How To Know WhatsApp Activities Of Your Friend

There are so many wonderful application that is designed for the communication purpose and Whatsapp is one of the best apps among them all. And that is why Whatsapp messenger application is very famous among all the smart phone users which helps to communicate with your friends and family all over the world within a second and that is also for free. So in this article I'm going to discuss an amazing trick related to it.

As we know Whatsapp is available for all the major mobile platforms such as Android, iPhone and windows phones. Whatsapp is having huge number of features which can be customized as per our wish. It first came up with only audio call and messaging options but then now with the updates we are able to video call, have conference calls, send group messages, send and receive media files and so much more. There are so many other minor features that includes updating status, 
hide status from a particular person, share status only with selected people, you can also hide your last seen, you can setup automatic backup or manual backup and do so much more. As such, Whatsapp offer us with a wide range of features to help us to configure settings as per our requirement and confirm our privacy in this social network.

As so many of such features are available we sometimes might notice our friend has hidden the Whatsapp last seen as he/she don't want to show their online activity with his/her Whatsapp contacts. In such a situation, we will not be able to see their Whatsapp last seen time or last activity time. But this behavior might make us feel uncomfortable. Because once I sent a message to my friend and it went unseen for a few hours and then i kept sending messages, though it was getting delivered the ticks did not turn into blue and i got really annoyed that I wanted to know if she is ignoring my messages or she haven't yet come online. But that was not possible as her last seen was disable. So I wanted to do something about this.

I badly wished if there was a way in which we can actually still check for the last seen and online status of the ones who hide it. I started researching about it and finally got my conclusion. It was super easy and was sad that I didn't know this trick earlier. So in that way, I thought I should share this with everyone else who are also eagerly waiting for this feature to be added to their Android smartphone. Using this trick you can view the last seen of those who have hidden it. All you have to get is the app named 'WhatsLog' which helps us to track Whatsapp activity of any mobile number even when the contacts have disabled it. Without wasting the time let's have a detailed look on how to use this application and find the Whatsapp online and offline activities of particular phone number.

How To Find Whatsapp Activity Of Any Number

You have to get the app named 'WhatsLog' directly from play store to your Android smart phone or tablet.

Let's move on to know how to find Whatsapp online and offline activities of any number using your Android phone.
Firstly, start the app in your phone and then you will get a notification which says 'Add First Profile To List', simply tap 'OK' to continue.

Then click on the '+' icon which is available on the top right corner from the appearing interface.

Next, click 'Whatsapp' from the prevailing options.

Type in the phone number along with the country code of whom you want to monitor the Whatsapp's online and offline activities.

In the next step you have to enter a unique profile name, either the contact's real name or any other name as you prefer.

That's it, now the basic configuration is done to monitor the Whatsapp activities of the particular phone number.

From now on wards whenever the particular person comes online and goes offline, you will be notified with their online/offline status along with the exact time.

Simple as that, now using this method you will be able to check their online/offline status even if they have disabled it from their Whatsapp settings. So you can download this application directly from Google playstore by searching 'WhatsLog'.

I hope this guide would have been helpful for all the Whatsapp users out there to have a clear vision on your friends or any of your loved ones online and offline status.