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Can Android Data Be Recovered After Factory Reset

Is it possible to retrieve data after a factory reset on your device? Let's take a look at some common answers and steps to perform a factory reset on your Android device. A factory reset should be performed if you are planning to sell your phone or if your phone has some serious issues.

In this article we will be talking about carrying out a factory reset and also the methods of recovering your data after a factory reset.

What is a factory reset

The process that you undergo on your devices like a phone or tablet is known as a factory reset. The name 'Factory reset' derived because it deletes all your personal data from the device by giving you a device in its original state as it is when it left the factory.

Factory reset is also called 'Master reset' or 'System restore' sometimes. Have you come across the term 'Wiping' a device? People usually refer to this term instead of factory reset. Both means the same.

Why perform a factory reset

The reasons for a factory reset defers according to your need. The main reason you want to perform a factory reset is when you want to sell your device because you don't want the buyer to access your personal data when you pass down the phone. So it's essential that you do a factory reset beforehand.

Another reason is when you have used your device for quite a long time and is filled with apps and more data that you don't use. All these apps would make your device slow and laggy so it's recommended to do a factory reset so that your phone will be back to a clean state. This will also make the device run faster as normal. After the factory reset you can choose the important apps and install it in your device.

Also it's not possible to fix the issue if your device has got some serious software problems. The only thing you got to do is to perform a factory reset which is curb the problem.

How To Perform Factory Reset In Android

Performing a factory reset is not so hard in Android device. In the Android settings you can find the option for performing a factory reset.

If you are planning to reset your device, make sure you have backed up all you important data on your device. Media's like your photos, videos and music should be backed up along with your favorite apps.

Here's how to perform a factory reset on Android.

Go to 'Settings' in your Android device and t
ap 'System' by scrolling down to the bottom.

In the system you will find more options. Click 'Advanced' to show more subheadings and there you will see a menu called
'Reset option', tap on it.

Next tap the option 'Erase all data (factory reset)'.

In the next page you will get the warning signs which says continuing with the reset will erase all data. Data like Google account, setting, system, apps, music, photos and all the other data will be erased.

Finally in the bottom of the page you will find 'Delete all' option. Tap it if you want to perform the factory reset. 

Once you click on it you will be asked for a PIN or password. After entering the PIN click Next and 
confirm the factory reset.

That's all. Now the factory reset process will begin. After it is done you can start fresh configuration in Android settings.
Can data be recovered after a factory reset

Do you know that all your data isn't removed when you do a factory reset? people think that after performing a factory reset everything will be gone and you cannot access it any more but it's not the case.

If you accidentally perform a factory reset it's possible to recover all your data back. But what if you did a factory reset to protect all your data? It would be a problem in this case.

Android built-in data encryption

Few years back even if you perform a factory reset all you data won't be deleted. Some data will still remain in your internal storage because Android was not encrypted by default. In this case, y
ou can install a data recovery tool to an already reset device and extract your deleted files such as contacts, texts and photos and more.

But nowadays Android devices are encrypted with default since Android 6 marshmallow. Now you don't have to worry because anyone can't access your data after factory reset by using those forensic tools. Still there are also certain tool which helps to access your data after reset but the data is not read or accessible by anyone since the data is encrypted.

This is why you should consider encrypting your smart device.

Cloud backups are still vulnerable

Although you can encrypt your device it doesn't mean that you loose all the data. Now you can store all you data online which is called 'Cloud backup'. You can save all you data from your Android device in your Google account by syncing all of them.

The data which we are talking about includes all you app data, browser data (in case if you use Google chrome), calendar, documents, contacts and all the other files that are stored in your docs or drive. After you reset your device you can restore all the data if you need while you are doing the setup process.

Please note that your data is not completely safe in the cloud backup because of the insecurities. In case if your want to clear all your data without any remains completely, the cloud backup accounts should be closed.

Remove data from Android device 

There will be instances where you don't want your data to be accessed after a factory reset. Then you can overwrite the existing data with the use of some 
over write tools which will turn it to garbage data in your device. If you do this you won't have to worry about anyone accessing your data.

