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How to Reset iPhone or iPad Passcode

Is your iPhone or iPad disabled because you forgot your passcode? It can be really annoying if you forget your iPhone or iPad passcode. What would you do if this happens to you?

Nowadays we often use face detection ID and touch ID in our latest iPhone devices. We are less likely to use passwords unlike earlier. Since you rarely use your password there are chances that you forget it entirely.

While you are attempting your password and if your device is giving an error message which says 'iPhone is disabled, try again in 5 mins or you might get a message like 'iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes'. You don't have to get startled if you get such messages as you can recover your data and get your iPhone working fine.

Try to recall your password

First of all you should try to remember your password by recalling it. Doing this can save your time and the hassle of finding your password using some other ways. Make sure you recall it before trying any other methods.

We've heard some say that you can only use a four digit passcode in an iPhone but that is a misconception. There are also chances that you might not know whether you can use more than four digits because the option is somewhere deep into the settings. If you enable that in the settings you can easily put a numeric code with number of codes that you prefer or even use a full numeric password like in a website.

What if you are only trying to remember the four digit numbers although you have set custom alphanumeric or numeric passcode. Once you remember the four digit passcode you can try to recall the other digits. But you should be really concerned as your phone will be disabled if you enter the passcode for 6 time in a row.

What if you attempted to use the passcode for several time and your iPhone is disabled? You don't have to worry since we will take a look at ways to reset the passcode of your iPhone device.

What do the error messages mean

You will be getting a few different error messages in case you can't access your iPhone or iPad. Here let's take a look at two main error messages. One is 'iPhone is disabled, try again in x minutes' and the other one is 'iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes'.

If you attempted to enter your password for more than 5 times at a row then you will get the first error message. Your iPhone will lock your device for a longer period if you try to attempt the passcode again for every attempt. You will be locked out for 60 minutes after your attempted it for the 9th time.

You should remember that your phone will get locked completely after you attempted it for the 10th time. So when you try code for the 10th time you will witness the second message which is 'iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes'.

Once you get the second message which says you device is disabled and you need to connect to your iTunes then it's almost over. You cannot access the account until you reset your device with the help of iTunes.

What to do if you forget your passcode? Reset..!

If you are using an Apple phone then you don't have any other option than factory rest your iPhone or iPad if you forget your passcode. You would be lucky if you already backup your device before you forget your password as there won't be any other way to recover your data after a factory reset.

You don't have to worry about resetting your device if you have recently backed up your device to a computer using iTunes to iClouds. In this case you can recover your data after a factory reset.

Unlock a disabled iPhone or iPad using iTunes

It's possible to restore and reset your passcode of your iPhone or iPad if you have already synced your device with iTunes. Now let's take a look at the steps to clear your device with the help of iTunes.

If you have previously synced your device with a computer then connect your phone with it.

Head to iTunes. You can carry on if iTunes let you access without a passcode. In case if it is asking for your passcode you will have to connect your device with another PC that you have synced your device with. If this step doesn't work then you have to skip the process and go below to the recovery mode explanation.

Now you have to stay patient until the iTunes syncs your device and create a backup.
Tap the 'Restore iPhone' when the sync is completed and the restoration process is done. Now this will reinstall the iOS in your device.

iOS setup should show up on your device when reinstallation is complete. Now click 'Restore from iTunes backup'.

Finally to restore select the last backup option.

The above method will help you restore the devices data from the time you created the backup. Now you can see up a new passcode as it will remove the passcode which is already given.

What if you have a very poor memory so that you also forgot your new password? There are other options in this case. You can check more articles to find out.

How to erase an iPhone /iPad using iCloud

You can erase your iPhone or iPad with the help of iCloud if you have find my iPhone enabled in your device and if you have synced your phone with iCloud instead of iTunes. If you don't have any direct access to your device then you can try this method.

To access your iPhone from another device first you should know that your iPhone needs to be connected to WiFi or cellular data. What if there's no access to WiFi or data? In this case open the control center to toggle the options (if you have an iPhone 8 or earlier versions you can swipe up from the bottom. If you iPhone X or later then you can swipe down from the top right corner)

If your lock screen have disabled accessing to the control center or if unfortunately your device is not connected to the internet then there's no point in trying this method as it wouldn't work for you. But it's very rare for both these features to be inactive. To reset your iPhone or iPad now you'll have to move on with the next steps given below.

