nvidia NVENC (Most Nvidia Geforce 600, Quadro K series or newer)
Firstly, you have to press the start button and then the gear icon in the start menu which will open up the settings tab.

There you have to select the option ‘Gaming’.

Now under the game bar you have to toggle on the ‘Record Game Clips, Screenshot And Broadcast Using The Game Bar Options’.

Then type in ‘’Win+G” default keyboard shortcut to open the game bar. It might ask you if the highlighted application is a game, simply press yes.

Next the game bar will appear in the screen’s top edge. It will provide you to access many overlays such as sound, performance and capture.

The capture overlay of the gamebar will appear by default, if its not available you can click on the webcam icon present on the game bar and select start recording on the capture overlay. You can press it again to stop the recording process. Or else you can also press ‘Win+ Alt+R’ to start and stop the record.

All the video recorded will be saved in as an MP4 file. So this is one of the method which available in windows computer to record the screen. Now let's see another method to record the windows screen.

Record Your Screen Using PowerPoint 

Firstly, you have to open the PowerPoint in your PC and then click on the insert tab and then select the screen recording button which is located on the media panel.

Then you will see a toolbar pop up in the top center edge of your screen, there you will notice a red boundary cutting through the overlay which will represent your recording space. In case you want to record the whole screen, then together press on the ‘Windows + Shift + F’ keys.

Now you have to click on the record button or you can also press the “Windows + Shift + R’ keys simultaneously.

You can ‘Pause’ and ‘Stop’ the recording using the provided keys.

To save the recording to your PC you have to right click on the video displayed on your PowerPoint and select ‘Save Media As’ option and then follow the on screen prompts that follows after a popup menu.

This way you can record the screen using PowerPoint in your windows computer. Next let's see some offline apps for computer screen recording.

OBS Studio App: This is one of the frequently used offline application for the purpose of screen recording. It provides you unlimited screen recording opportunity with free of charge. You can record full screen without watermarks. This app is used for professional purposes and thereby it works without any errors. It also has a built in streaming function for those who wish to go live while recording. It has a great hardware support which enables 60 frames per second.

Snagit App: This is an app that can be used paid. It has so many options that it targets the startups more than the gamers. They got tons of recording features that can be used for show casting products and creating marketing videos, how-to features, vlogs and so much more. The added features in the app is worth it and can be used professionally.

That’s it, now we have checked on a few methods on how to screen record manually using the game bar, PowerPoint and also two other alternative apps that can installed if needed. You can go through the posts and find what is the best for you and select the right method. Hope this article would have been useful for you in funding out not one method but a few more on how to screen record in your windows PC.

Remotely Shutdown Computer Using Smartphone From Anywhere

Smartphone has became an essential thing in our daily life in this technologically developed world and we use it for various way to fulfill many purposes easily within a moment. We do use smartphones almost all the time, from checking the time to pay electric bill to every little things smartphones are playing very important role to make the lifestyle easier.

So in this article, I'm going to share a trick to shutdown your home or office desktop computer using a smartphone. Yes, it's possible with a simple software and here you will need to send just a command from your smartphone to computer to shut down remotely from anywhere in the world over the internet.

This trick might be useful in situation where you forget to shut down your PC. In such a situation, you can simply send a command from your smartphone to computer which will shut down your computer smoothly through the internet.

'Airytec Switch Off' is a simple windows based software which is designed to shut down any windows computers over the internet via any smartphone. This software allows you to shutdown the computer in very easy steps through any web browser in a smart device. So let's have a look on how to do this with screenshots.

How To Shutdown PC Using Smartphone

You have to get the app named 'Airytec Switch Off' to your windows computer.

Let's move on to know how to shutdown a computer remotely using any smartphone over the internet connection.
Firstly launch the app in your PC and you will see the software icon in system tray as shown image below.

Click in that icon and setup the changes as your requirement or go with the setup as shown below in image.

Once you finish the setup, right click on shutdown icon from system tray and click on Settings. There you will find a option called 'Remote' section and click on it. After that click on edit web interface settings as shown in the image below.

In this window, enable web interface tick and click on apply button.

Once you finish the settings, click on view/ update static address and note the shutdown URL. This is the URL will be used in web browser later to shutdown computer remotely. Finally double click on the shutdown icon from system tray to enable the settings for remote shutdown from anywhere through the internet.