The app called 'Shredit' can be used for this purpose and you can securely over-write the existing data from your Android device. Both the external and internal storage from your device will be cleared completely with this tool.

Perform factory reset successfully in Android device

In this guide we have detailly explained how to perform factory reset and how to delete all the data from your Android device. If your phone has a nagging software or is running slow then you have to do a factory reset. But resetting your device will not delete all the personal data in your device.

So when you sell your device or pass it to anyone make sure you take extra precaution to protect your data. You can use apps like 'Shreddit' before resetting your device to overwrite the existing files. This will help you to destroy all your data permanently. Doing this would make you worry less since no one can recover your data.

Get Alert If Someone Tries To Pick-Pocket Your Android Phone

Thefts are very common nowadays, we see so many news and videos on how thieves makes a way to steal precious things from others. There are too many people waiting eagerly for a chance and the poor victims have to unfortunately lose their hard earned stuffs. 

Today the easiest device to be stolen is the smartphones. We carry our phones everywhere we go and sometimes we might miss it, at such moments it will be confusing whether is kept it somewhere and forgot it or whether someone stole it. Things would get clear only if we have a way to safeguard devices, so today let us see on how to protect our android smartphones from thefts. There are so many of us, who have to travel in a public vehicles like bus and train. When traveling, everyday will not be similar, there can be days when the bus or the train would be crowded and you will be stuck in between.

In such moments we will not know even of someone opens our bags and take the phone out of it, not only that but it will also be quiet easy in a crowded place to slowly take the phone out from your pocket. And when you realize your phone is missing, it would be too late.

A similar incident happened to a friend of mine, who bought a new Android smartphone and placed it in her jeans pocket. She went to a crowded market and when came back to find that her phone was missing, it was too late for her to regret and though she went back to the market to find for it, she couldn’t as it is actually not easy to find the phone if someone has stolen it. She then got a new phone but this time, she didn’t want to be careless, as she frequently travels in buses and trains and moves around in and out of crowded places, she wanted to find a way to safeguard her phone from being stolen. What she came up with was actually a life saving option and is definitely a must have feature added in.

Wondering what it is? Let me tell you, it is an application named ‘Anti- Theft Alarm’ which will be the helping hand to safeguard your phone. How it helps is, when someone tries to take your phone from your bag or your pocket, it will start to raise an alarm immediately. Doing so, you will know that someone has kept their hands on your phone. The best part is, it will not stop ringing unless you update the pass-code/ password to stop it. This will be an amazing option to protect your phone won’t it? Well, there are also a few other features available in the app. All of them come under the modes such as ‘Charger Detector Mode’, ‘Motion Detection Mode’, ‘Proximity Detection Mode’ and the ‘Sim Detection Mode’. The 'Charger Detector' works when someone tries to remove your phone from the charger, the 'Motion Detection' starts to raise an alarm when the phone is given a sudden motion or a movement, 'Sim Detection Mode' will literally help by sending a SMS or email to the provided number/ ID when someone removes the sim from the phone and finally the 'Proximity Detection' is the best feature of them all, which will raise a loud alarm when the phone is taken out from the bag or pocket.

The features sounds to be so trilling and amazing right? To all of you who always works with tension thinking of anyone is using or checking your phone when you are not around, also the ones who travel frequently on public transportation and not only that this app will also be helpful when you are home, so that no one will remove your phone from the charger half the way. This is a great preventive measure that can be used by everyone to safeguard our Android smartphones. So come let is check on how to get it done.

Protect Your Android Phone From Pick Pocket

You have to get the app named ‘Anti Theft Alarm’ directly from the Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let us move on to check how to prevent others from taking our phones without our conscious and also from our phones being stolen.

Firstly, open the app in your device and register it by using either your mobile number, email ID or Facebook account.

Then select one from the 'Proximity Mode' or 'Detection Mode' from the main interface of the app. Select the mode required to your needs. If you want the app to raise alarm when someone take out the phone from your purse or pocket then select the 'Proximity Detection Mode'. I am going to use the 'Proximity Mode' to continue the process.

Next you will have to configure with a pass-code or a pattern lock. Remember the lock carefully as it is needed to stop the alarm tone when the mode is activated.

Thereby the alarm will not stop until you provide the pass-code.

