How to Edit Stunning Photos Using Android Phone

Technology is becoming advanced day by day and people are getting used to the lifestyle with new devices and equipment. One of the devices which has influenced people in a huge way is the smartphone. Phones have become very convenient for people to stay in contact with others and to carry on so many other tasks.

Smartphone is something that’s been used by almost everyone for different purposes. Since the evolvement of social media, people are more inclined towards using their mobile device. Social media like Facebook Instagram etc.. has taken a place in our lives. People are addicted to social media like Facebook and Instagram so that they post pictures very often. In fact, sharing pictures in social media is a trend right now. When it come to sharing picture in social media we mostly look into the quality of the picture. A picture should look good and be trendy at the same time. This is why there are so many editing apps available to download now.

When we come across the photo editing apps, we see that most of them are paid apps. Not everyone would want to spend on an app that they don’t know about. There are also free apps available but not all of them have all the needed features. So, some of them use so many different apps to make use of the different features they want. Finding a good app with all the features in one would make out social media lives very convenient. Are you all finding such an app that has all the needed features? Are you startled about what app to download? Do not worry as we have come up with one of the best app with all the features in them which you will love. This app comes with all the necessary updates what you fellow Instagram users look for. The app that we are talking about is called 'Snapseed'. This is one of the best app to start out your photo editing task.

In that case we should talk about the important features that the app contains. So lets first mention the standard features like brightness, contrast, crop, rotate and many more options are readily available in the app. Also the tools like ambiance, perspective and brush make this app extra special. If you take a look at the brush tool, it will help you to edit a certain portion of your picture as you want and it could be used to add more color to your image. Ambiance is somewhat similar where it will allow you to instantly brighten up your picture and add a filter. This app has one of the coolest tool which is known as 'Healing'. This interesting feature will allow you to remove unwanted object in the background of your image. Photobombs like buildings, people or any other objects can be easily extracted.

We should not forget the other interesting features such as perspective, saturation, selective function, white balance etc. There are also some important tools like sharpen, shadow, contrast, warmth available in the app. Your can open the picture in JPEG or RAW files and you can find selective filter brushes. Do you know that this app also allows you to save your edited personal looks so that you can apply them later to another picture easily? All the saved styles can also be adjusted and controlled for precision. There are many more other features and tools available in this app but you can know about them when you get hold of the app. Snapseed is very easy to handle and understand so you wouldn’t have any confusions. Without further delay we will see how to get this app in your device.

How to Edit Stunning Photos Using Android

You have to get the app named 'Snapseed' directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us move on to know how to edit your ordinary picture to be perfect using trendy filters, effects and other tools.
Firstly launch the app in your device and click the plus (+) icon to add a picture from your gallery. You will find this option in the main interface of your app.

Select the picture that you intend to edit. Now the picture will be loaded in your app and you have to click the icon in the top right corner to edit your image.

Next you picture will be readily available for the edit. You will see different filters and effects that you can select from.

Next head to 'Settings' by tapping the three-dot icon from the top corner and there you can adjust your picture size, quality and picture format.

When you are done go back to the main interface of the app and then use the 'Style tab' to change photo filter. Tools like crop, healing, brush etc. can be found in the tools tab.

Have you edited your picture? Then now it's time for you to save your image that you edited. Click 'Export' to share the final picture to your iCloud or you can directly share it to your social media. Other than that, you can save the pictures to your phone storage directly.

Now we have looked into the basic editing features that can be used to edit your pictures easily using 'Snapseed' application with no much hassle or hard times. So you can download this app directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone by Clicking here.

Making our pictures beautiful and profession has become so effortless. Nowadays its very important to edit your pictures before you share them to social media so that you can stand out and make a new trend rotating around. Hop on to the track and enjoy editing all you beautiful pictures within minutes.
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