Let's take a look at how to format you iPhone using iCloud although we have verified all the necessities.

On a computer head to 'iCloud dashboard' and log into your Apple ID. We've already learnt how to reset a lost apple ID password so you don't have to worry.

Tap 'All device' which you will find at the top and chose your device.
Now tap 'Erase iPhone'.

That's all. This will erase all your data including the password from your phone remotely. Next you can select whether you have to 'Restore from iCloud backup' or 'Settings up your iPhone as new' on the setup screen. Set a new passcode after you have selected the options you prefer.

Reset iPhone or iPad using recovery mode

Using the recovery mode to erase your device would be the only option if in case you haven't synced your device with iTunes or iCloud. Recovery mode will allow you to set your device up as new by erase everything from your device permanently. Let's dive into the step by step guide on how to use recovery mode and erase your iPhone or iPad.

The first step would be to connect your iPhone device to your computer. Now open iTunes and to enter recovery mode and you have to tap on the hardware keys. Please note that these hardware keys combinations varies depending on your phone model. Below are our guide on the iPhone's recovery mode on different devices.

On iPhone 8, iPhone X or higher: You have to press and let go of the volume up option. Next tap the volume down button quickly and release. Finally until you see the recovery mode on the screen, press and hold the side button.

On iPhone 7 or iPhone 7plus: For this model you have to press and hold both the side and volume down button. These buttons should be pressed and hold at the same time until you see the recovery mode on the screen.

On iPhone 6S and earlier, iPad or iPod touch: You have to press and hold home and the top side button at the same time. Let go of the buttons after you see the recovery mode on the screen.

After you entered the recovery mode your iTunes will direct you to a screen where you have to choose between restore or update your iPhone. Next you have to click restore.

Now the iTunes will be starting to download the software for your iPhone device. The download should take less than 15 mins if it takes more than that then the iPhone will automatically exit the recovery mode. If you come across this issue then you will have to follow the above methods from the beginning. Now you can setup your iPhone and use a new passcode after the process is done.

All your data will be completely lost if you don't have a backup system.

Reset a disabled iPhone or iPad without iTunes

Do you know that Apple values the protection of their users by securing the privacy of their devices? So they take pride in this fact. Although the Apple's privacy policy and the security infrastructure is the best but it's not bullet proof. There was this instance where a developer tried to check the vulnerablity of iOS 10.3.3 and iOS 11 beta by using $500 box. He performed a forceful brute attach which went through the lock screen.

This method called brute force takes several days to work which depend on the complex password. Apple covers such exposure of the device briskly.

Using this method is not very practical to go around with your password. It's considered unlucky if you have an unprotected version of iOS in your device not only because of the price of the box but this method should only be done if you have important data in your phone that you are not willing to lose. So resetting your password is the option.

You can also unlock your device by some other third-party tools if you don't like to use iTunes. Dr.fone's unlock feature is one of the third-party toolkits that can be used (if you already have enabled find my iPhone feature in your device). This app works similar to the previous restoring process to run you iPhone or iPad. First it puts the iPhone in recovery mode and then install the new versions of iOS.

Always backup

We've looked at so many ways to remove your iPhone or iPad passcode successfully. Learning from the experience by going back to the basic is the best thing to do. Let's take a look at what you should do. The below methods are not in a particular order.

Keep iOS update: There are so many new brute boxes that utilize the vulnerablity of an iOS device have immerged. There's this advantage where apple quickly resolves this vulnerability very fast. So you always should keep your iOS device updated.

Create a strong yet memorable passcode: A strong password doesn't have to be hard to remember.

Keep your device backed up: You should remember to backup your device often in several ways.

Now we've learnt all the steps to recover your forgotten iPhone or iPad passcode. Hope this article was useful.

How To Schedule Text Message In iPhone

Smartphones are one devices that has turned out to be one of the most essential element in our lives today. We literally is in a state to make things easier with a smartphone. Among all the operating systems found, iOS is a system that has a different level of prestige in it. iPhones are always the best phones in the market. It comes with a high quality camera, sound system and space. Thereby today we are about to see the messages scheduling feature which isn't available in the iPhones but can be added to it.

