How To Make Prank Call To Anyone With Any Number

Hi friends, today I'm going to introduce you to an interesting  android application that will allow you to make pranks calls to your friends and family member by hiding the exact phone number of yours. All of us may have experienced at least one prank call from our friend circle. So its time to have some fun with your friends through phone call with an unknown number.

If you want to make prank calls and have fun with your friends, here we suggest the best application for your android device.But before that, you have to know the legal issues of spoofing. Now you might ask me is spoofing legal? My answer will be No..

With regards to the legality, if you’re using such applications only for playing prank a friend and as long as you’re protecting your privacy, then it’s completely legit. But if you are making any harm to anyone or if you spoof a phone number for illegal activity, then its totally wrong and you might have to face legal issues as per your country's law.

So lets have a look on how to make prank calls to someone by hiding your actual phone number. When you search such an application for your android device from Google play store, you might get lots of result. But trust me, most of them will be just a garbage with lots of advertisements.

How To Call Anyone From Any Number

You have to get the app named fake call directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let's move on to know, how to call anyone from any number in Android phone to prank them.
Firstly launch the application in your phone and configure it by setting up the caller and receivers phone numbers as shown below.

Once you enter both the number, select a voice to continue the call.

Now the application is ready to make the prank call. Simply click on Dial button.

That's it. You're done. Within a few seconds the victim will receive the call in special number which you have already set in application.

You can download this phone number ID changing application directly from Google playstore by Clicking here.

Sounds amazing right? Now you can enjoy pranking your friends and family without getting caught. As i have already mentioned above, be aware that you do not use this app for any illegal purpose, for you can be legally be punished. This is highly for the purpose of enjoyment within friends only.