That's it. You've prepared your computer for remote shutdown. 

Now start any web browser in your smartphone and enter the URL which you have note down earlier from your computer. The interface of that particular URL will looks like this.

Now click on Shutdown button and soon your computer will shutdown with the command from your smartphone. So this is one of the most easiest way to shutdown home or office computer remotely using any smartphone.

You can download 'Airytec Swtich Off' software to your computer by Clicking here

This coolest software not only allows you to shutdown the PC remotely, also you can restart, put in sleep mode or even hibernate the computer through this app as well.

Other Alternative Methods To Shutdown PC Remotely

Using Unified Remote

This app is also another great app that can be used as a remote control for you PC. You can get the 'Unified Remote' app and make it the remote to shutdown your PC from anywhere without any difficulties. It is not complicated and I would rather say 'Unified Remote' app for the Android is a very effective app to have in for an easy process. It is free to get from the Google playstore. So now let us check on how to get this done.

Firstly, you have to get the app named 'Unified Remote' directly from the Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tab.

Next you have to install the client application in your windows PC.

Then you have to connect your Android device and your computer to the same WiFi connection. 
Now open you Android smartphone and when you are connected to the internet, you will get a screen like shown below stating Connected to ‘Your PC Name’.

Now you will be able to check on all the options in your mobile app like the ‘Basic Input’, ‘File Manager’, ‘Keyboard’ and etc.

There you have to select the option ‘Power’.

In the next screen, you will come across the options such as ‘Restart’, ‘Shutdown’ and so on.

All you have to do is, press on the option ‘Shut Down’ and your PC will automatically shut down.

Simple as that. You can also choose the other options as you prefer. This method is very simple and effective. Works on a great scale and has a very fast performance.

Using Shutdown Start Remote

This is another alternative app that can be used to shutdown or restart your PC using your Android smartphone, which will act as the remote controller. This app is also fast and very easy to use. All you will need is the app downloaded in your Android and your PC and that is all, then you can manage your PC using your phone itself without any tensions. Let us see how to set it up.

Initially you have to get the app named ‘Shutdown Start Remote’ directly from the Google playstore to your Android smartphone.

Then you have to also get the windows client to your computer to get started with the process.

Next make sure you have connected both your Android smartphone and your PC to the same WiFi connection. When connected, take your Android smartphone and when you open the app, you will notice a screen like shown in the picture below.

Scroll down and tap on the option ‘Start Search’ option and it will literally search for the computer and get it detected.

Ones it detects all the PC that is close by, select your computer and tap on it.

Then it will lead to a screen like shown below. There you can either set a timer for the PC to shutdown or you can also immediately restart, shutdown or hibernate your computer.

That is all, these are all very simple steps to follow and get your phone setup as a remote controller to your computer. You can easily shutdown or restart you PC with ease.

Using Shutter

This is a great tool developed for an easy access of your PC using a web browser. Using the ‘Shutter’ app you can shutdown, restart or even hibernate your PC. It is a great app that you can control your PC from a web browser remotely. So let us now see how to get it done.

Firstly, you have to get the application named ‘Shutter’ to your windows PC and when you install it, it will open up to the main interface of the app.

Next you have to choose to ‘Set Events’ that will trigger actions. For an example you can choose low battery on events to trigger the ‘Shutdown Or Hibernate’ your PC.

Then after the event is selected you have to select the action. Go to ‘Actions’ and choose ‘Shutdown’ from the option and select the ‘Start’ button to continue.

Now, choose ‘Options’ and go to the ‘Web Interfere’.

There you will have a list of IP menu, you have to select your computer’s IP Address from the list and choose the ‘Port’ that you want to use. Then enter your ‘Username And Password’ and click on ‘Save’.

Next you have to open the web browser and enter the IP Address along with the Port number. It will then ask for your Username and Password, enter the required and select anything from the list provided.

That is all, using these steps you can now shutdown or hibernate your PC from anywhere at any time. It is less complicated to do. You can also use your smartphone web browser and easily shutdown the computer when you are far from it.

How To Schedule Text Message In iPhone

Smartphones are one devices that has turned out to be one of the most essential element in our lives today. We literally is in a state to make things easier with a smartphone. Among all the operating systems found, iOS is a system that has a different level of prestige in it. iPhones are always the best phones in the market. It comes with a high quality camera, sound system and space. Thereby today we are about to see the messages scheduling feature which isn't available in the iPhones but can be added to it.

