Best App For Video Calls And Chat In Android

Nowadays people cannot live without their smartphones. From our bank account to buying groceries everything can be done using the phone. People are getting used to this convenient lifestyle as they can get things done with just a touch. People are more concerned about upgrading their phone so we often get new updates to keep all the apps and the software up to date with added new features.

Here in this article we will learn about a video chat application that can be very useful overall. Life isn't the same any more. We are moving forward at a faster pace. The world is often changing and most of our lives are spent on our mobile devices. People do their office work staying at home with their own comfort. In this case it's really important that we have a video chat application so we can communicate with our pears easily. We must use a good video app which gives enough talk time with no lagging. who wouldn't prefer a free app over a paid one if the quality of the call is good.

Nowadays work happens online from home and even classes are conducted online for students. People rely on conference calls, video calls and also voice calls depending on their need. One of the best app for this purpose is 'Google duo'. This simple yet powerful app comes with different types of features with an easy interface. Google duo's conference calls work great. If you are in a business meeting you can connect up to 8 people in a conference call. This is such a convenient way where you don't have to arrange a physical meeting, instead you simply can work from your home. There are also so many other special features like call recording and recording the voice messages. If you couldn't attend the conference on time then you can catch up with the previous ones you missed and also the previous sessions can be recorded so you can watch some other time. You can use Google duo for personal use as well.

Google duo is loaded with amazing features. This app is not limited to only your phone but you also have a PC version of this app. iOS users do not have to worry as Google duo supports iOS and also Android devices. So now we know the details of this app. Let's take a look at how to get started.

How To Use Google Duo For Video Calls And Chat

You have to get the app named 'Google duo' directly from google playstore to your android smartphone or tablet.

Now let us move on to know how to set it up so that you can enjoy uninterrupted video calls or audio calls with your loved ones.

Firstly launch the app in your android device and then it will ask for some permission for accessing. Now accept all the terms and conditions.

In case if you have 6.0 Android device or anything higher than that then the app will ask for permission for each one separately so you will have to give the permission one by one for everything by tapping 'Allow'.

Next you will have to get registered in the app by entering your phone number.

To continue with the process the app will send a verification code to your message inbox. Next to carry on you have to enter the number which was sent.

We are done with the settings now. The settings are very easy to grasp so now you are ready to use the Google duo which is very easy. This can be downloaded directly from your Google playstore to your Android device by Clicking here

Google Duo - Groups and calling

There's another added feature in this app where it allows you to add around 12 people in the conference call which is wonderful. Let's move on with the steps.

First you have to go to your contacts. You'll see all your contacts in a list. Above the contacts you will find an option called 'Create group'. After that you can select the contacts one by one adding them to the group.

So now you have selected all the desired contacts from your list. Next you will have to come up with a name for your group. Once you're done with the name click 'Save'. Now you have a separate group that will show in your contact list so it is easy for you to add them in just one touch.

Other settings and features 

We already saw some interesting features above but apart from that there are also so many other options and features available in this app. Let's dig in.

In the top right corner of the screen you will find those three vertical dots which are on the menu. When you touch it you will get many options. Go to 'Settings' and tap it.

When you touch the settings it will show all the blocked contacts and also your account information. Here's where you find the notification settings as well.

Do you know this interesting feature by Google duo? You simply have to go to the settings and you will find an option called 'Knock knock'. This feature will provide you a live video of the person who is attempting to connect with you even before you answer the call.

Are you in a poorly lit room? Then you can enable light mode which will let the other party see you clearly even though you have a poor quality lighting. You can also disable it any time.

You can also save your data by reducing the quality of the video by 720p. This you can adjust on the data saving mode.

Another option is that you can connect your duo call history with the call history of your phone.

Finally we have come to an end. Now it would be easier for you to set up your Google duo app with no hassle. Enjoy free video and audio calls in high quality with your loved ones using Google duo.