When the password configuration is done, click in the 'Proximity Mode' and you will have 5 seconds to lock the phone and have it inside your pocket.

That’s it, now the app will be activated and help you protect your phone from any kind of security issues. You can also adjust the time period for the security alarm, alarm tone, motion sensitivity and so from the settings tab.

Now onwards you will be able to safeguard your phone from any kind of thefts or misuse. So you can download ‘Anti Theft Alarm’ app directly from the google playstore to your Android smartphones by Clicking here.

I hope this would be a great help for each and everyone of the Android users, as you will not have to worry of your phone getting stolen or even if you have any doubt of someone sneaking into your phone when you are not around, then you can get it cleared too.

How To Disable Location Tracking In Android Device

Android devices have  turned out to be one of the best and easiest device to use, and that is why it is named as the user friendly device. We can change and customize some features according to our desire in an Android with the help of third party apps. Day by day we witness how every devices are taking a moderate step towards a new update. As the smartphones are getting advanced with new updates now and then, we should also stay alerted with all of them. 

So many new things will pop up which can be something that’s good for us and our smart devices, and some can literally be something that can hinder our privacy. Likewise we should not ignore the new updates of the phones, as they are always designed in a way to help us have a better experience with our smartphones. But recently there have been some updates that the Android smart device users didn’t much like to have them in their phones. Turning off such updates were felt better by most of the users and not to worry that such changes can be done in an Android without a trouble.

One such factor is the location tracking method in our Android smart phones. This method of location tracking is kept for many reasons such as detecting the weather, to find your lost device, to check driving directions and so on.

But at the same time, having the location on every time and letting our Android track our location everywhere we go is something that can be hindering our privacy too. Because we might be there under someone’s eyes all the time. So in such case Android also lets you to turnoff what you feel not okay with you. So now let’s see a few ways in which we can easily disable the location tracking in our Android smartphone to have our privacy maintained over the convenience of other factors.

How To Completely Disable Location Tracking

You can completely stop your Android from tracking your location through the device level in settings. Let’s see how .

Firstly open the ‘Settings’ option and then click on the ‘Location’.

There you will see an ON/OFF toggle button beside the location on the top right corner of the screen. Simply toggle right to turn off the location tracking ability in your Android. 

This will now stop the location from tracking in your phone and no apps will be able to use your location unless you turn it on again.

How To Disable Location Service For Specific Apps

If you wish to have the location service on for some particular apps then you can also disable it for some of the specific apps as you wish. So that the apps in which you turn off the location will not be able to use the location service.

Go to the ‘Settings’ option and from their select the ‘Apps’ option.

Then select the app in which you want the location to be disabled.

Next you will be on the app info screen, there you have to select the ‘Permission’ option.

Now you have to turn off the location by simply pressing on the toggle button beside the ‘Location’ option.

Now the location service will be disabled for the apps that you decided to turn off.

How To Delete The Location History From Google Account

If your phone had the location tracking service on from the beginning or for a long time, then all the locations will be saved in your Google account. You can view, edit or even delete those locations. Let’s see how.

Go to the ‘Settings’ option and select the ‘Location’.

Next, scroll down and select the ‘Google Location History’.

Then you will see a pop up appear, there you have to select the Google account from which you want the history of your locations to be deleted.

Thereafter, under the ‘Location History’ section, you have to tap on the ‘Manage Activity’.

Now tap on the three dots icon which is available on the top right corner of your screen and there select the ‘Settings and Privacy’.

There a new screen will appear, you have to choose the ‘Delete All Location History’ option or you can also choose the ‘Delete Location History Range’ as your preference.

Next, a confirmation pop up will appear, tap on ‘Delete’ to confirm the deleting process.

So now this way all the locations that were saved in your account will be deleted permanently from your Google account as you prefer.

That’s it, now we have checked on the possible ways on how we can delete or turn of the location tracking service from our Android smart phones for our own safety and to maintain our privacy. You can in the same method simply turn on the location any time you wish too. You can now decide on how you want to protect your location privacy and decide on any of the one method mentioned out of the three. Hope this will be very helpful for all those who want to turn of the location tracking service.