Best AI - Artificial Intelligence Tools for Education

The innovation of technology itself made a huge impact on the world and now the Artificial Intelligence, the so called AI is making an unimaginable influence in the market that makes things happen efficiently. This AI has the capability to make a real change to the educational system. It can actually be a guiding force to the future of the world. It can be a powerful force for the teachers to use and at the same time can be a instructor to the students.

The amount of growth AI have seen in the education sector is enormous that it is becoming a multi billion dollar company in the global market. The success is solely due to the ability of AI in developing the aspects of teaching and learning process. There are so many different positive aspects such as the capability to create a virtual learning environment, produce easy and smart contents, ease the language barriers, fill out the gap between the teaching and learning, create individual plans for students and more.

There are so many companies that have created awesome AI app that are in great demand. Let us take a look at a few best educational AI tools.

1. Gradescope

This AI tool named Gradescope is best at enabling students to assess each other while it also provide feedbacks. This is a time consuming task but with the AI tool it can be done within seconds. This tool works on the combination of the machine leaning (ML) and AI which makes it easier to grade and optimize the time and energy.

This tool is more advantageous for the teachers, where they can focus on other important tasks while the AI help them. Through this you can grade paper based exams, online homework, and also it can help you to prepare project works.

2. Fetchy

This AI tool is specially designed for the educators. With this the teachers, lectures and all educators can give their maximum potential for the betterment of the students. It also makes the work easier for them by simplifying the loads of works and tasks they have to do, also it creates engaging lessons, generate news letters, craft professional mails and a lot more. By evaluating the AI the educators can intensify the teaching methods and process, can optimize time management and can make decisions based on their lessons confidently and effectively.

The Fetchy can also customize the generated language to meet the required criteria of the educators. It can generate lessons, view history from multiple lenses and also find math and science experiments to make it easier for the educators.

3 Nuance’s Dragon Speech Recognition

This is one of a best speech recognition AI tool that can be used by both the students and the Faculty. This Nuance’s Dragon speech recognition has the ability to transcribe around 160 words per minute. This particular feature will help out the students who are slow writers or typewriters. This also has the verbal command feature which will be a plus to the students to navigate documents, which are required for them with accessibility requirements.

Like this there are many amazing features in this tool such as the ability to dictate lesson plans, syllabus, worksheets and etc and this will be done 3 times faster than the typing. And this is done with 99% accuracy.

4. Ivy Chatbot

This tool was created especially for the students of universities and colleges. The Ivy Chatbot will help the students with many of the processes such as the application form filling, enrollment, tuition costs, deadlines and many others. It also has the ability to create recruitment campaigns through the gathered data.

The app contains so many important information such as loans, grants, tuitions, scholarships and others.

It has the live chat and the SMS nudging feature and also integration of Facebook, ERP, CRM and SIS.

5. Cognii

This Cognii which is also an AI tool which was based on Boston company, that have products for K-12 and higher education institutions. It was also deployed on the corporate campus environment. The virtual learning assistant is the main feature in this tool, which depends on the conversational technology to help out the students to form the open format responses, which also lead to improve critical thinking skills. Also the one to one tutoring is also a plus feature in this tool along with the real time feedback which is customized to each individual students.

6. Knowji

One of another best alternative tools that is available for the students is this Knowji tool. This is an audio - visual vocabulary application that influences the current education research. This is best for the language learners, through which the students can learn faster with the different types of methods and concepts that it includes.

This tool has the ability to track each words and recognize the word’s progress on the students and how likely they are to forget it. It uses a spacing repetition algorithm to a heavy the successive progress. Some of the features such as the common core alignment, numerous learning modes, providing examples and images for sentence are all the best part of it.

7. Plaito

This is an amazing tool which acts like a coach who would give prompts, suggestions and encourage the students to go ahead when they write or type, debate or collaborate in many different ways.

Also the one on one tutoring feature is available with the best where it focuses on the deep understanding, confidence, clarity and empowerment to the learning students.

It also include the ability to take screenshots of the homework and upload to get live AI tutoring, personalized lessons are available to individuals students to provide the right level and pace. The chatting option with the plaito is amazing as you can learn throughout the process. It also knows 4 languages and would learn more. It makes learning interesting with the games like activities, fun challenges and more.

8. Queirum

This AI educational tool helps the students to master the critical STEM skills, which also prepare them to colleges and universities along with careers too. The tool is designed with personalized lesson plans and step by step tutoring assistance. The virtual tutor helps the students with improving their speed, quality and analysis which gives a major learning outcome.

Along with that this Queirum AI tool is also useful for the teachers to analyze answers and also it helps to analyze the length of the time that the lesson was covered within, which will help the tutors to get a knowledge about how fast the students are learning.

The tool has the personalized bite-sized lessons, step by step learning assistants and activities to increase the student’s engagement.

9. Century.Tech

This is one of a London based company’s AI platform that is designed to make effective use of the cognitive neuroscience and data analytics to make personalized learning plans for the students. At the mean time the instructors can get more time to focus on other subject areas.

It has the ability to track the students progress and points out the feedbacks of their learning. It also provides personal study tools and recommendations. Has actionable data insights.

10. Carneigie Learning’s Platform

This is an AI tool that is an innovative education technology and also a curriculum solution provider. This platform is specially designed for high school and college level students. It covers many areas such as math, literacy and world languages.

It also provides fast ForWord which is a language and reading software that helps the students develop cognitive skills. Cerneigie is more like a human tutor. Provides one on one personal learning experiences and has actionable data to manage students.

That's it, now we have checked on a few AI educational tools that would help both students and tutors in many possible ways. They have unique and great features for the learning process. Hope you got the correct AI tool for your need.
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