Today its quiet easy to remember things when we have a smartphone in our hands. We can set reminders on specific dates and times regarding the needed reminder. But still with all the works and busy schedules that we have, we might forget a lot of things. Especially birthdays and such special occasions. Not being able to wish our loved ones at 12 on their birthday is not going to be okay and they are not going to spare you for that. This will happen either when you are busy with works or even if you are an early bird to bed you might fall asleep. So such things can be a great problem and that is why we wish we had a feature in our iPhones on scheduling text messages in advance and they automatically get delivered on the specific time we provide. But the system doesn't come with such a feature.

One of my friend in the office, who always forgets to send the data message to the boss on time, always ends up with reason on the boss' desk. This made him wild, he was so eager to find a way to send the data on the given time. He sat and made a research and came up with a brilliant way on how to schedule text messages in iPhone in advance. This saved him from further problems in the office. Now what he does is, once the work is completed, he schedules a message and that is all. Work done simple. 

So this would make the life easier. You will not have to stay awake till twelve in the mid night or stop all your work to drop a message when you have this option in your phone. If you are also looking for a way to schedule messages in your iPhone then here you are at the right place. I am going to give you a brief explanation on how to get your iPhone updated with the new feature and have two methods for you to follow. The first is using the app 'Auto Sender- Auto Text Later' and the other is the 'Scheduled App'. Lets see one at a time in a step by step procedure.

Schedule Text Message In iPhone

Using AutoSender- Auto Text Later

You have to get the app named 'AutoSender-Auto Text Later' directly from the Apple app store to your iOS device.

Let's move on to know how to schedule text messages in iPhone to send them on the provided time.

Firstly you have to launch the app in your iPhone and then in the main interface of the app click on the 'Create Message' and then type in the message and fill in the other needed information including the time and date for the message to be sent. Select 'Once' if the message is scheduled only for once. Select the contacts and then press 'Schedule'.

If you wish to set repetitive messages then select the option 'Repeat' and then chose the frequency.

When done, you will see the scheduled messages in the home page. You can customize the messages if needed.

That's it, now this way you can easily schedule messages using this app, which is quiet a very easy task to complete. So you can download 'AutoSender' application directly from apple app store to your iPhone device by Clicking here.

Now lets take a look at how to schedule messages using the app 'Scheduled app'.

Using Scheduled App

You have to get 'Scheduled App' directly from app store to your iPhone.

Now lets see on how to schedule messages in advance to send them on the particular time.

You have to launch the app in your phone and in the home screen click on the 'Create Message' option.

Then it will open to a new tab, there you have to select the recipient/s option and select the contacts that you want the message to be sent to and type in the message.

Next, press the 'Schedule Date' option and chose the date and time as per your requirement. When selected, tap on the button 'Schedule Message'.

That's it, now your messages will be scheduled, you can adjust the date and time as you like and customize it. The messages will be automatically sent to the contacts on time.

Alternative Apps 

Apart from the above mentioned apps, there are a few other apps that you can check out as an alternatives These apps also works wonder on helping you by sending the messages you schedule on the right time to the right person. Not only that these apps will also help you schedule social media posts that can be done in advanced. So without wasting time let’s move on to check on the alternative apps that can schedule text messages for later. 

Delayd: This is an amazing app which has got it’s standard among it’s users to schedule text messages. It is quite easy to work with this app. All that you got to do is get the app and register it with your phone number. You can also login using your email id, Facebook account or even Twitter.

As I said, this app is easy to use and everything that you need is easily categorized in it’s main interface. To schedule messages you have to simply select the category either SMS, email, Facebook or Twitter. Then select the contact, select the time and date and type in the message. Simple as that.

But note that the message won't be sent to the receiver from your phone number but from the Delayd app’s own number. Apart from that, a easy to use app in need. 

Text Timer: This is simply a text message scheduling app which works best for all your messages that should be sent on the right time at the right date. This text time is easier to use than the ‘Delayd’ app. To schedule a message all you got to do is, tap on the ‘Compose’ button, select the date and the time, choose the contact to whom you want to send the message to and type the message. Done!

Now the app will automatically send the message to the recipient at the given time. Doesn’t that sound quiet simple. The best part is this app doesn’t lag and importantly doesn’t forget to send the message. It works perfectly and I would say this is a great alternative to use.

