Turn Your Android Phone Into Connected IP Camera

We live in a world where our safety and peace of mind is really very important. Theft and crimes are widespread nowadays so people are living a fearful life each day. Even living under your own roof is not safe anymore. We have to be vigilant of what's happening around us from thugs and goons. keeping our surroundings secured will give a sense of relief. Less security means less safety which will lead to disturbed minds.

It's really important that we keep an eye on what's happening around us. Not everyday would be a pleasant situation, sometimes things can go wrong. Making our lives easy and better is in our own hand. No one wouldn't want to put their family and friends under any threat, so a secured home means a secured life. Home is the first place we should be thinking of when placing any security measures. Since the CCTV was introduced people are more secure than before but a CCTV cost a fortune so not everyone would be in a position to afford it. If you are not able to buy a CCTV then keep on reading to find out more. We have some other wonderful alternatives to a CCTV that you can set up easily.

Fixing a CCTV is not convenient to all as it is not possible to maintain and is quite expensive. Even though we can't afford CCTV it's ideal to find some other options to maintain a safer environment by keeping an eye on our surroundings. Let's say you are away on a business trip but you are so much concerned of the house you left behind so it's quite important that you have a proper security camera system to look what's happening. What if you have a small office that you want to maintain proper security. It's crucial that you have access to your office when you are away. It's not easy to sit back home not knowing what's happening in your office. For this purpose having a security camera is needed. As not everyone can afford it let's take a look at some other ways.

There's a trick to maintain a camera system without even having a CCTV. In today's world technology is further ahead. We have solutions for almost all the problems. To fix a camera without CCTV is also possible by fixing an IP camera using your mobile. All you need is an extra phone for this. 

Now let's take a look at how to convert your smartphone into an IP camera which is connected to your other device. Make sure you download an app called 'Family locator and home security' . Next you have to configure the app and then fix your device in a place where you can view your entire location. Now you can view your home surroundings with the device that is in your hand.

Now that you have already connected your device and it will immediately give you alerts if it detects any movement or if there's anything suspectful. Turning your phone into a security camera is such a good alternative to a CCTV. Another interesting option available in this app is that it can locate the live location of your family members. In case if they are in any threat you can immediately take action. You don't have to worry if your device is in silent mode as this will alert you with a ring tone to the connected device when in need. This is such a good app which not only secures your home but also helps you keep an eye on your family members in case of emergency. Below are the instructions on how to setup the app to turn your phone into connected IP camera.

Use Your Phone As Connected IP Camera

You have to get the app named 'Family location and home security' directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let's move on to know how to turn your Android device into an IP camera which is connected to your main phone. This will allow you to detect what's happening no matter where you are in the world.
Firstly you have to connect your main device with client device that you are going to use for monitoring. To do this, log in both the phones with the same email address.

Now move on to settings tab in client device and here you have to alter few options to configure it.

Then in your client device make sure you have enabled motion and sound detection. This feature will allow you to identify the movement from the other device.

In the main interface of the app you can identify the client device's alert messages from the message tab.

To make sure your battery is not draining faster you can modify the battery saving mode according to your need. This option is available in the app. This interesting feature will protect your battery from draining due to the background apps.

Finally we are done with all the settings to configure your Android device into a security camera. So you can download this application directly from Google playstore by searching 'Family locator and home security'.

We should be thankful for all these modern technologies. It's awesome that now you can turn your phone into a surveillance camera. Changing your phone into an IP camera can be done in just a few minutes. This allows you to take a look at your house and the surrounding areas when you are not around. Not only this but you have the facilities to know where your family members are heading to by checking the location which is so useful in terms of any threat. 

Now you can enjoy your vacation with no fear or whatsoever since you know that your house and family members are doing totally fine.
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