Private Family Map To Find Real Time Location In Android

We live in a world which is modernized and technologically improved. With all of these evolution we still lack security in this society. The purpose of maintaining or seeking for security is something everyone should ponder about. In a state of walking alone in the streets or going out alone can sometimes be risky and fearful for us to its ultimate.

In such a case we will always wish if we have someone beside us, we will know that we are safe or at least we will get a confident to go ahead. But we will not have a partner to always accompany us. So today in this guide let’s see how to solve this problem. We see ladies travel out alone, either to their office or to the market. Husbands back from their work would be thinking if his wife is safe or has she reached home already. Not only this but we also see many children travel to out alone, either in vehicles or walking. In such a moment when the kids go out, the mothers would be constantly thinking of their child’s safety. When the parents send the kids out they will once in a while call to know if the kid is safe or have they reached the place. So continuously calling or messaging to know details can satisfy the parents back at home but it might turn out to be annoying to the kids or whoever is out. But other doing this what else can someone who stays in doors can o to know the state of the safety of someone who is out?

It’s obvious that when someone is out they can get delayed to reach home for various reasons, such as traffic and so on. But it might fear people back home. So to put a stop to all of these problems, we need the technology to intervene. Yes, you heard it right, by saying technology I didn’t mean that you have to call and message constantly to the other person but there is something more than that. You can now always check on the real time location of your loved ones when they go out. All you need is the app named ‘Family Locator- GPS Tracker’ (by zoemob). This application will erase off all the tension and the security problems. You can always keep an eye on the current location of your friends and family members and see where they are. This app will show you where they are moving to and along with that it will give you an alert of the speed limit. If the vehicle in which your kid or anyone is travelling in is moving over speed then you will be alerted soon with this app. There are many features in this app such as having a free chat with your friends or family who you have added in the app circle and also you can mark some specific places in the map and thereby when someone reach or leave the place you will get alerts.

Sounds awesome right? All you need is this one app and thereby you will not have to waste your time or money to know where your loved ones are and why are they late to reach home. Because you can yourself check on them constantly. So come now let’s see how to get this app done.

Find Real Time Location Of Family Member

You have to get the app named ‘Family Locator - GPS Tracker’ directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let’s move on to know how to check the real time location of your loved ones when they are not near you.

Firstly start the application in your phone and then register it with your mobile number.

Then you will be directed to the interface of the app in which you have to enable the location service.

Thereafter, you can send invitation to your friends and family who you wish to add to the app circle and keep an eye on their location.

Next, you have to click on the three dots in the top left corner of the app to check on your family code.

You can adjust others options of the app from the ‘Settings Tab’.

You can also set locations in the map, so that it will alert you when someone enter or leave that location.

That’s it. Now you have successfully configured the family locator app in your Android to check on the real time location of your loved ones. So you can download this app directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

You also can browse the feature of group messaging and so much more in the app.

Now you can stay connected to your friends or family even when they are out and this is one of the most secured way to check on the real time location.
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