Best Insurance Apps in India

We should all consider and take care of our health before everything else. Being healthy is the first priority but today it have become a real task to be healthy. So many unhealthy habits and so many new illness going on have changed the lifestyles of everyone. Just as health conscious we are, we should also think of how to cope up with unexpected health issues we might have to face and the best form of way for that is to have a best health insurance plan.

There are so many insurance policies available today for the betterment of us and we have to be smart enough to choose the right and the best insurance policies. It can be confusing at times on what to select and how to select, so that is why I am here to give you a brief explanation about health insurances.

Types of insurance apps in India

In India there are many types of insurance policies available such as, 

Car insurance
Health insurance
Travel insurance
Property insurance and many more. 

The main purpose of having an insurance is to benefit from it at difficult times. That is why we have to select the right insurance. We have to take into consideration some of the rules and factors before we get an insurance.

So let us take a look into which app will be handy and will help us with the best insurance policy.

Brief look at the best insurance apps in India

Using an insurance app, you can manage, track and purchase their insurance policies through the mobile app itself. Those apps will have the features of being able to compare the quotes, buy policies, file complaints, make payments and etc.

Among all the benefits that can be gained using an insurance app, the best one is the ability to easily purchase and manage the insurance policies. Along with that when a premium payment is done using the app, it will provide cash back offers and discounts.

The ability to file claims directly using the app and being able to track the policy details is one of the plus in the app for the policy holders.

Best insurance apps in India

1. Bajaj Allianz Life - Being one of the leading Bajaj Allianz General insurance Co.Ltd in India provide the best customer service and focuses on its customers at every level. The inclusive insurance app that is provided by the Bajaj company helps with providing the features of policy management, premium payments, claim settlements and more. The app is available in both ios and android.

2. HDFC ERGO General insurance company - This is also one of the leading company’s app in India among the other insurance companies. HDFC app offers a huge range of options and services to the insurance holder. Policy management, claim settlements, premium payments and much more are available in this app too.

3. Niva Bupa Health Insurance - This is a joint company between the UK based Max group and India’s Bupa finance plc. This have a great range of hospitals and clinics around the country to make it easier for the people and also provides access to a wide array of health insurance plans. This too provides the important features such as the policy management, claim settlement, premium payments, cashless hospitalizations and more.

4. ILTakecare insurance app - The ICICI Lombard GIC Ltd is one among the largest private sector general insurers in India. They provide many insurance such as Health insurance, motor insurance, travel, home, student insurance and medical insurance.

5. SBI general insurance - This insurance company is a joint venture between the State bank of India and Insurance Australia Group. They too provide many insurance services such as the health, motor, travel, home and many more. The features of policy management, claim settlements , cashless hospitalizations and more are available.

6. Reliance self-i - The Reliance General insurance company provide general insurance policies to individuals, businesses and organizations. They got around 17000 trustworthy agents around the country, which makes the delivery convenient and on time. Also the users can purchase and mange policies using the online app which is more reliable. The company’s customer service is available 24/7 which will help the customers at any time needed.

What are the things to consider when choosing an insurance app?

The transparency and the security of the app is very important and that is what we should consider in the first place. Take a note and check if the app will give you all the details of what information they will collect from you and how those will be used.

Make sure it have a privacy policy and an encryption to protect all your information and personal data.

Design and usability

The design and the usability of the app should also be considered when selecting the insurance app. The app should be easy to use and navigate. Also the design should be very simple and professional by being informative and responsive.

Promotional offers

Many apps provides promotional offers, rewards and discounts when the user’s purchase certain products using the app. But to gain these offers you should read the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing them.

You should also consider the customer service options when choosing the insurance app. Check whether the app is available and provides details through chats, mails or phone. Also make a check on their FAQ section in their website or whether have online forums to clear your doubts.


So as we saw there are many different insurance apps available to choose from and all of them provide their service in a great way according. So it is up to you to select the right one and learn about the apps before confirming to get them. Make sure you check on their transparency, security, design and usability. Also the promotions and customer service options should be available.
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