How to Add Coloured Smoke Bomb Effects for Any Picture

Photographs have always been useful for us since the time it was invented to now to look back on the memories and cherish at them. But the time has now changed with all the new devices and techniques from carrying a big camera with film rolls and lenses to carrying a small smart device in our hands.

Now we have the capability to take as many pictures as we want and not only that but we can also edit the photos as we want. So when we talk about editing the photos, there are plenty of new editing features coming up in trend every now and then and we are going to talk about a specific edit feature that everyone is looking for.

As mentioned above there are too many photo editing features available today, from adding filters to changing the whole effect of the picture. We use such edits to our pictures specifically when we want to post our beautiful captures in social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. All of us a addicted to the social media where we want our profiles to look stunning with all our lovely pictures, only so we will get more likes, shares and followers. So for this purpose I have seen many people sitting for hours editing their pictures before posting them online. Sometimes it might turn out to be hectic and annoying but you can’t help because that is something you are supposed to do before sharing the pictures.

If you guys are also looking at a way to use colored smoke effect to your pictures and turn them out into an awesome one then don’t worry let me help you all out too. There are many apps available but I have selected the best ones among them all for you guys which works perfectly. These apps will work both on your Android and iOS devices and there are also some apps that has separate apps for each devices. So let me give you all a small description about each of the apps before going on to have a detailed explanation.

So firstly let us check on the app named ‘Smoke Effect Photo Maker-Smoke Editor’. This is an amazing app which come with a simple interface and thereby turns out to be a user friendly app. Both the Android users and iOS users can get this app. Using this simple app you can turn out your picture vibrant and customize it with colored smoke just like you want it. Not only that but as extra features the app has added in more than 150 unique font sizes and emojis, where your picture will turn out to be more colorful. You can directly select your photos form the gallery using the app or also turn on the phone camera from the app. There are different types of smoke effects and you can select them and insert them any where on the photo. smoke effects can be zoomed in and out and edited the way you like it.

Now secondly let us check out on an app that is designed specially for the iOS users. This app will help you create an artistic picture with colorful smoke effects and make a huge change in your ordinary photo and make it extremely beautiful. The smoke effect in this app would be more realistic and natural. You can fix it anywhere in the picture and make it look better and magical. The best part is that the app comes with many shapes and styles of smoke effects such as mist form, explosion, spiral smoke and a lot more so that you can select the perfect one that suits your picture. If you don’t want smoke to overshadow the main component of the picture then you can adjust the transparency and the color of the smoke to the desired level. This app too gives you many different font styles and stickers as an extra treat to serve with your colorful and trendy pictures.

Along with the above mentioned apps lets us now look at an app that is designed for the Android users. The name of the app is ‘Smoke Effect Picture Art’. It comes with more than 100 effects for the users to select from. You can add in the smoke effects selecting from the different sizes, shapes and colors. Sounds like a perfect app right? So why wait, let us take a detailed look at how to get this app working.

Add Colored Smoke Bomb Effect to Any Picture

You have to get the app named ‘Smoke Effect Photo Maker’ directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us move on to know how to add some vibrant colored smoke effects to your pictures and make them unique and trendy.
Firstly launch the app and click on the gallery icon if you wish to select a picture that is already saved in your phone gallery or you can click on the camera icon to capture a new picture.

Here I am going to select a photo directly from the gallery and start editing it by using colored smoke effects.

Now the photo will be loaded in the app and you can start editing by cropping the picture if you wish to and then continue editing.

Then click on the menu bar which is available at the bottom of the app screen to add the colored smoke effect to your picture.

Select ‘BG Smoke’ tool if you want to add in colored smoke effect and select ‘BG color’ tool to select the color of the background.

If you wish to add in texts or stickers to your picture, you can do so by clicking on the option 'Text tool'.

When you complete the editing process and happy with what you have done, click on the 'Save' button to save the edited picture in your phone gallery.

That’s it, this way you can easily turn your dull pictures into a colorful one using the 'Smoke effects photo maker' application . So you can download this app directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

A perfect and a vibrant picture for your Instagram grid is not far. All it takes is a few minutes and you will have the colored smoke effect added picture with you. It is time saving and also gives a realistic effect to your phone. Get that artistic picture done soon.
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