Best Photo Editing App for Android with Colorful Filters

Social media platforms has also turned into a huge place to showcase out talents and to promote our works. When we capture pictures, we post and share them with our friends and family via Instagram and Facebook. As we are so concerned about sharing only the perfect and the best images among all, we do edit our picture before we post them on our social media profiles.

Whether its your selfie, product picture, nature or anything that you want to share in social media, it should be first edited so that you can make your picture even more appealing. We expect that the pictures we share should be up to the standards and look professional. This is why many editing apps and features are used for this purpose. All what we want is an Instagram worthy picture.

This is exactly why there are plenty of editing app available today. We can get some of them for free and at the same time there are also some paid apps. But what we want is an app with the best editing features. Its really very hard to find an app that includes all the editing features in one because most of the apps has only a specific feature in them. If there are apps which includes all in one then most probably that would be a paid app. You often see people use so many different apps just for editing so that they can make use of the different features from each app. This consumes a lot of space in our device which will make us delete other files and pictures in our device and also it is a time consuming task. This is the sole reason why we look for one specific app with all the features available in them. Every photographer wishes for one convenient app to edit all their picture without difficulties.

If you are also looking for one such app then you are reading the right article. We are going to take you through one of the best photo editing app that you would love. Using this app, you can capture a picture and edit it in your own convenience. Now its time for us to unveil the app that we are talking about. This app is known as 'Adobe photoshop lightroom' which is specifically designed for Android devices. You can get this app for free with so many different tools and feature included within one interface of the app.

The app contains some amazing features such as the easy image editing option, retouching photos with full resolution, photo filter and many more options. The application comes with a professional level camera which can unlock the photography potentials of your distinctive phone camera. The camera feature also contains exposure, timer and many other features. Amazing features like advanced photo sharing, smart photo organization, adobe creative cloud storage etc.. are one key feature to look upon. This makes editing easy as you can simply capture a photo by adobe camera or select one from the gallery and edit them instantly. It is possible to rotate, resize and also crop an image which will allow you to adjust the perspective with a strong upright and a guided slider to give you a clean shot with straight lines. This can be adjusted according to your need. It is also possible to view your picture by comparing it with the previous unedited one with the edited image before you save.

Just like that there are plenty other mind blowing featuring included in the app and it comes with a user friendly interface. You can get the app and experiment with the different options so that you will become familiar with all the other features. Adobe lightroom would make your picture look more professional. Amazing isn’t it? Without further delay we will take a look at the instructions to get started.

How to Edit Your Photo with Colourful Filters

You have to get the app named 'Adobe lightroom - photo editor' directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us move on to know how to edit a picture from your phone gallery and make it looks so professional by adding filters and effects.
Firstly launch your app in your device and then you will be asked to create an account with adobe lightroom before starting to edit.

When you are done signing up you will be headed to the main interface of the app similar to the picture shown below.

To choose a photo from your gallery you have to press the plus (+) icon which you will find in the bottom of the screen.

Once your photo is selected it will be loaded on the app’s editor. Now you will come across many editing options and tools.

You can now make use of the tools that are available to make your picture look even more attractive. As you know this app has autofocus, crop, color adjustment and many other tools probably you want.

If you are done with your editing process then you can save your picture to your phone storage by tapping 'Save to device' or you can share it directly to social media by clicking 'Share' option which will be at the top.

That's it, we are done with the basics and now you know how to edit your pictures using the 'Adobe lightroom' application in your device. So you can download this app directly from Google playstore to your Android smart device by Clicking here.

Not only photo edit and camera feature but this app also has the ability to share your pictures to the cloud storage directly. There are also many other features that you can discover it yourself.

The specialty of this app is that all the features are available within one app for your convenience. This reliable app is at the tip of your fingers now so that you can edit your pictures freely and easily.
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