How To Hide Files Inside Calculator On Android

Hello friends, today we're planning to discuss the trick on the best way to hide folders and crucial documents inside calculator application on Android smartphone. You need to setup any password and after that you will need to press the ‘=’ button in calculator to get to view the files in the app. Go through the article to learn this trick.

Most of us know there are billions of users using Android smartphone all over the world. Android is one of the most popular operating system for smartphones since it offers many feature than many other operating systems.

So in this article I’m going to discuss another trick that can let you hide your personal documents, files and folders inside a calculator app in Android. To do this we will use ‘Smart Hide Calculator’ which is a fully-functional calculator application to do your mathematics but with a small hidden twist. This application is really a vault where it is possible to store any of your important files, videos as well as photos. Firstly, you will need to setup a password on this calculator vault and after that press the = button to enter the secret vault which designed inside this app. Once you access the secret vault you can hide and view any photos, videos or files which is stored in your mobile SD card. If your Android device is rooted, you can hide even the applications installed in your phone.

Hide Photos & Videos In Calculator

You have to get the app named 'Smart Hide Calculator' directly from Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Let's move on to know, how to hide photos and videos inside the calculator in Android phone.
Once you download the app and finish installation process, start the and setup a password to hide your personal files inside calculator.

After setup the password, this secret vault will be looks like a normal calculator application in your smartphone.

If you wants to enter the secret vault, you will need to enter the password which you setup earlier and hit the = button as shown in below image.

Once you hit the = button, you will able to access the secret vault where you can hide and un-hide any files such as photos videos, etc..

That's it. This is one of the simplest as well as smartest way to hide your important files from your mobile through a calculator application. You can download this app from Google playstore by Clicking here.

Please make sure to un-hide all hidden files from your phone from this application before uninstalling the app. This best practice will help you to prevent files from getting un-accessible after uninstalling the secret calculator app.

Using Calculator Vault - Galley Lock

This 'Calculator Vault' is also another amazing alternative app to hide all your photos, videos and media files that you think should be protected and kept hidden due to the confidential factors. This app will look exactly like a calculator, so anyone else will not be able to find out that there is something hidden deep within. The app will open up to the vault only if you enter the correct code in the calculator, otherwise it is just a normal calculator.

Looks like it is one of the amazing procedure right? Yes, this is a secret vault app with amazing features. So come let us check how to get it done.

You have to get the app named 'Calculator Vault' directly from the Google playstore to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Now let us move on and see how to hide all the private media files in the secret locker within the calculator.

Firstly you have to start the app in your phone and then create your own locker password. Type down the password and press ‘Create’.

Next, you will have to set a recovery question which will be useful if you forget your password.

Then as the interface of the app, you will see the calculator. Type in the pass-code to enter into the vault locker.

Now in the vault you can hide the pictures, videos and even files that you want to hide.

If you want to upload images, tap on the 'Pictures' option and press the ‘+’ icon to select the pictures as you desire.

When the pictures are selected, the images will be visible in the vault app and also the same image will disappear from the phone gallery.

In case you wish to 'Unhide' the pictures or any files, you have to tap on the three dot button which is available beside the image and select the option 'Unhide' and choose the restoration path to continue.

Do not forget to 'Unhide' all the pictures if you decide to uninstall the app.

That’s it, using this calculator vault, you can easily safeguard your pictures and media files without any problem or difficulties.

Alternative Apps

Calculator - Photo Vault

If you are in the mind set to look for some other amazing locker apps then I would recommend the 'Calculator- Photo Vault' app to hide pictures and videos from your phone gallery. It would look like a cute calculator and you can use it for that purpose too but the main process is to hide picture deep behind it.

The best part is, all the photos will be encrypted and not only that but unlike other apps, uninstalling the app will not remove or change your password and will preserve your pictures safely. The size of the app is also small that it won’t use so much of your phone space.

Private Photo, Video Locker

Though the interface of this app would look like a very usual and common calculator the interior is amazingly a beautiful secret gallery. When someone use your phone that it is a calculator and if you want you can calculate stuffs too, but only if you enter the right password it will open you up to the vault.

So in that way, you can protect your photos and videos without any fear. There is also an incognito browser which is a private browser which would allow you to have a safe private browsing experience and also when you download pictures or videos they will automatically be saved in the vault. There is another amazing feature where you can fake a password and open up to a fake content, this will help you when someone makes you want to open the vault. 

Calc Vault

The 'Calc Vault' is another so called great alternative app that can be used. It would help you to hide all the medias or any files behind the calculator where no one else will know. It will be password protected and so only the right code will let you in. This app too comes with a safe browser from which you can directly download any images or videos and hide them straight away.

You can also maintain a fake vault with some fake photos in the same app so that you will have another opportunity for privacy in any case. It also has the intruder selfie feature which will take pictures when someone try to type in a wrong password. There are also some other amazing features such as uninstall protection, inbuilt image viewer and video player, fake cover, share to hide and so much more.

That's it, now we have checked on a few apps and procedures on how to hide files inside calculator and make it look more like a normal calculator. These methods would definitely be very helpful for all the Android users.