Solution For Broken Power Button In Android

We are living in a world where Smartphone’s are one of the essential factors. Among all the devices, Android phones has taken a special place as it is one of the user friendly devices in the market. In the process of usage of the Android phone, the power button is very important to access the Android phones. But what happens when the power button breaks?

As without the power button we can’t open the phone to use it, we can’t lock or unlock the phone and also we will not be able to turn off or on the phone. So manually doing all these tasks will become difficult without the precious power button. This will become a huge problem as using the phone itself will become difficult.

So we have to find possible solutions to get this corrected and access the phone in a normal way without the power button. Though we can’t do anything manually, there are many other ways that can help you access phone in the possible other ways. So here today I am going to provide some few methods that will help you to use your phone properly even without the power button. All you have to do is patiently follow the below given steps and start working on your phone like before without any difficulties. 

Come now let’s take a look at all of the possible and easy steps that we can follow.

Steps To Follow When Power Button Is Broken

The first method is the debugging mode. You have to turn on the debugging mode in your phone by going to the settings. You should also turn on the ‘Scheduled Power On’ which will be available in the settings page. This will help define the automated turn on or off on your Android smartphone.

To follow the above steps you have to have your phone unlocked. If it’s unable for you enter in then you can plug your phone to the charger which will unlock the screen and then you can enter in. If that didn’t work too then you can press both the volume button combination to boot automatically into the recovery menu and you can easily turn on your phone from that option.
You can try using the app ‘Gravity Screen’ which helps to switch on or off the screen depending on the light sensor and gravity sensor in it. This app can be used to power on the screen when in need.

Using 'Power button To Volume Button' App.

This is an amazing app that will help you to solve the problem when your power button is broken. This app will help turn the volume button into the power button, simple as that.

Firstly you have to get the app named ‘Power button to volume button’ from Google playstore to your Android smartphone.

Then, you have to grant a few permission for the app to work accurately by running the app in the startup and prevent from the app going to sleep.

Next, in the main interface of the app, you will have to turn on the options ‘Boot’ and ‘Screen Off’.

Then the screen can be turned off from the notification shutter.

That’s it. Now this way you can give your power button control to the volume button and access your phone easily without any problems.

Use The Phone’s Biometric Sensor

We all know phones which allows the users to unlock it using their fingerprint and some use the face recognition method. These features doesn’t need a power button at all to unlock, all you got to do is simply swipe using your finger or make your face visible to the sensor/front camera. If your phone has this feature then you can easily activate it. 

This option will always be located in the ‘Settings’ > ‘Security’.

This features are also available for the Android users, all the Android smartphones has a software based face unlock authentication mode which fully works using the front camera to scan the face and not on any sensors. To use this feature you have to move on to the ‘Settings’>’Security’>’Smartlock’>’Trusted Face’.

So this bio-metric authentication method will literally help unlock the phone but when you want to lock the phone, you can’t wait for it to automatically happen when the time is out, so instead you can use a third party app to lock phones. The app ‘Screen Off’ will work best for it. It will easily help you lock the phone by just a click on the app.

Note that using the face recognition method is not very secured like the password process. 

Wave To Lock And Unlock Your Smartphone 

If you are trying to get an alternative that would be a very simple way then I recommend trying the ‘WaveUp’ application which would work by locking and unlocking the phone simply by hovering your hand over the proximity sensor of your phone. Likewise it also has a feature where you can set it up to turn on the screen when you take your phone out of your pocket or bag.

If you think this method would be a little problematic because it can start to lock or unlock the screen even when you simply move your hand from above the sensor then you can customize the settings. You can set it up to work only when you cover and uncover the sensor twice in succession.

Similar to this there are also other settings that you can setup as you prefer to avoid confusion or difficulties. 

Find The Inbuilt Gestures Of Your Phone

Some phones of a range of manufactures comes with built-gesture which can help work as an alternative for the power button when it is out of work. The one that we are familiar with is the ‘Double Tap To Wake’ gesture. Most of the Android phones has this feature in them. So simply tapping the phone screen twice will help unlock the phone.

Same as that, you can also activate the ‘Double Tap To Lock’ feature which sill work the best too. This feature is available in the ‘Settings’ > ‘Display’, if you can’t find it, you can move on to the help section in the manufacture’s website. 

How To Install Apps When The Power Button Isn’t Working

If you have been wondering how to even get all the above mentioned settings done when the power button isn’t working and you have no way to turn on the phone.  Well, it is a simple task, all you have to do is plug in your phone to the charger and it will automatically switch on to show the battery is charging. Then you can easily enter the password or pin number to unlock your phone and start accessing the settings to continue the process. 

How To Uninstall The Above Mentioned Apps

When we install the third party apps to lock and unlock screen, it would ask for administrative permission, so in that case you will nit be able to normally uninstall the apps like you do to the other apps. But not to worry there is a way how you can uninstall them. 

In initial to uninstall, you have to first remove the device administrative permission. For that go to the ‘Settings’ > ‘Apps And Notifications’ > ‘Advanced’ > ‘Special App Access’> ‘Device Admin Apps’. There you have to disable the permission given to the specific app and then ones it is removed, you will be able to uninstall in the regular basis.

We have checked out on a few steps and procedures on how to access an Android smartphone when the power button is broken. You can analyze all the steps and follow the one that you prefer easy. Hope this will be very useful for all the Android users.
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