Load Websites Faster In Google Chrome - Android

Today as the world is moving faster towards the technological side, we depend upon the internet for everything. We all know how often we use Google chrome to browse whatever we want using our smart device. Google chrome is one of the easiest and the best web browser available. Not only in PC but also in Android devices we can efficiently use the Google chrome.

When we use Google chrome, we sometimes open as many tabs as possible for the purpose of our work. In a time like this, the web browser might slow down and reduce its speed; it might even show error messages or stop responding. This normally occurs in chrome.

When the chrome slows down or stops responding, all our works will be in a problem, we might lose some important sites or we might not be able to get some important information at the particular time. We not only use Google chrome for fun browsing, but there are many who does their works using the chrome web browser and when it starts to show problems, all the progressing works will be in danger. For this purpose we wish if the chrome could load faster in Android.

No worries, we are here to help you overcome the slow processing chrome and make it load faster without stop responding. There are a few methods that you can follow to get this done. They are simple and easy. Most importantly they will help you works faster by boosting the speed of the Chrome. Let’s take a look at each procedure in a step by step explanation. Here we are also going to see how to edit some hidden features in chrome.

How To Make Chrome Faster in Android

Turn On Data Saver Feature

Turn on the 'Data Saver' in your Android. This will help to load the browser faster by sending a data to the Google’s server to compress and optimize. So by doing this it will help Chrome work faster and not only that it will save the usage of data too.

To enable the data saver in Android you have to tap on the 'Three Dot' menu on the top right of the screen and go to setting and then press data saver and enable it.

Kill The Cache

Cache will actually help faster the web browser but having too many cache can cut down the speed of the browser, as the files will get fragmented and corrupted. So it’s always better to clean the cache at least ones a week.

To clear the cache, go to the phone’s Settings > Apps > Chrome > Clear Cache.

Prefetch Page Resources

'Prefetch' is a Google chrome feature that loads the sites that you might click on. When you enter into a page, there will be more other pages or links, this prefetch will preload those pages and links even before you click on them. It might waste a little more of your MB but if you prefer to make things pretty faster, then you can enable this method.

To enable it open Google Chrome Settings > Privacy > Prefetch > Page Resources > Always.

Chrome Flags

First of all you have to get the latest version of Google chrome on your Android. Then type Chrome: // Flags and press enter.

Now you will see a lot of hidden settings of Chrome.

Here look for the option “Maximum Tiles For Interest Area Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android”

There you will see the RAM value which is by default at its initial. You have to change it to its maximum, either 256 or 512.

Next simply press the ‘Relaunch Now’ button.

Clear Out The JavaScript

The JavaScript makes our browsing experience better and fun in some kind of a way, as it allows all the web apps interaction, endless scrolling of the pages and also give social buttons and so much more.

But still it is possible to clear out the JavaScript and have an even better browsing experience by speeding up Chrome. Along with that, it will also help you to get rid of certain ads that popup and some such other factors than can annoy you while browsing. So getting rid of the JavaScript will help boost up the browsing speed in chrome.

How To Disable JavaScript

If you are willing to disable the JavaScript in your chrome, then you can easily do so by following a few steps mentioned below.

Firstly, open the chrome in your Android smartphone.

Then tap on the 'Three Dot' menu button which is available on the top right corner of the screen.

Next select ‘Settings’ > ‘Site Settings’ option.

Now tap on the ‘JavaScript’ and toggle the switch off.

There is also another option on the menu screen where you can add a specific website or some websites as an exception to the JavaScript ban.

Keep Google Chrome Updated

The chrome developer team will always be finding out ways to make Chrome better in all possible ways, so in that way they send new updates with new features added in or to even bug fixes. So sometime bugs and such issues can also slow down the browsing experience. That is why we have to make sure we keep apps and browsers up to date with the latest versions. It will help with a better performance.

That’s it. You are done now. Now your web pages will load faster without any errors. All these methods are used to boost up the Android device’s Google chrome web browsers to work faster efficiently. Hope you use any one of the methods mentioned above and enjoy a fast Chrome browser.