Today its quiet easy to remember things when we have a smartphone in our hands. We can set reminders on specific dates and times regarding the needed reminder. But still with all the works and busy schedules that we have, we might forget a lot of things. Especially birthdays and such special occasions. Not being able to wish our loved ones at 12 on their birthday is not going to be okay and they are not going to spare you for that. This will happen either when you are busy with works or even if you are an early bird to bed you might fall asleep. So such things can be a great problem and that is why we wish we had a feature in our iPhones on scheduling text messages in advance and they automatically get delivered on the specific time we provide. But the system doesn't come with such a feature.

One of my friend in the office, who always forgets to send the data message to the boss on time, always ends up with reason on the boss' desk. This made him wild, he was so eager to find a way to send the data on the given time. He sat and made a research and came up with a brilliant way on how to schedule text messages in iPhone in advance. This saved him from further problems in the office. Now what he does is, once the work is completed, he schedules a message and that is all. Work done simple. 

So this would make the life easier. You will not have to stay awake till twelve in the mid night or stop all your work to drop a message when you have this option in your phone. If you are also looking for a way to schedule messages in your iPhone then here you are at the right place. I am going to give you a brief explanation on how to get your iPhone updated with the new feature and have two methods for you to follow. The first is using the app 'Auto Sender- Auto Text Later' and the other is the 'Scheduled App'. Lets see one at a time in a step by step procedure.

Schedule Text Message In iPhone

Using AutoSender- Auto Text Later

You have to get the app named 'AutoSender-Auto Text Later' directly from the Apple app store to your iOS device.

Let's move on to know how to schedule text messages in iPhone to send them on the provided time.

Firstly you have to launch the app in your iPhone and then in the main interface of the app click on the 'Create Message' and then type in the message and fill in the other needed information including the time and date for the message to be sent. Select 'Once' if the message is scheduled only for once. Select the contacts and then press 'Schedule'.

If you wish to set repetitive messages then select the option 'Repeat' and then chose the frequency.

When done, you will see the scheduled messages in the home page. You can customize the messages if needed.

That's it, now this way you can easily schedule messages using this app, which is quiet a very easy task to complete. So you can download 'AutoSender' application directly from apple app store to your iPhone device by Clicking here.

Now lets take a look at how to schedule messages using the app 'Scheduled app'.

Using Scheduled App

You have to get 'Scheduled App' directly from app store to your iPhone.

Now lets see on how to schedule messages in advance to send them on the particular time.

You have to launch the app in your phone and in the home screen click on the 'Create Message' option.

Then it will open to a new tab, there you have to select the recipient/s option and select the contacts that you want the message to be sent to and type in the message.

Next, press the 'Schedule Date' option and chose the date and time as per your requirement. When selected, tap on the button 'Schedule Message'.

That's it, now your messages will be scheduled, you can adjust the date and time as you like and customize it. The messages will be automatically sent to the contacts on time.

Alternative Apps 

Apart from the above mentioned apps, there are a few other apps that you can check out as an alternatives These apps also works wonder on helping you by sending the messages you schedule on the right time to the right person. Not only that these apps will also help you schedule social media posts that can be done in advanced. So without wasting time let’s move on to check on the alternative apps that can schedule text messages for later. 

Delayd: This is an amazing app which has got it’s standard among it’s users to schedule text messages. It is quite easy to work with this app. All that you got to do is get the app and register it with your phone number. You can also login using your email id, Facebook account or even Twitter.

As I said, this app is easy to use and everything that you need is easily categorized in it’s main interface. To schedule messages you have to simply select the category either SMS, email, Facebook or Twitter. Then select the contact, select the time and date and type in the message. Simple as that.

But note that the message won't be sent to the receiver from your phone number but from the Delayd app’s own number. Apart from that, a easy to use app in need. 

Text Timer: This is simply a text message scheduling app which works best for all your messages that should be sent on the right time at the right date. This text time is easier to use than the ‘Delayd’ app. To schedule a message all you got to do is, tap on the ‘Compose’ button, select the date and the time, choose the contact to whom you want to send the message to and type the message. Done!

Now the app will automatically send the message to the recipient at the given time. Doesn’t that sound quiet simple. The best part is this app doesn’t lag and importantly doesn’t forget to send the message. It works perfectly and I would say this is a great alternative to use.

We now saw few methods on how to schedule messages. You can use any of the above mentioned apps as you wish and makes messaging easier now. Hope this would save a lot of your time and at the same time would save relationships and jobs. You can customized any amount of messages in advance and schedule them now with no complications.