We now saw few methods on how to schedule messages. You can use any of the above mentioned apps as you wish and makes messaging easier now. Hope this would save a lot of your time and at the same time would save relationships and jobs. You can customized any amount of messages in advance and schedule them now with no complications.

How to Edit Pictures with a Cinematic Look

Technology is so advanced that it has taken a huge place in peoples lives. If we look back in the days, using a camera is a big deal as you have to carry a huge camera with film roles where ever you go and not only that but capturing an image have to be precise as only limited number of photos can be taken.

But now we are able to capture any number of images using our mobile devices and delete them if we don’t like them. Limitless pictures can be captured using your smart device. Not only that but we also have the possibility of editing them according to our need without any fuss. Editing the pictures has also turned out to essential theses days before posting them to our social media so that we can give a good impression and make the picture look better. We can add filters, adjust lightings and do much more to a picture to get a professional look. We do the same with videos as well. There’s no wonder why so many editing apps are flooded to download. Some of the apps are completely free whereas paid versions are available too.

There are plenty of free editing apps available so most of us don’t go for paid versions since we expect a free app with all the features in one but not all free apps provide the features we need. That is why here we have come up with a wonderful app which contains almost all the features that you would look for.

Yes, the editing app that we are going to introduce to you today is called ‘PicsArt photo editor’. This app is one of the best because you could almost find all the features added and the interesting part is that you can also edit videos in this app. You can easily make collages as well. PicsArt photo editing app has amazing features in them that you can create professional level photography using your smartphone. Doodling on pictures and sticker are also available. You can choose many trendy filters and effects. Another interesting feature is that you can extract unwanted objects from the background of the picture and retouch feature can be used. It also comes with a beautifying tool in which you can alter your skin tone, hair color, change eye lenses and many more.

Sounds amazing right? Not just that there are more that this app contains. You can also blend layers of photo and create double exposure edits to beautify your pictures. Now let’s also take a look at video editing in this app. Adding music to your video, getting the glitch effect, slide show maker, filters, video collage are some more such tools are available. You can create exciting videos from scratch using these tools. Video collage or a slide show of your memories can be made into lovely stories using the app. You can fix your video to your desired ration by cropping and trimming.

The extraordinary features like photo effects, drawing tool, sticker maker and free stickers make this app extra special. Using the collage maker is quite easy as it comes with freestyle collages, many photo grids, frames, scrape books, and many other options to select from. You can make your images and videos trendy in social media like Facebook or Instagram with creating wonderful piece of work using this app. Impressive isn’t it? This app contains all those needed features which is up to date with the trend so why wouldn’t anyone be excited to get this app? Unlike other apps this has all the features in one so it is very convenient. let’s move ahead with the step by step guide on how to use this app.

Edit Your Photos with Cinematic Look

You have to get the app named 'PicsArt photo editor' directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us move on to know how to make your images look cinematic in social media profiles by adding filters, effects, frames or sketches.
Firstly launch the app in your device and tap the plus icon from the main interface of the app to add your pictures to edit.

You can select the picture from your gallery once you tap the plus icon and then the photo will be loading to the app. All the editing tools and option will be shown on the bottom of the picture.

Now to make any adjustments tap ‘Tools'. Using this you can crop, resize or sharp before you add filters and effects to your image.

Next tap the option called ‘Effect’ to add FX, canvas, sketch and many other. You will come across a good selection of effects.

Have you added all your needed effects? Then head back to the main interface of the app and go to ‘Beauty’ option. Now you can change your skin color, eye color, hair etc... if it is necessary.

Another feature that would grab your attention is ‘Cutout’. This is a very interesting feature where you can create memes, wallpapers or custom birthday card from the main menu. To make custom cutouts go to ‘cutout’ option and in the picture choose the area in which you want to cutout by coloring on top of it. That’s it.

Other tools like boarders, text, brushes, frame, mask and many other wonderful tools are also available. You can create a cinematic photo for your social media profile picture using these tools.

In this article we have mentioned some of the basic guides on using the app ‘PicsArt photo editor’. You can use this app for hassle free and easy photo editing process. So you can download this app directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

From now onwards you are going to shine in social media with your edited pictures and the professional look that after the process. This app will provide you with unique editing features that you will love. Get your cheerful pictures now.