How To Unlock Mac Computer Using Android Finger Print

Finger print unlock system is one of the most secured way to protect smartphones from others accessing your phone. iPhone and Samsung are already famous for finger print unlocking method in their latest products. So today I'm going to discuss something related to finger print unlocking method which interact with smartphone and Mac system by Apple.

Normally if you own a Mac computer and iPhone you could do many interconnected tasks with both the devices such as app sync or unlock Mac using iPhone. But if you own a Mac computer and Android device you might miss most of the interconnect facilities between Mac and Android, which you might at times need so badly to have. So in this article I'm going to share a trick which let you to unlock Mac device using Android finger print.

We all know how effective it is to have a finger print sensor in our devices for the purpose of securing it and also for the convenience. Today most of the smartphones comes with this feature, even if the device doesn't have it inbuilt then you have the ability to get it installed. So in this case, we know how it has not been easy to operate 'Mac' using the Android smartphone fingerprint scanner. But not to worry there are a few developers trying to find a way out for those who own an Android smartphone and a Mac. Thereby you will be able to now manage and use them both together without any difficulties. Let us check on how to get it done, but before that there are a few requirements that is needed to unlock your Mac with the Android device. So let us check on those requirements:


Your Android device should be running with 6.0 marshmallow or above. If you are owning a Samsung device then it will work on 5.0 Lollipop or above.

Have macOS EI caption 10.11 or above that.

The DroidID uses the Bluetooth pair the Mac with the Android device. So in that case, the Bluetooth should always be enabled in both the devices. Not to worry about the battery life, as it uses the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) the battery drainage is very minimal.

Make sure you have the finger print configured on your Android device.

Unlock Mac Using Android Finger Print

You have to get the app named DroidID for both the Mac and Android smartphone or tablet. 

Let's move on to know, how to unlock your Mac computer using Android finger print.
Firstly, start the app in Android phone and you will see a code. Note down that code.

Now start the droidID app in you Mac computer and enter the code which you have already noted down from your Android device from the above mentioned step. Below the code, enter your Mac login password as well. Finally click on connect button. This password will be secured in the key-chain and you can get it verified in the same key-chain access.

Once you finish the setup Mac device will show as 'DroidID Is Ready' message on the Mac, you have to simply close it.

Once done, your Android device will ask to authorize with your finger print which is already registered in your Android phone.

From now whenever the Mac screen goes sleep or the screensavers starts, you will have to simply open the DroidID and scan your fingerprint to proceed. Doing so the Mac should allow you to enter automatically without requesting for you to type in the password. and know that Mac doesn't work when you manually lock the Mac  by pressing the account from the menu bar and clicking on the 'Login Window'. 

You can also configure the DroidID to start automatically every time the Mac restarts. To get this done, click on the Apple logo from the menu bar and select the 'System Preferences'.

Then select the 'User And Groups' from the options.

Now go to the 'Login Items' and click on the '+' icon.

Next, locate the place where your was downloaded and click on the 'Add' button.

That's it, now it will start automatically every time your Mac starts and so you will not have to do it manually when ever you want it to.

So this is one of the simple way to setup your Mac computer to unlock using Android finger print. You can download Droidid app for Android by Clicking here and as well as you can get Mac Droidid by Clicking here.

If you have Mac and a finger print enabled Android device like S7 or S7 edge, this guide is the best way to unlock Mac computer using Android finger print. So using the above mentioned methods you will now be able to get more closer to your Mac and thereby use it more effectively in a simpler ways.
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